Kent’s Garage Episode 3!!!

Here is the summary of this weeks episode. The featured subject is a 2000 hour reliability inspection that he is doing on a W220 S500. He also covers the following:

Check out some of the things Kent has been working on in his shop this past week. He filmed well past when the cows came home, came up with a couple new products and kits, fixed a W124 with a loose shifter, and repaired a bunch of things on the S500 and then moved it out of the shop. The 1976 240D is front and center now and with get some top end service work and some extreme engine rust and corrosion detailing.

Episode 2 of Kent’s Garage Now Available for Viewing

This weeks theme focuses on gas engine starting problems on C.I.S. engines

Kent has been working pretty hard the past few months trying to complete his first video CLASS. The drive behind this almost 3 hour seminar is simple! 

October 8th: What Has Been Happening Around the Shop This Past Week

This is all summed up in Kent’s new weekly Youtube show “Kent’s Garage.”

Now, instead of having to read through a bunch of text to hear the latest news, you can just sit back and watch a video of Kent explaining the products and videos and cars he has been working on since last Tuesday. 

 More diesel engine maintenance tip videos have been filmed and will be posted on youtube this week. Listen as he answers technical questions submitted by viewers!

Sunroof Service "OR" Repair

You get the “catch?” If you don’t service it you will be repairing it!

Many owners forget that sunroofs need to be serviced. If neglected there is a price to pay. The NUMBER ONE cause of sunroof failure is lack of lubrication! When a sunroof can not slide easily on the tracks due to dried out lubricant and dirty slides, it puts a heavy strain on the drive mechanism. This leads to tilt arm, motor drive and cable failures. Even manually operated sunroofs can suffer from broken handles and latch mechanisms due to lack of proper lubrication.

2000 Hour Inspection and Service

Kent shares some similarities between automotive and aircraft maintenance

So what is a 2000 hour inspection? How do you know when you have 2000 hours on your car? Many aircraft engine manufactures recommend rebuilding the engine at or around 2000 hours.

DIY Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

Check out our growing playlist of DIY Diesel Engine Tips

Over the next several months he will be working on a series of videos that focus on specific maintenance tips related to the older diesel engines. New videos will be added weekly. Most will be very specific and will run 3 to 8 minutes in length.

I Can Help You Solve Your Ignition Key and Steering Lock Problems

If you are having problems with a sticking key, a fussy steering lock...

If you are having problems with a sticking key, a fussy steering lock, a malfunctioning electrical switch or worse yet - a key that will not turn, I have the solutions to help you fix it yourself. In fact, for the 1975 to 1995 Mercedes models my website has the most the complete set of resources to help you fix these problems of any website in the world!

Considering Purchasing a 90s Model Mercedes? Just My Humble Opinion.

I realize that not all our customers want to restore an older Benz. Some would rather spend the money and purchase a nice Mercedes that does not need a lot of work. Even if one spends top dollar for a pristine model, it usually turns out to be cheaper than buying a project car and paying to have it fixed up. From my experience, the only time it pays to restore an older Benz is if you do all the work yourself and don't count the cost of your own labor!

CPR for a 6.9 - Kent Bergsma's Newest Rescue Attempt

I had decided a year ago that my days of restoring old cars were probably over. I don't seem to have the energy I once had and with all that is going on in the this business every day, I hardly have time to do oil changes on my numerous daily drivers. But no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to rid myself of the desire to rescue another special Mercedes. And so it has happened again. Look what I trailered home on November 22. It is a 1978 450SEL 6.9 (European model) with classic Euro bumpers, headlights, and velour interior.

P-38 Fighter Pilot Encounter - A True American War Hero!

This weekend (July 30, 2011) I had the privilege of meeting a true American World War II hero. Our radio Control flying club had a model warbird fly-in on Saturday. We invited Joe Moser to attend the event and share his story and sign copies of his new book. Joe was a P-38 pilot who flew 44 combat missions over Europe in the period leading up to D-Day and the weeks immediately following the invasion of Europe. On August 13, 1944 his P-38 Lightning twin engine fighter was shot down by enemy gunfire over France.

In Remembrance of Les Bergsma

My father, Les Bergsma, passed away on July 24th at the age of 90. On Friday, September 3 the family gathered together to remember and celebrate his life. It was a very special day for us as we gathered at the old seaplane base location and had a Cessna floatplane fly overhead and drop roses on Lake Whatcom. He was a kind man with a gentle spirit who lived a life of integrity and faith. What I have done and what I am doing today is largely due to his influence. Many of you know that I have a background in aviation, but few know that my father was also a pilot.

Daily Happenings around the Shop

As much as I try to get away from it, I end up working on old Mercedes almost every day of the week. When I post pictures like the ones here, people often ask if I still work on customers cars. Unfortunately, I just do not have the time anymore. When I do work on cars, it is primarily for the purpose of writing a repair manual or developing a new repair kit. If that does not keep me busy enough there are always my own Mercedes (too many), family cars, or friends cars that need help. It is hard to say no. I guess I have to admit I still like cars even after working on them for 50 years.

New Mascot Arrives at Mercedessource

Meet our new company mascot! It is a very nice white 1966 Fintail 230 sedan. You can tell we are pretty excited around here about receiving this little sweetheart. There is a reason for this. It is not often a customer drops by to give us something. It is a new experience for us that a gentleman Mercedes enthusiast would drop by to tell us he wanted to give us his car! Thats right - give it to us... He has owned the car since 1970 and wanted it to find a home where it would be maintained and lovingly cared for. I have seen a lot of Finbacks over the years.

Where Have All the Years Gone - A 40 Year Road Trip

I was going through some of my old photos the other day and came across this one. It was taken 40 years ago this month. Wow, how have the years gone by so quickly! 1969 was the year I graduated from college and flight school. It was the year that man first walked on the Moon. It was the year that I missed getting drafted by a high drawing number in the draft lottery - And it was the year that I married Linda -my wife of 40 years. I am in the front of this picture leaning up against my 1966 Alfa Romeo GTV. My brother is in the background sitting on the fender of his 1957 Alfa Sprint Veloce.

Flying the Land that Time Forgot

From 1972 to 1980 Kent Bergsma had the unique opportunity to live and fly small aircraft in what many consider the most primitive place on Earth. During those years. Irian Jaya, Indonesia (eastern half of the Island of New Guinea now called Papua) was still considered "stone age." In fact, Kent was involved in making contact with some tribes who had never seen a white man nor made any contact with the outside world. How could this still be true in the late 20th century? Maybe that is why this mysterious and isolated land has often been referred to as the "land that time forgot."

Restoration and Major Repair Articles

We want to share with you some of restoration and repair work that has come out of our own shop. Our goal is that this information can both inspire and instruct you to tackle needed repairs on your own Mercedes. Nothing excites us more around Mercedessource than to have someone write to tell us that for the first time they have successfully worked on and repair their own car! Success breeds more confidence which in turn leads to more success. We want these articles to give you that same feeling of success.

New Partnership with Meyle - Replacement OE Parts

Meyle has stepped into the market with new and improved products that can solve many of the problems associated with premature failure of OE parts. Their design and development team researches weak areas of existing parts and improves them by adding reinforced structures. larger bearing surfaces, tougher material, stronger rubber, etc. We are very pleased with the quality and performance of their parts and are excited to be able to offer them to you at very affordable prices.

New Partnership with Monark Diesel in Germany

This company is the last of a breed. They specialize in precision diesel and electrical products that are still made in Germany. Yes, that is correct. This is unique when you consider other well known companies such as Bosch are having their parts make in Spain, Turkey and India. Monarks precision high performance diesel injector nozzles are the best in the world and can make you diesel run superbly on all types of fuels.

Kent Hard at Work

Kent Bergsma Hard at Work on New Series of Advanced DIY Manuals

Kent is hard at work on his new series of advanced D.I.Y. mechanic series of manuals. The challenge for him has been trying to make the advanced technical side of the information still understandable to the average home mechanic. For example, explaining how to use electrical testing meters to test the function and health of a diesel pre-glow system is not an easy task. Describing how to fine tune the vacuum adjustments on a diesel automatic transmisson is even more difficult.