M104 Gas Engine Head Gasket Replacement Part 2: Cylinder Head Removal - On Demand Video

A step-by-step procedure for properly removing the head from the engine

In this on demand video you will get to watch Kent remove the cylinder head from his 1990 R129 300SL with the 104 twin cam straight 6. This is a highly detailed video on how to do it without making the mistakes that many others have made. The job must be done with understanding and great care. Kent's step-by-step instructions should guarantee success! 

M104 Gas Engine Head Gasket Replacement Part 2: Cylinder Head Removal - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
104 Mercedes Head Gasket Part 2 - On Demand Video

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This video contains the following content:

  • Discussion of challenges regarding timing chain removal
  • What are the most important issues
  • Getting engine on TDC before head removal
  • Tools needed to position engine timing properly
  • Close ups of timing marks
  • Removing ignition cap and rotor and mounting bracket
  • Removing the front timing cover and related items
  • Details on correct way to remove front timing cover
  • Problems explained with the front case lower seal
  • Removing the chain tensioner with care
  • Marking the chain in relation to the sprockets
  • Getting the chain free of the sprockets
  • Tricks to removing the guide rail pin - critical
  • Proper way to remove the cylinder head bolts
  • Bolt sequence and tool needed
  • How to use a hoist to remove the head
  • Care in removing the head
  • How to balance the head for removal with the hoist
  • Double checking you carefully lift the head out of the engine bay
  • Discussion of what is covered in the next video

PLEASE NOTE: The removal of every single bolt and piece of hardware is not covered in every scene in this video. Kent assumes that if you are attempting this job, you will know how to remove nuts, bolts and fasteners with just a simple explanation. This is not a beginner mechanic job! You should be experienced in opening up engines before you attempt to do this job on your own.

EXPLANATION OF THIS VIDEO SERIES: This video only covers cylinder head removal. Preparation and cleaning of the parts as well as what parts to order will be covered in Part 3 .

The first link is an article by Steve Brotherton. You might google him to get more tips on the M104 engine. He is considered very knowledgable.


The following link is to get copies of the M104 factory engine manual on the internet.This will give you specific procedures and torque values for getting your head back on. There are also inexpensive CD manuals on eBay, etc. on the M104 engine. Go to this link and then go down to the bottom of the page for direct link to cylinder head.


Total Run Time: 24:06





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