Garrett T3 Turbocharger Waste Gate Problems

You MUST make sure this is working and adjusted properly if you want your diesel to GO !!!!

A properly functioning and adjusted waste gate is critical to the proper operation of your early turbo charged Mercedes diesel engine. If damaged or not working properly your engine may not be developing its full power or the turbo could be over boosting your engine leading to overheating and possible engine damage.

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Problem & Solution

Common among these chassis:


We have a number of resources available to help you with any waste gate problems you might have beginning with a 16 minute on demand video Kent has filmed on the function of the waste gate, how it is put together, how to open it up, and how to look and test for possible problems. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS 

To properly test boost pressure you will need a test kit similar to the one we offer. Ours comes with the best instructions available anywhere. SEE RELATED PRODUCTS

Need replacement parts?? Many are only available used and we do carry those on our website.