Why Does My Diesel Engine Run So Badly? by Kent Bergsma - Download

Diagnosing poor power, horrible fuel economy, rough running and excess exhaust smoke

Running badly means poor performance. It happens sooner or later to EVERY diesel owner. The word "performance" is often used to describe how well a diesel engine runs once started. The principles discussed will cover all Mercedes diesels from the mid 1950s to the mid 1990s. Throughout this manual I will use this word to discuss a number of common problems. How performance is rated can mean different things to different people. In the following pages I will relate diesel performance to the following four criteria:

Why Does My Diesel Engine Run So Badly? by Kent Bergsma - Download

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• How much power does it produce?
• What kind of fuel economy does it deliver?
• How smooth does the engine run?
• How much does the engine smoke?

Keep in mind there can be considerable overlap between these different criteria. For instance - an engine that is not producing much power may also be producing a lot of smoke - or an engine that is running roughly may also be delivering poor fuel economy. In some engines you will find that all four issues are present and that adjusting or fixing one thing can effect performance in a number of areas. I may not always be able to separate out just one solution for each problem. When it comes to diesel engine performance there will often be multiple issues/problems to troubleshoot and repair to gain the desired performance. 

We who drive old diesels have to live with some level of less than perfect performance. It is the nature of an old beast. But there comes a point when enough is enough. Most owners seem to know when that point arrives. You know the signs and that means it is time to do something about it! The engine gets harder to start when it is cold, oil consumption has increased, the lack of power causes you to wait extra long before pulling out in traffic, the engine shakes so hard that your teeth rattle, and the exhaust smoke has become so bad that other drivers honk and wave gestures as they pass your struggling diesel. If you are weary of your performance problems and want to figure out what is causing them, then this guide is written for you.

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