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Engine Cosmetic Restoration "Tool" Kit

For extreme cleaning and visually restoring your engine compartment

When cleaning and cosmetically restoring your cars engine and engine compartment, you will need containers for the various cleaners, acids, paints and sealants you might use as well as brushes to apply them.


Gasket Replacement and Sealing Surface Preparation Kit

Use when prepping aluminum and magnesium metal surfaces for gaskets or RTV sealant

When prepping many surfaces on your engine for replacement gaskets or application of RTV sealant it is very important not to scratch the metal. In some cases that can set up corrosion or possible small leaks that will lead to premature failure of the repair.


Throttle Linkage Ball Socket Service Kit

Works on both gas and diesel engines from the 1950s to the mid 1990's

Keeping your throttle linkage ball sockets and pivot point lubricate extends the life of the parts and maintains top performance for the engine as well as some of the later transmissions.


Fuel and Coolant Hose HD Connector Kit

Strong brass fittings and clamps to splice rubber hose

This is a handy kit to have in your garage. It will allow you to securely spice almost any fluid hose on your Mercedes. Works great in an emergency or when modifying your fuel or coolant system. Kit contains 4 brass connectors and 8 new quality hose clamps: