1977 to 1980 240D 300D 300CD 300TD Ignition Lock Assembly w/Keys - ELECTRICAL SWITCH NOT INCLUDED

Works only on years listed - Read description carefully - FREE installation manual included.

NO EXPEDITED SHIPPING. Please expect up to 5 working days before the unit can be shipped. We will custom assemble them upon ordering.

1977 to 1980 240D 300D 300CD 300TD Ignition Lock Assembly w/Keys - ELECTRICAL SWITCH NOT INCLUDED

Product Details

Replace this part now in your early 123 while the upgrade is still readily available! You many be surprised to discover we have this part at a very reasonable price. FREE installation manual included.. The original OE assemblies for the early 123 chassis are very hard to find and very expensive. At some point they may no longer be manufactured. We have come up with a pre-assembled upgrade that will only require the addition of the multi-pin electrical switch on the back as well as the small side buzzer switch switch (shown below in black) before its ready to install (if you need a new electrical switch these can be ordered separately. (See link below).

The advantage of this upgrade is you will now have the newer style ignition tumbler that you can easily replace in the future if it wears out (meaning you will save a lot of money). This unit is fully compatible with your existing steering column assembly, but it will require you install the electrical switch from your existing unit or purchase a new one.

Here is a close up look of the original style tumbler assembly that you currently have. Note the smaller diameter of the key tumbler housing.

When you install the new larger diameter upgrade in your dash, you will have to remove the chrome trim ring to get it to fit in the hole. Unfortunately, the new style (thinner) chrome trim ring is no longer available. You may be able to find a used one from a 1981 to 1985 123 chassis in a wrecking yard. If you can't find one, you are going to see the gap in the dash hole. Refer to picture below.

The picture below shows the old style electrical switch that is mounted into the steering lock housing with three machine screws. This is an easy install. If you are not sure your existing switch is in great shape. Look below to add a new one to your order.

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