Restoration and Major Repair Articles

We want to share with you some of restoration and repair work that has come out of our own shop. Our goal is that this information can both inspire and instruct you to tackle needed repairs on your own Mercedes. Nothing excites us more around Mercedessource than to have someone write to tell us that for the first time they have successfully worked on and repair their own car! Success breeds more confidence which in turn leads to more success. We want these articles to give you that same feeling of success.

New Partnership with Meyle - Replacement OE Parts

Meyle has stepped into the market with new and improved products that can solve many of the problems associated with premature failure of OE parts. Their design and development team researches weak areas of existing parts and improves them by adding reinforced structures. larger bearing surfaces, tougher material, stronger rubber, etc. We are very pleased with the quality and performance of their parts and are excited to be able to offer them to you at very affordable prices.

Kent Hard at Work

Kent Bergsma Hard at Work on New Series of Advanced DIY Manuals

Kent is hard at work on his new series of advanced D.I.Y. mechanic series of manuals. The challenge for him has been trying to make the advanced technical side of the information still understandable to the average home mechanic. For example, explaining how to use electrical testing meters to test the function and health of a diesel pre-glow system is not an easy task. Describing how to fine tune the vacuum adjustments on a diesel automatic transmisson is even more difficult.