Early Gas Engine Fuel Injector Back Flush Cleaning Kit

Works on Bosch MFI and CIS mechanical fuel injectors from the late 1950's to early 1990's. Will NOT work on electrically operated fuel injectors.

With these old gas fuel injectors, sometimes you just have to "back flush" the insides to restore them to peak performance. There is no guarantee that back flush cleaning will restore every old gasoline mechanical fuel injector. Some are just plain worn out. But considering the price of new injectors it may be worth a shot!

Early Gas Engine Fuel Injector Back Flush Cleaning Kit
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Early Gas Engine Fuel Injector Back Flush Cleaning Instructions - On Demand Video

Product Details

Part 1: CIS injector cleaning challenges

Part 2: MFI injection cleaning challenges

Part 3: Conclusion and Explanation of cleaning kit

Watch Kent's three part Youtube video series to learn why you need to back flush them and how you can do it in your own garage.

This kit comes with all the supplies and tools shown in this picture. Also included is a 24 minute training video at no extra charge that will walk you through the procedure of hooking up your fuel injectors for a thorough cleaning.

PLEASE NOTE -- NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT: pressure tester, cleaning bottles and cleaning fluids are NOT  included in this kit. It is highly recommended that you have one of our bench mount pressure testers on hand to determine if back flush cleaning actually improves the performance of each injector. See related products below:

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