617 Diesel Turbocharger Boost Pressure Test and Tuning Kit

Waste gate inspection and adjustment 1978 to 1985 Turbo 300SD 300D 300CD 300TD with Garret Turbocharger

With this kit you will be able to hook up a pressure gauge to your intake manifold and route it inside your car for the purpose of monitoring your turbo charger boost pressure while driving. The only way to properly test the turbo boost is to do it while the car is accelerating under heavy load (preferably going over 40 mph up a long incline). You may be surprised at the readings you get! The instructions will walk you through the process of inspecting and adjusting your turbo waste gate if you are not getting the correct boost pressure readings.

617 Diesel Turbocharger Boost Pressure Test and Tuning Kit

Product Details

This inexpensive kit will include:

  • Custom made metric thread hose fitting to connect to your intake manifold
  • 7 foot length of thick wall rubber tubing
  • Low range P.S.I. pressure gauge
  • Aluminum strap to mount to gauge to allow hanging from glove box door
  • Brass fittings to connect gauge to hose
  • Complete instructions and tuning tips

We also include diesel tuning tips as well as instructions on how to adjust the turbo boost pressure. Pressure gauge with strap attached can me mounted to your glove box door as shown below.

NOTE TO 1985 OWNERS with trap oxidizer:  Instructions included show pictures of earlier engines, but the 85 has the test port in the same location. The waste gate is in a slightly different position but adjustment procedures are the same. 85 engine with trap oxidizer is shown below.

Diesel Turbocharger Inspection and Overhaul on a Mercedes 5 Cylinder 617 by Kent Bergsma