1998 to 2006 V8 M113 O.E. Spark Plug Replacement Kit w/ Full Video Instructions

SPECIAL TOOL NOT INCLUDED but highly recommended if you don't have one. (purchase separately below ).

With this deluxe kit, you can reduce frustration and save big when doing it yourself. Watch the videos below to learn more!

1998 to 2006 V8 M113 O.E. Spark Plug Replacement Kit w/ Full Video Instructions
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M112 M113 Gas Engine Spark Plug Replacement: Full Details Plus Tips - On Demand Video

Product Details

Kent explains the why and the how!

What's all that extra stuff in the kit?

How the spark plug wire removal tool works and why you need it

I figured out why the spark plugs in these V8 engines don't seem to ever get changed. The engines run so well that the cost of replacement appears to be high, and it might seem the job is difficult due to the fact there are 16 spark plugs to change. We make it easy and inexpensive to do this job yourself! Will NOT fit AMG models. (see related products below).

Kit Contents:

  • 16 O.E. Bosch Dual Platinum Spark Plugs
  • Silicone dielectric grease
  • Nickle anti-seize compound
  • 4-inch flex braided hose to aid in plug installation and thread cleaning
  • 1 oz. container + nylon brush + lint-free cloth for engine thread cleaning
  • Full video D.I.Y. instructions with tips by Kent Bergsma ( $20 value)
A Special boot removal tool and a good 5/8 inch spark plug socket with a 3-inch extension and 1 and 1/2 wobble are recommended ( see related products below).  A flex head  3/8 inch racket wrench and regular and small torque wrenches are also recommended. You will also need some thread-locking compound for the coil packs. If you do not already have some of these items, you can order them from us separately. See related products below.

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