Early R107 Spark Plug Complete Installation Kit

Best Plugs, best tools, and best procedures for 1972 to 1975 models with D-Jetronic (electronic) fuel injection. (both 3.5 and 4.5 engines.

Do not let anyone convince you to install some super platinum, iridium or kryptonite spark plug in your SL V8. They are just not capable of handling the richer fuel mixtures associated with these older engines. After a time you will begin to experience rough running, hard starting and poor fuel economy. Watch the video below to see a good example of what NGK platinum plugs look like after running a few years in a 380SL. As seen on Cherry. CLICK HERE to watch the full video series on Kent’s R107 rolling restoration. Watch the video below to learn more.

Early R107 Spark Plug Complete Installation Kit

Product Details

So you think platinum plugs are good for these engines.. :-)

The Bosch Supers here are the only plug you should use. For ease and safety of removal and installation, we include in this kit a stiff flex head 10 inch long spark plug socket and a free length of braided fuel hose to make sure you do not cross thread the spark plug holes when you install these new plugs ( the video will also show the use of the socket and the hose.

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