Kent's Custom Diesel Front Crank Seal Race Removal Tool

For OM615 OM616 and OM617 Diesel engines from 1968 to 1985. Made to remove the race on the end of the crankshaft when replacing the front crank seal.

Kent modified this puller and developed a procedure to remove the front crank seal race so the job could be affordable from the DIY mechanic. This costs less than half the cost of the factory tool. It is not as fast or as "slick" as the "big boy" but it gets the job done on most front crank seal races on diesel engines from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s. Watch the video below to learn more. If you have a gas engine the puller is almost the same but machined slightly different to fit through a tighter opening in the engine block. See related products below. 

Kent's Custom Diesel Front Crank Seal Race Removal Tool
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Front Crank Seal Race Removal and Replacement - On Demand Video

Product Details

Kent introduces this tool and demonstrates it's use.

In some cases, a good electric heat gun is needed to make this tool work. This is thoroughly explained in the video instructions.

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