Single Hole Diesel Vacuum Pump Partial Overhaul Kit

Check valves are now NLA - We only have a limited stock left! Fits 1980 to 1985 U.S. 240D, 300D, 300CD, 300TD and 300SD - Full Repair kits NLA, but we can offer this kit to help improve vacuum output.

I have chosen to call this a "partial" overhaul kit because full rebuild kits have been NLA for years. However, many of these pumps still need help, so I have assembled this kit to help owners restore some of their lost vacuum output. Watch the FULL YouTube video below to learn what is included in this kit and for your 1980 to 1985 single- what it can do for your vacuum pump.

Single Hole Diesel Vacuum Pump Partial Overhaul Kit

Product Details


You must have a pump like this one on your engine's front. As I explained in the video, you may also need the main check valve shown in the picture below, which is NOT INCLUDED in this kit. It can be purchased separately if required. We also have a test gauge and instructions to see how well your vacuum pump is working. See related products below.

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