Removing a Totally Stuck Key and Steering Lock Assembly - On Demand Video

May this never happen to you! It can become a real big wrench dance.

Jammed up steering locks and keys that won't turn can leave you stranded. The problem is very common on high mileage cars or or cars whose ignition key assembly has been abused. On the 1990 to 1995 models that have a transmission lock out feature installed, you can literally get "stuck" from even being able to move your car. In other words if you can not turn the key you can not get the transmission out of park! You can even push it to the side. How do you fix that?

Removing a Totally Stuck Key and Steering Lock Assembly - On Demand Video

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On Demand Video
Mercedes Stuck Steering Lock Repair - On Demand Video Manual

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If the key is stuck in the off position and you can not turn the key at all then you have to resort to drilling and grinding the lock assembly out of the steering column. Kent spent almost an entire day working on this car and filming this video. The condensed video is over 40 minutes in length.  If your key begins to get sticky watch this video and it will put the fear into you to get it fixed BEFORE it "locks you out."

This video covers the very difficult procedure of removing a jammed steering lock from a 1992 300E. Mercedes had so many safeguards on these later ignition switch and locks that you can be in real trouble if you do not have a key or the key won't turn. They wanted to make it very difficult for anyone to steal your Benz!

If you can repair this yourself you can save hundreds of dollars over having it done in a shop. Let Kent show you how. Even though this video specifically covers the 1990 to 1995 W124 chassis the principles will apply indirectly to almost all models from 1986 to 1995. 

In this video Kent covers the following procedures in detail:

  • Simple things to do before you panic
  • Low cost methods to try to get the key to turn
  • Design and theory of the lock assembly explained
  • Location of the key components
  • Why you must be able to turn the key to remove the tumbler and lock
  • Options for emergency repair.
  • Detailed removal of the left under dash panel on the 124 chassis
  • Removing the instrument cluster
  • Dropping the steering column 
  • Grinding the black cap off the tumbler
  • Getting the tumbler out of the lock
  • Testing the jammed steering lock
  • Drilling / grinding out the pin holding the steering lock to the column
  • Removing the transmission lock out cable
  • Removing the damaged steering lock from the car
  • Emergency removal of the electrical switch
  • More theory of security explained
  • How to remove the buzzer switch
  • Importance of the locking pin into the steering column
  • How to remove the black cap with a special tool
  • How to get the tumbler out of the lock
  • Warnings when working on the 1990 to 1995 locks
  • Procedure for installing a new tumbler assembly in a good lock
  • Procedure for installing a new black cap
  • Review by assembling a buzzer switch, lock out cam, electrical switch, tumbler, black cap onto a brand new ignition lock.

In conclusion Kent discusses the reasons for the high security and the way he will help customers avoid problems when dealing with the 1990 to 1995 steering locks. Back in the car he explains a few tips concerning installation and how to test the new assembly before buttoning the interior back together. 

Total run time: 40:32  (grab your coffee cup)

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