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1973 to 1980 450SL 450SLC Steering Lock Assembly with New Ignition Tumbler Installed

ONLY fits years and US SL models listed above!! TUMBLERS NO LONGER AVAILABLE WORLD WIDE.

If your 450SL or SLC key is stuck or is sticking this may be your only option for repair! New tumbler and key assemblies for these cars are no longer being made. New O.E. steering lock with special tumbler and two keys as shown. Please note that electrical switch is not included.


Early V8 and Diesel Engine Rotation Socket and Extension

27mm six point socket with extension just the right length to fit into the front pulleys and clear the radiator on small V8 and diesel engines up to 1985

For a number of maintenance operations, you need to be able to turn the engine over by hand. This includes valve adjustment, timing chain replacement, injection pump timing on diesel engines, checking and setting internal engine timing, draining the torque converter, and others.


Early SLS Self Leveling Engine Driven Pump Floating Coupler

This is the "cog" that drives the hydraulic suspension pump on W116, W123, W201 16V, and W126 chassis with self leveling suspension

This is the part that more often than not gets lost when the SLS pump is removed from an engine for a long period of time. If you are trying to return the system to original after someone has removed the pump you most likely will need this part.


Factory Body Undercoating and Heavy Rust Removal Tool

Electric Drill 1-Inch by 1/4-Inch High Performance Carbon Knot Wire End Brush, 0.020-Inch Wire

Kent has tried a lot of different tools over the years to remove body undercoating and rust in preparation for Miracle Paint rust repairs. This is his favorite, especially for small rust repairs like he will show you below:


1969 280SE Engine for W111 W113 and W108 - Rare Find

Exceptionally good running engine removed from a 1969 280SE W111 Coupe

I have kept this engine for 12 years trying to find just the right W111 coupe or convertible. I have even thought of keeping it as a spare for Happier (my 280SL). But it is now looking like I am not going to find just the right one with an exceptional body and interior and a bad engine.


W115 300D Diesel Engine with VERY Low Miles

Factory remanufactured replacement engine with less than 70,000 miles

I removed this engine from a 1975 300 D ( with fit directly into the 1975 or 1976 W115 300D sedans ). Talk about a super running engine. I remember it would start even without glow plugs!


1983 240D Engine Overhaul Project - You Complete

Good block, crank, connecting rods and head with new pistons, liners, bearings and gaskets included

This is a great rebuild project if you have a later model ( 1981 to 1983 ). It would fit into the earlier models but the air compressor for the AC would be in the wrong place. If you did not need A/C just leave the pump off.  Watch the video below for more details.


"Rust Buster" Attachment Kit with Extras Including Video Instructions

You will have to supply your own multifunction tool similar to the ones we sell in our aluminum and glass polish kits ( see list below)

If you already have a multi-function tool or you plan to buy either our glass or anodized aluminum polish kit ( see below ) you really don't need a second tool unless you want to dedicate one just for "banging" on rusty fittings and bolts. We offer this same kit with the tool included.


High Quality Finger Sander Attachment for Multi Function Tool

FREE - 5 extra 40 grit sanding pads included

This finder sanding is really handy when restoring old cars. It can get into really tight places for paint prep and rust repair. Works especially well when cleaning the rust off prior to application of Miracle Paint.


Fiberglass Sampler for Miracle Paint Rust Repair

You will get four different types for different surfaces and repair challenges

Here is a full assortment of all the different types of fiberglass we use when repairing rust with Miracle Paint. For more information on each type see related products below. You will receive four pieces of four different types ( thick to thin).


Kent's "Rust Buster" Tool for Loosening Rusty Stuck Fittings and Nuts

This has to be the best way ever! See video below to believe... Sorry the first 20 already sold on the newsletter promo!

Kent has tried every method in the book to remove rusty and stuck fittings, bolts and nuts on older cars. This becomes a SUPER challenge when dealing with a car that has been subjected to road salt.


Wheel Hub Cleaning and Lubrication Kit w/ Video Instructions

Use this when installing brake rotors or wheels so they will 1) Spin true without vibration 2) Come back off easily in the future

This is probably the 12th most neglected maintenance it. In all the years of working on Mercedes, Kent has only seen this service previously done on 2 or 3 cars. Watch Kent's YouTube video below and he will explain the two benefits to doing this procedure on your own Mercedes. 


Easy-No-Mess Rear End and Manual Trans Fluid Fill Tank

Designed by Kent - Now he likes under car fluid changes! :-) Full 20 minute video flush and fill instructions included.

This tank works amazing! Put in the heavy rear end or trans fluid. Pump up the pressure. Stick the non-fall-out end in to fill hole... and just turn on the valve.


3 in I Emergency Brake Install Tool w/ Extras Including Video Instructions

Save Your Sanity: This is a must have tool if you are replacing emergency brake shoes!

One day Kent "finally had it!" Replacing emergency brake shoes was always a dreaded job. As he thought about it he realized the frustration was mostly due to the hassle of getting all the holding springs on and off. So he set out to develop a new tool.


Small Rust Repair and Sample Miracle Paint Kit

Sometimes you just have to try it to believe what it can do - Limit one trial kit per customer.

USP GROUND SHIPPING ONLY: We can not ship overseas or to Alaska and Hawaii. If you order with other items your entire order must be shipped UPS ground.


Super Thin Stiff Fiberglass Mesh for Rust Repair 1 pc. 10" x 39"

Use to patch small holes and smooth pitted surfaces - very strong when multiple layers are bonded with Miracle Paint

When you need a flat smooth patch on an area you are going to see this is the material to use. Fill a low area and build strength by using multiple tapering layers of this mesh.


5 Cylinder 617 Bosch Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzles w/ Heat Shields

For 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD 1975 to 1985 - PDF instructions included.

Fits the following: All 5 cylinder diesel engines from 1975 to 1985. This is the critical inside wear part of the injector that delivers the fuel spray into the cylinder. These are direct replacement new fuel injector nozzles from Bosch.


4 Cyl 615 616 601 Bosch Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzles w/ Heat Shields

For 220D 240D and 190D 2.2 Engines - FREE heat shield washers - PDF download instructions included

Fits the following: All 4 cylinder diesel engines from 1968 to 1985, including 201 Chassis 190D 2.2. This is the critical inside wear part of the injector that delivers the fuel spray into the cylinder. These are direct replacement new fuel injector nozzles from Bosch.


Late W116 Early W126 Rebuilt FRONT Brake Caliper Set

Fits 1980 model 300SD 450SE, 280SE, 450SEL (except 6.9) and 1981 to 1984 300SD, 380SE, 380SEL, and 500SEL - NO CORE CHARGE

We only sell in pairs as we have found if one is gone the other is going soon... For safety a matched pressure set is essential.


Unique Brass Brushes for Cleaning Electrical Contacts in Tight Locations

Two different ends for different applications. Small end is very narrow. Ideal brush for cleaning fuse box contacts.

Kent has found so many uses for this little brush that he can hardly count them. On the top of his list is using this brush to clean out the typical corrosion on the fuse box contacts. Watch the video and you will see what this brush is ideal. 


M117 V8 Timing Chain and Upper Guide Rail (3) Replacement Kit w/ Written and Video Instructions

Prevents Catastrophic failures on 4.5, 5.0, 5.6 liter V8 engines from 1972 to 1991. NOTE: Oil tube clips and valve cover gaskets available separately

If you own a Mercedes with the M117 V8 engine timing chain failure can really ruin your day! If the engine it turning at high speed when this happens, it can destroy the engine. If it happens at low speed, you may get away with removing the heads and replacing some bent valves.


Early Gas and Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Oil

Most often these oil checks and changes are ignored. Injection pumps are very expensive. You need a very strong oil to minimize wear.

NOTE: Ships UPS ground only. Select ground for entire order to save in shipping costs. I am a great fan of LubroMoly products.


W140 19 Inch Chrome Lorinser Wheels - Set of 4 Complete

Period correct aftermarket alloy wheels. Sorry Can Not Ship. Must be picked up in Bellingham, Washington

These are the wheels removed from Kent's S600 V12 Coupe. Be sure to watch the video below to learn more. Complete with offset spacers, lug bolts, caps, and cap wrench. Sold with tires but can not guarantee the condition of the tires due to age.


280E 280CE 280SE M110 Engine Breather Hose

These ALWAYS break when they get old and hardened!

This is a very common replacement item on the M110 six cylinder twin cam engines. When they get hard and you try to remove the air filter housing they will break right off. Easy to replace. 


M116 V8 Timing Chain Upper Guide Rail Replacement Kit

Save your V8 regardless of mileage - DO this job if it has not been done in the last 15 years

For all 3.5, 3.8, and 4.2 liter V8 engines from 1969 to 1991 280SE 3.5, 300SEL 3.5, 380SE, 380SEC, 380SEL, 380SL and 420SEL. These THREE are the upper (and easily accessible) plastic guide rails that most often break due to age and heat.


3/4 Oz Fiberglass Cloth 12" x 48" Plain Weave Made in USA

Super fine cloth. Use in multiple layers with Miracle Paint to fill pits in trunk, floor boards etc.

This super fine cloth along with Miracle Paint can really do some fine rust repair detailing. You can use it on a rough pitted area that you want to smooth out. Put on a couple layers of cloth and coat with Miracle Paint. Let dry and block sand.


Battery Ring Terminal Harness for Battery Maintainer / Trickle Charger

Comes with built in fuse for safety - Use this harness to swap your trickle charger from one car to another.

So you have more than one car and only want to purchase one battery tender / maintainer. You can use this harness to connect to another car's battery and then just move your trickle charger between cars by easily unplugging it and plugging it back in.


Premium 12 Volt Battery Tender / Maintainer Installation Kit with Video instructions

Quickly disconnect and reconnect to your car's battery - SAVE your battery and know it will always start!

This is a must-have if you have a prized Benz or any car you don't drive often!! If you let any of your cars sit for long periods ( generally over 30 days) without driving them, you can ruin your battery, especially if you let it go completely dead.


M117 EARLY V8 BOSCH Distributor Cap

Fits 1971 to 1976 4.5 engines with electronic Bosch D-Jetronic Fuel Injection

New O.E. cap as shown. Alert: These are almost out of production.


M116 and M117 EARLY V8 High Performance Spark Plug Wire Set

Fits 3.5 and 4.5 engines from 1969 to 1976 with electronic Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection

Exceptionally nice set of high-performance spark wires as shown. These should be replaced approximately every 80,000 miles for peak performance.


M116 and M117 Valve Cover Bolt Copper Sealing Washers Set of 8

If you don't want leaks replace these every time you remove the valve covers

If you are a 1969 to 1991 V8 you should have some extras of these on hand. They are inexpensive and should be replaced anytime you remove your valve covers. The gaskets will keep a good seal longer than the bolt washers.


M116 and M117 LATER V8 BOSCH Spark Plug Set of 8

Best plugs you can get for the later 4.5, 3.8, 5.0, 4.2 and 5.6 V8's

These will fit all 1977 to 1991 4.5, 3.8, 5.0 and 5.6 liter V8 engines. Do not use NGK, Platinum or any other kind of "special" spark plug. You will be sorry. Use only these Bosch Super plugs. The best you can buy that are readily available for the price. 


M116 and M117 EARLY V8 BOSCH Spark Plug Set of 8

Best plugs you can get for these early 3.5 and 4.5 V8's

These will fit all 1970 to 1976 3.5 and 4.5  V8 engines with D-Jetronic fuel injection (electronic). Do not use NGK, Platinum or any other kind of "special" spark plug. You will be sorry. Use only these Bosch Super plugs.


M116 and M117 V8 Spark Plug Replacement Kit - With Video Instructions

Works on ALL V8 engines from 1969 to 1991 (except M119) - Save time and frustration!

If you intend to replace the spark plugs in your older Mercedes V8 and want to save time and frustration as well as prevent cross threading the plugs then this is the kit you need to do the job right.


Large Lug Bolt Wheel Mount Alignment Pin Tool

NEW! For W140 W220 W215 W211 and others with 14MM x 1.5 thread lug bolts - MADE IN U.S.A.

This is one impressive tool. Watch the video below to see why Kent is so excited about it. The wheels on the W140 and W220 can be REALLY heavy and taking them on and off can be hazardous to your health ( smashed foot, wrenched back, mental anguish, etc.).


M116 and M117 V8 Valve Cover Service / Oil Leak Fix Kit

For all single overhead camshaft V8 engines from 1969 to 1991

This is a VERY common maintenance item on the older Mercedes V8 engines. If they are too old they will leak. If they are not put on properly they will leak. If you do any maintenance (ie, valve adjustment, clip replacement, timing chain, guides, etc), you should have this kit on hand.


Throttle Linkage Ball Socket Removal Tool

Tool only with manufacturing flaws. Does not affect operation. Discounted accordingly

This is the best tool to use when removing throttle linkage ball socket ends on older Mercedes gas and diesel engines. If you try to "twist" them off you can damage the spring clip. It is much better to pry them off evenly.


Best Lug Bolt Socket Ever for Alloy Wheels

Fits all 17mm lug bolts from the 1950's up through the 2000's - prevents scratching the finish on your silver rims.

I do not need to say much about this tool. Well made and well thought out. Someone who obviously was frustrated at scratching the finish on his or her alloy wheels came up with this idea. Watch the video below to see why this is now my favorite go it 17 mm lug bolt socket.


Rear End and Manual Transmission 14mm Hex Plug Removal Tool Version 2

Designed by Kent and manufactured in our shop - Super Heavy Duty - comes without C clips on hex head.

This is version 2 of the special wrench Kent designed to remove and install rear end and manual transmission hex head fill and drain plugs. Have you ever had a problem trying to get a fill or drain plug out of a manual transmission or rear end housing ( especially with limited space)?

Currently out of stock.

Push Pin Panel Fastener Plug Removal Tool

The best one Kent has seen and used - see video below

This is a great tool that functions well to remove tight fighting push pin fasteners on all kinds of cars. It has great prying action and the sharp tips function as great snipers. Even though they will cut wire we do not recommend it as you want to keep them super sharp for plastic cutting.


Black Engine and Chassis Paint Restoration Kit w/ Video Instructions

UPS GROUND ONLY: This is the best spray can paint Kent has found to detail the semi-gloss black parts on your Benz

It is not easy to find a good spray can paint!  No spray can paint can match the performance of quality automotive paint mixed and sprayed properly from a spray gun, but as far as spray-can paint, this is the best Kent has found  ( and he has used 100's of different ones over the years).


1980 to 1985 300TD Wagon Rear Wiper Motor Assemblies x 2

For parts or rebuild only

Both these units have been bench tested with 12-volt power, and neither of them works. I suspect corrosion inside the motors or ?. Could be repaired or used for parts. Sold as shown and AS IS. No returns. 


W116 W123 Front Seat Adjustment Handle Replacement / Installation Kit

2 handles with custom installation tools and complete video instructions

The plastic seat adjustment handles are now one of the most common failure items on all 116 chassis sedans from 1973 to 1980 and all 123 chassis sedans, wagons and coupes from 1977 to 1985. It is just the nature of old plastic.