Diesel Engine Fluid Leak Diagnostic Guide - Download

Covers finding the sources of your leaks - NOT how to repair them.

In a perfect world your diesel would not leak a drop of fluid. Unfortunately, with the age of your vehicle, it may not be economically possible to eliminate every leak. Sometimes you may just have to live with some leaks. Lets face it, these older diesels are 20+ years old and that age takes its toll on gaskets, rubber seals, o-rings and rubber lines.

Diesel Engine Fluid Leak Diagnostic Guide - Download

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Since owners of these cars seem to want to keep driving them, then sooner or later they must deal with some fluid leaks. It has been said the most important thing about maintaining your Mercedes is fluids, fluids, and fluids. Lets make sure those fluids stay where they should. 

This guide will take you through the process of diagnosing any and all fluid leaks on the 115, 116, 123 and early 126 chassis diesels up to 1985. Much of the general information will apply to the 201 and 124 chassis diesels as well, although the images are of the other chassis. I cover all the common reasons for engine oil leaks, diesel fuel leaks, engine coolant leaks, transmission fluid leaks, rear end fluid leaks, brake fluid leaks, and even power steering fluid leaks. In each section I will explain the summary action needed to cure each leak. Remember this is a diagnostic guide, not a repair manual as such. If repair requires additional parts or instruction I will direct you to the source.

I have assembled a number of repair kits to deal with fluid leaks. Each kit comes with complete instructions to aid you in doing the repair yourself. I will refer to these kits in each section where applicable. I will also share tips and tricks I have learned over the years to prevent or eliminate many different types of leaks. You may not be able to fix every last one, but together we can fix the serious leaks and prevent future disaster.

The number one reason for catastrophic engine or component failure is loss of fluid. I want to help you make sure that does not happen to your Mercedes!

PLEASE NOTE: This same information is contained in my complete Diesel Engine Fault Diagnostic Manual. If you have already purchased that large volume no need to purchase this guide.

We have many resources and kits to help you fix your diesel fluid leaks. For information on repairing your diesel engine fluid leaks use the solutions finder to enter the location of the problem, your chassis and the work leak. You can also use our general search box to search for " leak repair kit.'

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