What Caused an OM 617 Turbo Diesel to Destroy Itself - On Demand Video

# 2 cylinder connecting rod broke in half and blew out the side of the block in a 300SD!

Want to find out what caused the catastrophic destruction of an OM 617 5 Cylinder turbo diesel engine? These engines are known for being indestructable so something really bad had to happen. Was it loss of oil, overheating, loss of timing chain, or some other major issue...or maybe it was something small that caused such a big expensive problem. Kent will show you the engine from a W126 300SD that literally came "unglued." He will walk you through his inspection process and show you some of the things he discovered when he examined the clylinder head, piston, and engine block.

What Caused an OM 617 Turbo Diesel to Destroy Itself - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
Mercedes Blown Diesel Engine - On Demand Video

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If you want to hear the engine try to run and see some of the external damaged caused by the connecting rod failure then please see Kent’s two free Youtube Videos 



This video specifically covers the following:

  • Showing the head off the engine on a cart
  • Use of plywood to get the head out of the engine compartment
  • A look inside the engine compartment with the head off
  • Close up of damage to the engine
  • Evidence showing on the cylinder head giving a clue
  • Evidence showing on the piston giving an additional clue
  • Close inspection of the piston 
  • Not common on these engines
  • Some things you can do to prevent this type of damage
  • A couple things shown that were NOT the cause of the problem
  • Up close look at the cylinder block again
  • Why it might not be loss or lack of oil
  • Inspection of a good piston and rod out of the engine
  • Close up look on the skirts and rings on the piston removed from the bad cylinder
  • Inspection of the camshaft and what that means
  • Reason for frequent oil changes and how often
  • A look at 5 little parts that are key to a healthy 617 turbo diesel
  • Close up look inside another engine block showing how these 5 parts are mounted and how they work
  • Could it be that one of these 5 little parts failed to function properly
  • What could have caused the malfunction
  • 3 possible reasons for failure of the connecting rod
  • What Kent feels is the key reason for this engine failing
  • Speculation on what could have caused it
  • No proof - but Kent thinks he is close to figuring it out
  • What you can do to prevent this from happening to your own diesel engine

PLEASE NOTE: This video does not cover taking the engine apart nor does it cover the process of removing the cylinder head and piston. 

Total run time: 20:38

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