103 Engine 6 Cylinder Power Tuning Guide By Kent Bergsma - Download

Repair Guide for the Following Models: 190E 2.6, 260E, 300E, 300CE, 300TD, 300SEL 1986 - 1992

Fits the following, 201, 124, and 126 chassis with 6 cylinder single cam gas engine. In my opinion, the 103 6 cylinder gas engine (built from 1986 to 1993) is one of the best engines Mercedes has ever built. Aside from a couple nagging problems common to these engines (discussed later) they have proven to be a strong, fuel efficient and very reliable automobile engine. If you choose to carry the run insurance kit I offer in your trunk, this engine will hardly ever leave you stranded, and if the engine computer starts to act up you should still be able to make it home with the aid of the mechanical fuel injection system. I have seen these engines go over 300,000 miles only needing valve guides, water pumps, and a belt tensioner along the way.

103 Engine 6 Cylinder Power Tuning Guide By Kent Bergsma - Download

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PLEASE NOTE This is not intended to be a complete manual on everything related to tuning the 103 engine. Rather it is written for the owner who desires to make his engine run better without special diagnostic tools and equipment or the high cost of shop repairs. In this manual I will outline the things you can do yourself with regular tools and common parts to make your engine run smoother and produce more power. I see cars come in to my shop all the time that wont run due to very simple problems. I have had two 300Es that would literally not start due to bad spark plugs. I think in both cases the plugs had been in the engine for over 80,000 miles!

Over 50 images are in the book for illustration and it is full of tips and tricks I have learned to make each job go easier and for the repairs to last longer. Here is a summary of the subjects covered in the manual

  • Clues and Tips to Determine Engine Health
  • Changing Spark Plugs and Wires
  • Changing Cap and Rotor
  • Installing New Engine Ignition Wire Dress Kit
  • Tweaking Engine Mixture for Best Acceleration
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Fuel filter and Check Valve Replacement
  • Transmission Adjustment and Linkage Lubrication
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Run Insurance Kit to Prevent Breakdown
  • Dealing with Head Oil Leaks
  • Oil Consumption and Engine Smoke
  • Overheating issues

The 103 engine is a marvel of engineering and will take care of you if you take care of it. In the future I will be writing additional manuals for this engine and the chassis they are installed in. I will also be producing a number of kits in the near future to help the owner mechanic repair many of the common items that need replacing over the life of your Mercedes. Also be looking for my upcoming owners guides for the 201 and 124 chassis Mercedes. 

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