Garrett T3 Diesel Turbocharger Waste Gate Inspection and Testing - On Demand Video

How to open up, inspect, and test the internal workings of your 1978 to 1987 T3 Waste Gate

A properly functioning and adjusted waste gate is critical to the proper operation of your early turbo charged Mercedes diesel engine. If damaged or not working properly your engine may not be developing its full power or the turbo could be over boosting your engine leading to overheating and possible engine damage.

Garrett T3 Diesel Turbocharger Waste Gate Inspection and Testing - On Demand Video

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On Demand Video
Mercedes Turbo Waste Gate - On Demand Video

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In this video Kent will walk you through the function of the waste gate, how it is put together, how to open it up, and how to look and test for possible problems. Here is a summary of the details covered in this video:

  • On the bench inspection
  • Close up views
  • Where it is located on the housing
  • How it comes apart
  • Tools needed
  • Removing the spring ring that holds the cover on
  • Location of the diaphragm
  • Removing the diaphragm and function of the lock nut
  • Key problems you may encounter with the waste gate
  • How the waste boost pressure is “dumped”
  • How the valve is removed
  • Problems with the valve
  • How the waste gate housing is attached to the turbine housing
  • Possible problems with both the waste gate and the turbine housing
  • Description and location of each of the key components
  • Avoiding broken bolts in the turbine housing
  • Why excess oil in the waste gate?
  • How to test the function of the valve
  • Reinstalling the waste gate diaphragm
  • How the waste gate bleeds off excess pressure inside
  • How to prevent the valve from staying open too long leading to power loss
  • Sample of a frozen valve in one turbo
  • What happens if the valve is stuck shut
  • Summary of the two most important things to check

APPLIES TO THE FOLLOWING MODELS: This video applies on to the OM617 and OM603 Turbo diesel engines built from 1978 to 1987 (300SD, 300D, 300TD, 300CD, 300SDL) that come with the Garrett turbocharger. It DOES NOT apply to those models that have the KKK turbo charger. To learn which turbo you have visit our tech help page and type KKK in the solutions finder.

NOT COVERED: Boost pressure testing and adjusting the waste gate to factory standards while test driving your diesel is NOT covered in this video. This information is covered in Kent’s manual that is included with our boost pressure test kit. See related products to learn more about the unique kit.

Total Run Time: 16:02

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