2 Quarts of Miracle Paint with Spare Empty Pint Can

Cost saving option when tackling some major rust repair
2 Quarts of Miracle Paint with Spare Empty Pint Can

Product Details

If you are working on some larger rust areas or rust holes, you will probably need more than one quart to complete your project. This two-quart kit will generally cover and seal all areas if you are doing a rust cleanup on the underside of the car. The main reason we do not sell it in gallons is to increase its shelf life for the user. Of course, if you leave the gallon sealed and stored in a cool dark place, it can last a very long time. But, if you just use half a gallon and leave the rest in the can, you can end up with a crust forming on the top of the remaining Miracle Paint. This is because there is just too much air inside the container. Remember, it is exposure to air that hardens this product!
PLEASE NOTE: This kit contains liquids that can only be shipped by UPS ground. Due to this requirement, we can only ship to the continental lower 48 States  NO international shipping. Sorry for this inconvenience.
To prevent this from happening to our customers we only sell Miracle Paint in quart and pint cans. If you opt to buy two quarts, Kent decided to throw in an empty pint that you can use to extend shelf life even further. When one of the quarts gets down to less than half full just pour the remaining in the pint can and seal it tightly. This really slows down the hardening process.
If you need fiberglass or brushes they can be ordered separately. See related products below. If you would like a detailed video explaining the advantages of Miracle Paint and how it should be applied check out Kent's hour-long on-demand video manual (see link in related products below).

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