Diesel Engine Compression Test Guide by Kent Bergsma - Download

A diesel compression test is an extremely important engine diagnostic procedure. It should be done on any diesel you are planning to purchase. More than any other test, it can tell you if you are purchasing a healthy engine. The test should also be done anytime you are experience engine performance problems. Low compression can cause hard starting in cold weather, loss of power, rough idling and shaking, excessive exhaust smoke and poor fuel economy.

Diesel Engine Compression Test Guide by Kent Bergsma - Download

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When a diesel engine begins to lose compression it is a good sign that it may be coming to the end of its life. If the compression loss is constant over all cylinders it is a pretty good indication that the piston rings and/or cylinder walls are worn beyond acceptable limits. In this case only a complete and very expensive engine overhaul will fix the problem. In the case of compression loss over just one or two cylinders you may be fortunate enough to just have to replace a head gasket and/or grind your valves.

This 8 page digital PDF guide will take you step by step through the process of how to do a compression test on your 615, 616, or 617 diesel engine, how to analyze the results, and how to determine where the problem might be.  Bonus additional testing chart page included.
We have also had so many requests for compression testers, that we offer a compact and reliable tester on our website. Look below to view our compression tester.

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