Fail-Safe Way to Replace the Front Crank Seal Using Kent's 2020 Kit - On Demand Video

Specific to 1968 to 1985 diesel engines but also applies indirectly to older gas engines.

This 25-minute video is a supplement to Kent's other instructions on replacing diesel engine front crank seals. It is offered free of charge with one of the seal replacement kits. It does not cover all aspects of seal removal and replacement (other videos and manuals included with the kit cover other areas). This video includes an overview of gaining access to the seal by removing the front counterbalance and pulleys, removing the old seal, then explains the problems that can occur when installing a new seal back into the engine. Finally, Kent explains the reasons why a new seal can leak and then goes over in minute detail installed a new seal back in a 240D using the kit press tools and spacers that he has developed to PREVENT failure. 

Fail-Safe Way to Replace the Front Crank Seal Using Kent's 2020 Kit - On Demand Video

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