M104 Gas Engine Head Gasket Replacement Part 1: Overview - On Demand Video

Discussion of preparation, difficulty, potential problems and time it will take to do this job yourself

The primary purpose of this Part 1 introduction is to give you, the viewer an overview of some of the challenges you will be faced with if you decide to replace the head gasket yourself. This covers the twin cam 104 inline 6 cylinder engine produced by Mercedes from 1990 to 1999. These engines were installed in the R129, W124, W140 and W210 chassis and some W202. Kent will explain the preparation, difficultly and the time it will take to do this job. Watch the teaser video as Kent will explain in more detail.

M104 Gas Engine Head Gasket Replacement Part 1: Overview - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
104 Mercedes Head Gasket Part 1 - On Demand Video

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In general terms (no specifics) these are the topics covered:

  • Getting the factory manual information
  • Planning and timing
  • How the head will be removed
  • Importance of taking pictures
  • Importance of bagging and marking
  • Disconnecting things from the intake manifold
  • Use of an engine hoist
  • Why you would need to replace the head gasket
  • Common areas of oil leaks
  • The front timing cover seal leak explained
  • Close up of some key things you have to remove from the head
  • Cleanliness and care
  • Different types of M104 engines
  • Why Kent will not cover removing every bolt and fastener
  • Possible problems you may have with wiring harness.  1993 and newer models.

In Summary: This introductory video should give you enough of an overview to decide if you want to take on this job yourself. 

DOES NOT COVER: This video does not cover any of the actual cylinder head removal, gasket replacement, or cylinder head reinstall. Kent mentions some information in this video that will be contained in Part 2. For other parts available in this series see related products below:

The first link is an article by Steve Brotherton. You might google him to get more tips on the M104 engine. He is considered very knowledgable.


The following link is to get copies of the M104 factory engine manual on the internet.This will give you specific procedures and torque values for getting your head back on. There are also inexpensive CD manuals on eBay, etc. on the M104 engine. Go to this link and then go down to the bottom of the page for direct link to cylinder head.


Total Run Time: 24:06

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