Radiator and Heater Hose Pick Removal Tool

Use all all vehicles with rubber coolant hoses

If you plan to change coolant hoses this is a must-have labor-saving tool. This is one cleverly designed tool. I could not have done it better myself. I actually use to make a couple of different types before I found this one. If you have ever tried to remove a radiator hose corroded to an aluminum housing you know what I am talking about and you will love this tool. Great when changing radiator hoses, especially the short hose. 8 inches in length.

Radiator and Heater Hose Pick Removal Tool

Product Details

It will get those stuck radiator hoses loose and off in seconds...

Check out Kent's quick video for more info on this great tool: Stuck Auto Radiator Hoses: Enter One of Kent Bergsma's Favorite Tools - Part 1

Note the hook can get into hard to reach places. COLOR OF HANDLE MAY VARY.