Emergency Brake Shoe Repair Kit with Installation Manual

Inspect your shoes if you have not - they are hiding inside the rear brake rotors

Emergency brake shoe maintenance is often neglected because the rear brake rotor has to be removed to inspect and repair them. If the car has ever been driven a long distance with the emergency brake on, expect problems. The clips can break causing weird grinding and scraping noises in the rear brakes. They easily fall out of adjustment. NOTE: The instructions that come with the shoes only do not include instructions on using Kent's special tool developed in 2018. Different instructions (video) are included with that tool kit. 

Emergency Brake Shoe Repair Kit with Installation Manual

Product Details

This kit fits ALL Mercedes Gas and Diesel models 114, 115, 107, 116, 123 and 126 chassis 1968 to 1991. It also fits late model 111, 113 and 108 chassis 1968 to 1973. This is a brand new emergency brake shoe set. Complete set for both sides with all spring hardware as shown. Includes my manual on brake shoe replacement and adjusting procedures. A must-have if you have not done this job before. Now is a good time to remove your rear brake rotors and inspect those brake shoe linings. As seen on Cherry. CLICK HERE to watch the full video series on Kent’s R107 rolling restoration.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to do this job yourself there are a couple of must-have tools you will need or you will end up tearing your hair out....See related products below.

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