Under Body and Under Trim Spot Rust Repair - On Demand Video

High moisture "hidden" rust areas have to be treated and coated properly or they will not be permanent

On older Mercedes spot rust can be a hidden problem under side moulding trim, under fenders and rocker panels and inside the bottom edges of doors. Even if the car is in excellent condition and has been well taken care of, if water has ever rained down on the car or splashed up from the roadway small spots can begin to form in hidden moisture trap areas.

Under Body and Under Trim Spot Rust Repair - On Demand Video

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On Demand Video
Under Body and Under Trim Spot Rust Repair - On Demand Video

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Once it starts even the smallest rust spot can grow into a rust hole. You have to stop it early and that starts with knowing first where to look. One common area is along the edges and under the factory undercoating inside the fender wells. Once discovered repairing it is definitely something you can do yourself with the right tools and products and repair it so it won’t come back!

In this video Kent will demonstrate the techniques he uses to repair some spot rust areas on his 1970 300SEL 6.3. The key product he will be using is the special Miracle Paint that we carry on our website. The on demand video will cover the following topics:

  • Where to look for hidden rust
  • How holes in body can be a real problem
  • How factory undercoating can actually cause rust
  • Scraping away loose rust.
  • What power tool to use to grind out the old rust and surrounding area
  • Safety issues
  • Demonstration removing body undercoating around a rust spot
  • Applying rust converted to the pitted areas
  • How long for rust converter to dry and harden
  • Sanding converted areas with proper technique and sandpaper
  • Preparation for Miracle Paint
  • Types of brushes for applying Miracle Paint
  • Where and how much Miracle Paint
  • How to avoid heavy runs
  • Using the Miracle Paint as a “filler” for small pits
  • Applying Miracle Paint to body trim holes
  • Application tips to prevent drips
  • Watching and waiting -how long to tack up
  • Cleaning off excess runs of Miracle Paint
  • When to apply second coat
  • When to apply the glass filler to the Miracle Paint
  • Application of the interim bonding or
  •  “rake coat.”
  • Standard body filler should not be used
  • What products and brands to use for filling on top of Miracle Paint
  • What type of comb to have on hand
  • Applying additional coats of special filler where needed
  • What types of sandpaper to use
  • Types of sanding to avoid
  • Multiple coats of Miracle Paint to fill small pitted areas
  • Protecting the body paint
  • Applying and forming the second coats of special filler
  • Staying with the second coat of special filler to reduce sanding required
  • Texturing the special filler by hand as it hardens up.
  • When to do the initial sanding of the filler
  • Priming the repaired areas
  • Types of primer to use
  • Tips for covering surrounding areas to prevent overspray
  • How to add texture to the repaired areas by using the right product
  • Avoiding cheap body undercoating - example shown why you should not use it!
  • Proper application of the special texture coats
  • Sanding, priming and filling small spots not needed filler
  • What to do if you find any area with real small holes in the metal

PLEASE NOTE: This video does not cover repairing large rust holes nor does to cover fixing rusty areas on your open body panels before a repaint. Only small under trim and underbody rust areas are covered.

Total Run Time: 58:26

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