Troubleshooting and Repairing a Hard Starting Older Diesel Engine - On Demand Video

Assuming your engine has good compression and has the proper fuel in the tank!

In this video Kent will walk you through the step-by-step procedures he uses when diagnosing and repairing an older Mercedes diesel engine that either won't start or is very difficult to start. It is assumed you have either recently done a compression test or know your engine has good compression (and a recent valve adjustment for OM 616 and )M 617 engines). If your engine is worn out ( ie low cranking compression) then this WILL NOT help! 

Troubleshooting and Repairing a Hard Starting Older Diesel Engine - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
Troubleshooting and Repairing a Hard Starting Diesel Engine

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Subjects covered in this video are:

  • What is required for a diesel to start
  • Checking for fuel flow to the injectors
  • Inspecting the fuel in your tank
  • Recommendations for what to do if no fuel at the injectors
  • Checking for power to your glow plugs
  • Location of glow plug strip fuse (models 1977 and newer)
  • Testing glow plugs
  • Signs of worn out glow plugs
  • Reaming the carbon out in the pre-chambers
  • Testing the results
  • Recommendations if your diesel continues to have trouble starting

Related subjects not covered in this video (that could cause hard or no start):

  • Engine compression testing (weak compression is referred to but actual testing is not covered)
  • Engine timing (camshaft and injection pump)
  • Engine driven mechanical lift pump
  • Air in the fuel system
  • Mechanical failures 

Chassis/Models Used in Production: 1983 W123 240D

Information applies directly to the Following Chassis/Models: All diesels 1968 to 1985 W115, W116 and W123 diesel passenger cars

Information applies indirectly to the Following Chassis/Models: Principles of troubleshooting also apply to the 1986 to 1993 diesels (this includes the 1984 and 1985 W201 190D 2.2). Access to the glow plugs on these models is more difficult, but at least you do not need to adjust the valves on these 60x engines!

Total Run Time: 16:59 Minutes

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