Late 123 and 126 Chassis Flexible Brake Hose Replacement Kit w/ Instructions


Our flexible brake hose kit includes front brake hoses, rear brake hoses, 1 liter high performance brake fluid, 9x11 mm Flare nut wrench,  thread sealant, three pairs of nitrile gloves, and complete pictorial instructions. Fits all 240D 300D 300TD and 300CD 1981 to 1985 and all 126 sedans and SEC coupes 1981 to 1991.

Late 123 and 126 Chassis Flexible Brake Hose Replacement Kit w/ Instructions
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Flexible Brake Hose Replacement Instructions by Kent Bergsma - Download

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WARNING: This kit can only be shipped UPS GROUND ONLY because it contains liquid.

I believe that flexible brake hose replacement is the most neglected chassis related maintenance item on older Mercedes Benz. The combination of infrequent brake fluid changes and aging rubber can be death to these hoses - especially after 15 years - and it has nothing to due with the mileage of the car either. For those cars with ABS brakes, bad hoses and old fluid can cause your ABS system to act up.

When these hoses break down, it usually begins internally. Deterioration is gradual and often not visibly apparent. The rubber inside the hose swells and breaks apart. This can create such a restriction in the flow of brake fluid it can noticeably affect your breaking. One brake caliper may end up applying more pressure to the rotor than the other. Deteriorated hoses can also act like a check valve. Fluid can be forced through to apply the brakes, but will not bleed off when the brake pedal is released. This can keep the pads pressing against the rotor longer than they should.

Common signs of hose trouble are brakes pulling the car to one side, premature brake pad wear, and in extreme cases - locking up and overheating of the brakes. You may also notice a “spongy” feel in your brakes if the hoses are rotted internally.

Changing these hoses is straightforward if you have the right tools and some knowledge of how to bleed your brakes once the hoses are replaced. You will need to remove your wheels, so plan to do the job when you are doing other brake or suspension work. You will need a 14mm open end wrench to hold the hose from spinning but everyone should have that standard wrench in their tool kit. 


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