Kent's Super Multi-Tool Auto Detail and Repair COMBO Kit

So you thought the multi function tool was only for woodworking. Kent has adapted it for automotive use and it rocks!

Want the best, fastest, and easiest way to polish faded anodized aluminum trim, to remove fine scratches from your glass, to loosen rusted and stuck fittings and bolts, and to sand rust out of tight places? - enter the multitool or multi-function tool. Kent has designed a number of different ways to use this amazing tool when working on cars! This is his full combo kit. Buy all three as shown and save money and get free finger sandpaper! You only need one tool to work with all the kits.

Kent's Super Multi-Tool Auto Detail and Repair COMBO Kit
Free Add-Ons Included:

Restoring Oxidized and Faded Anodized Aluminum Trim

How to Remove Fine Scratches from Your Car's Windshield - On Demand Video

Removing Rusty Bolts, Nuts and Fittings with Kent's Rust Buster Tool - On Demand Video

Product Details

This combo kit includes the following:

  • One Single speed multi tool
  • Glass scratch polish kit
  • Anodized aluminum polish kit
  • Rust buster¬†kit (for stuck fittings and bolts)
  • 14 piece finger sander ( will fit the finger head in other kits)
  • Free video instructions x 3

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