Early Power Sunroof Service components

For Non Tilting Power Sunroofs 1965-1985 - Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE!

For all 111, 112, 108, 109, 114, 115, 107, 116, 123, 126 and 201 chassis (Non tilting roofs up through 1986)Do you have a power sunroof that is working poorly or maybe not at all? Does it move slowly or not at all in the morning, but when it heats up during the day it works just fine? Do you have to assist it by hand to get it fully opened or closed? 

Early Power Sunroof Service components
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Sunroof Air Dam Removal and Replacement - On Demand Video

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This kit is applicable to all Mercedes sunroofs from the 1960s up to the mid 1980s. This kit includes the proper Mercedes factory sunroof track grease (this costs $85.00 for a one pound can!), moly grease for the sunroof cable, a small cleaning brush to clean the cable tube, and a 10 foot piece of wire to pull the cleaning brush through the tube. Even if you choose not to take on the work yourself, you can give this kit to your mechanic to help him get the job done right.

We also sell a step by step manual that is easy to read so you can get your electric sunroof working properly again. It contains information that you will not see in any other manual. Look below to order.

We also sell an entire kit below.

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