R107 Fuel Tank Filter Screen Custom Removal Tool

New OE filter and video instructions included. NOT all screens are easily removed with this tool. Some may require extra work. Read more below

Over the past 15 years, we have been receiving increasing requests from customers asking for help with removing the fuel tank filter screen from their 450SL, 380SL, 500SL or 560SL (the same issue also applies to all SLC coupes). Until now we have not had a solution other than to tell them they may need to remove the fuel tank. Kaia begged me to come up with a solution. When I recently had to remove the tank filter from my own 380SL I saw the problem in a new light and went to work to design a new tool. The concept came to me quickly but getting it to work on hard-to-remove filters turned out to be a real challenge. After three modifications it worked! Watch the video below to see how this amazing tool works.  As seen on Cherry. CLICK HERE to watch the full video series on Kent’s R107 rolling restoration. Watch the video below BEFORE ORDERING. It contains supplemental free instructions on how to deal with a couple problems you may run into.

R107 Fuel Tank Filter Screen Custom Removal Tool
Free Add-Ons Included:

R107 Fuel Tank Filter Screen Removal and Installation - On Demand Video

How to Safely Drain the Gas Out of a W116, R107, W126, W201 and W124 - On-Demand Video

Product Details

supplemental instructions.Must watch before ordering.

Kent's video demonstration here - click on white arrow

We are selling this tool along with a brand new OE genuine fuel tank screen for your R107 or C107. Complete video instructions included. Since you will need to drain the fuel out of your fuel tank to remove the screen, we are also including Kent's on-demand video on how to safely do this job. This tool requires a couple of 27mm open-end wrenches or big adjustable wrenches. A 27mm socket on a big ratchet wrench with work only to remove the screen once the tool is "clamped" down on the bottom of the screen.

A vise helps remove the tool once the old screen is out as well as holding the new screen while the tool is installed so you can screw it back into the fuel tank. 

WARNINGS: In some cases, you may damage the old tank screen when removing it, especially if you drive the bolt in too far. This is one of the reasons we include a new one with the tool. If your 107 has been subjected to road salt the screen may be so badly corroded in place that this tool will NOT be able to remove it. In that case, you will need to remove the fuel tank from the trunk and use a big wrench or socket to get the tank screen out. Although not common, we have seen situations where the screen does not line up with the hole in the sheet metal below the tank. ( see the picture below ). If you see that on your own R107, the only way to remove the tank screen is to enlarge the hole or remove the tank. If careful, you can use a small die grinder or Dremel tool to enlarge the hole as needed in order to fully remove the fuel tank screen. 

The little bag we include has metal shavings in it. If the tool continues to slip even after tightening the daylights out of the nuts, then add a small amount of metal shavings to the end of the tool to help prevent slippage. See the first video above for more detail.