Early 123 240D 4 Cylinder Diesel FAST Pencil Glow plug Conversion Kit

For 240 1977 to 1979 with series glow plugs.

If you own an early 123 4 cylinder diesel then this is a must have diesel engine kit! This glow plug upgrade will do three things that will put a smile on your face: 1. Your engine will start faster and cold idle smoother. 2. Your glow plugs will last longer. 3. If you should burn out one or two glow plugs your engine (if healthy) will still start! 

Early 123 240D 4 Cylinder Diesel FAST Pencil Glow plug Conversion Kit
4 Cylinder Diesel FAST Pencil Glow plug Conversion Kit

Product Details

If you have ever been stranded with bad glow plugs before you know the frustration. This kit will allow you to throw away your old series style glow plugs and replace them with the more efficient pencil style parallel glow plugs used in the newer diesels. You will also receive an installation manual that contains step-by-step instructions with photos to help you to do the conversion yourself.

The complete kit includes

  • 4 German made Fast glow plugs (large thread style)
  • 3 special wire connectors
  • complete bound installation instructions

Please note. You will lose a correct functioning glow light when you install these new plugs. You will have to use a mental count to determine low long you have your key turned to the glow position. Once completed you will immediately notice improvement in your start times. Cold starts can be done with only 8 to 12 seconds of glow time and hot starts with 2 to 3 seconds. You will love this upgrade!

SVO WVO: This is a must have if you plan to run straight vegetable oil fuel.

If your factory relay is acting up or not working properly then this kit will not work. I recommend you purchase our complete kit that has a manual push button control. You can opt for the kit shown below that bypasses your factory relay and gives you "push button" manual control.


Mercedes 123 Chassis Early 240D 4 Cyl Glow Relay Manual Override Kit w/ Upgrade Plugs

Fits 1977 to 1979 4 Cylinder 240D with series glow plugs - Alternative to unreliable factory preglow system

Item: DSL-EARLYG123-4
If you are tired of glow plug problems on your old diesel, then this kit is made for you. How would you like to start your early 123 240D diesel in 10 to 15 seconds? How would you like to be able to still start your car with one or two glow plugs burned out? How would you like to be able to control when and how long your glow plugs stay on?