Repairing a Broken Plastic Upper Radiator Neck - On Demand Video

With the right products and procedures this can be safely done in most cases

Kent starts out the video talking about prevention by using the neck reinforcement kit he has been selling for years. In the case of his own 1990 300SL the neck had not been reinforced and it broke cleanly right in the middle. Fortunately, it happened in his shop when he removed the upper radiator hose clamp! Considering that as well as the cost of a replacement radiator, he has decided to repair rather than replace. The video will walk you through the procedure of repairing a broken neck and “pining” it for safely so there would be no way it could work loose and fall off in the future.

Repairing a Broken Plastic Upper Radiator Neck - On Demand Video

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On Demand Video
Broken Radiator Neck - On Demand Video

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The video covers the following:

  • How to reinforce the next before it breaks
  • How to modify the copper tube if you are repairing a broken neck
  • The primary difference it our two kits
  • How to safely pin the copper tube into the tank for security
  • Prepping the copper tube and plastic for application of epoxy
  • Trial fitting the parts
  • Drilling and installing the safety pins
  • Mixing the epoxy
  • Applying the epoxy properly
  • Installing the tube and neck and securing in place
  • Cleanup
  • Showing finished job and final comments

PLEASE keep in mind that all broken necks may not be repairable. If the neck broke in multiple pieces it means the plastic has deteriorated so much that you should not try to glue it back together. Some plastic tanks may be so old and “rotten” that repair should not be tempted. We have never seen a lower neck crack or break. That means that heat (which rises) is a key element in the deterioration of the plastic. 

Total Run Time: 23:39

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