1996 to 2006 722.6 Transmission Aftermarket Conductor Plate Repair Kit w/ Video Instructions

Aftermarket? Yes that is correct. As of 10/2021 that is all we can get - O.E. No longer available.This is your best option for repair

WON'T SHIFT Solution for 1000's of these 5 speed automatic transmissions - Fix it yourself and Save $1000's of Dollars !!!

1996 to 2006 722.6 Transmission Aftermarket Conductor Plate Repair Kit w/ Video Instructions
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Product Details

These are the parts and instructions you will need to fix a very common shifting problem in the 1996 to 2006 Mercedes 722.6 five (5) speed automatic transmission. This transmission was installed in many chassis including the W202, W203, W140, R129, W210, W208, W220, W215 chassis also referred to as C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, ML-Class, SL convertibles, and SLK class. ( Please Note: NOT all models during those years have the 722.6 transmission. If you are not sure if your Mercedes has this transmission, please call your local Mercedes dealer and give him your vin number. A dealer can confirm which transmission you have installed in your car. 

The parts included in this kit are:

  • New AFTERMARKET electrical conductor plate: controls shifting and sits on top of tranmission valve body
  • New OE electrical plug insert housing: This is a common leak and poor contact part that should be replaced every 100,000 miles 
  • New A/T Filter and gasket
  • Special lint free wiping cloths to clean the critical surfaces of the parts
  • Two pairs of nitrile gloves.  Yes you will really need these !!!
  • Lengthy 3 part video instructions by Kent Bergsma

Please understand there is no guarantee that replacing the conductor plate and plug housing will repair your transmission shifting problems. There might be other issues or there could be some collateral damage that may have caused the failure of the conductor plate. But if you consider the odds of success and the costs involved you might just want to spend some time and $350 to $450 ( includes costs of this kit, transmission filter kit, new fluid and the cost to have a mechanic clear the transmission codes when you are done) and attempt to fix it yourself. That is a whole lot cheaper than $4000 to $7000 for a replacement 72.6 5 speed automatic transmission!

The video instructions that come with this kit will help guarantee success if you opt to do this job yourself. Here is a summary of this three part video series. Each one of these videos can be purchased separately if you want to "just take a look." ( see related products below).

PART 1: This is an introductory video that will address the problem and the options for repairing it. If a 722.6 transmission won’t go out of second gear it is trying to tell you something is wrong. This is a built in safety feature that will prevent destroying the transmission (limp home mode).  Kent will explain why most shops want to rebuild or replace the transmission and how you can repair it yourself for less than 10 percent of the cost of replacement. If you are getting a check engine light, Kent will show you how to use a simple code reading to pull the code or codes out of the computer and how to find out what they mean. Not every failure of this type will throw an error code. Kent goes over the reasons why you may want to attempt this repair even if you are not sure the conductor plate is the main problem with your transmission.

PART 2: Kent walks you through the steps of carefully removing the valve body from the transmission, placing it on the bench and removing the old conductor plate, inspecting it for damage, and properly installing the new conductor plate onto the valve body. This procedure has to be done on a VERY CLEAN workbench and special care must be taken to avoid any dirt particles from getting on the valve body or conductor plate. No specific instructions are included for removing the transmission pan and old gasket. A new filter and gasket should ALWAYS be installed ( see related products below )

PART 3: Kent gets back under the E320, makes certain every part and bolt is super clean including the mounting flanges, reinstalls the valve body back in the transmission, shows you how to properly torque the mounting bolts, demonstrates how to install the new wiring plug, talks about the location of the new transmission filters, and explains refilling the transmission with the proper fluid in preparation for a test drive. Note: No specific instructions are included on replacing the transmission gasket and pan. WARNING: After replacing the conductor plate you will need to have the transmission error codes removed and the computer reset. In this video Kent recommends transporting your car to a dealer or independent mechanic to have this done ( most shops will charge $90 to $150 for this service). You might want to arrange this before you start the repair. For advanced DIYers there are diagnostic tools available that can allow you to do this. Some are expensive, while others have a long learning curve. This market is constantly changing so no information is included in this video on how to clear the transmission error codes yourself.

SPECIAL NOTE: For clarity the above video series was filmed with a 2000 E320 Wagon on the lift. If you do not have access to a car lift, you can still do this repair in your garage by raising all four wheels off the ground. No instructions are included in this video series on how to jack up and support your car for this type of transmission work. For safety, Kent prefers to put the front end up on car ramps and the rear up on secure jack stands, while leaving the floor jack under the rear differential for added safety. NEVER REMOVE THE TIRES when doing this type of “ground” work and NEVER support the car with just a floor jack!

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