W123 Chassis Sedan and Wagon Front or Rear Door Check Strap

240D 300D 300TD 280E 280TE - You may want to add extra grease. PDF instructions included.

This new check strap fits all 123 sedans and wagons from 1977 to 1985, including the 280E 240D 300D 300TD. It will not fit on 300CD or 280CE coupe models. This will fit right and left side and front or rear door. If either of your doors is not staying open, creaking, or closing with difficulty you need to replace the check strap before it breaks and damages your door.

W123 Chassis Sedan and Wagon Front or Rear Door Check Strap
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123 Chassis Door Maintenance and Repair by Kent Bergsma - Download

Product Details

Why they fail and how to prevent it

Failure of the front door check strap is almost always caused by rainwater washing away the grease, and drying out the ball mechanism which eventually leads to failure as you can see in the picture below. Dirty over a long time does not help either. There is a little grease in this new strap but we recommend to add a couple good globes of synthetic grease before installation. 

We also you recommend wrapping the door check with a water proof tape  ( not duct or gorilla tape that deteriorates with age and exposure ).  We use flexible 3M Hvac tape as you see below. 

WARNING READ CAREFULLY:  Since Mercedes no longer makes rear door checks we can only obtain aftermarket front door check straps and modify them for use in the rear door.  On some years these may not fit "perfectly".  It has to do with the hole alignment for the attachment bolts (primarily on the door panel).  You may have to take a round file and enlarge the hole slightly. This check strap also has two detents as opposed to one on the original. That can actually be an advantage. The check strap will work just fine. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND THIS.....




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