123 126 Chassis Left Rear Trailing Arm (USED)

W123 chassis 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 280E 280CE and W126 380SE 380SEL 500SE: 300SD

Shipping may be less or more than shown in shopping cart due to Amazon raising the shipping rates sky high. You can go ahead and check out and we will notify you of actual shipping before we ship. This is the last one we have available. Very good used straight driver side rear trailing arm. Removed from a 1982 300D. No damage and not rust out. This is a common rust out part and they also get bent when the car hits a curb in the rear with any force. If your W123 or W126 is wearing tires badly it may be due to a bent trailing arm.  Inspect closely around the area where the rear shock bolts to the trailing arm. Comes with good bearing hub and emergency brake assembly. EMERGENCY CABLE IN GOOD CONDITION AND WILL FIT RIGHT IN A W126 CHASSIS.  If you are installing in a W123 you will have to change the emergency brake cable which is not the same length. Spring and shock NOT included. You may have to replace the front arm rubber bushings. Heavy part shipped in a big box.

123 126 Chassis Left Rear Trailing Arm (USED)

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Look for cracks around the shock mount area. If your car has been in the salt belt be suspicious. These rust from the inside out!

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