Troubleshooting Older Diesel Automatic Transmission Shift Problems - On Demand Video

Knowing where each component is located and what it does is the start of solving externally caused shift problems

I don't think there is any owner out there who has owned a 1978 to 1993 diesel automatic for any length of time and who has not had some sort of shift problem with the transmission. Maybe it was just a little jerk or a slipping shift. Maybe the rear end clunked hard when you came to a stop. It might have been a too early or too late shift timing problem. Maybe you have never fixed it and just "learned to live with it." 

Troubleshooting Older Diesel Automatic Transmission Shift Problems - On Demand Video

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If you have or are having any of these problems, don't expect the average mechanic to be able to fix them for you. I can not believe how many diesel automatic transmissions have been replaced over the years when the fix could have been something simple and cheap! Your best bet is to learn to fix and adjust it yourself. Then you know it will get done right.

Knowledge is power. So it is when approaching fixing an automatic transmission shift problem. In this video Kent goes over the location of the key components in a 1978 to 1985 diesel automatic and explains what each one of them does and gives a briefing on how they are adjusted. PLEASE NOTE: This is an introductory video. It is not a complete transmission workshop on how to actually repair everything related to shifting problems. Some problems are internal and will require transmission removal. But many problems are caused by the shifting controls not adjusted or working properly.

The video will give you an OVERVIEW of what those controls are, where they are located and what their function is. At the end of the video Kent references the resources he has available to actually repair most type of shift related problems yourself. 

Watching this video could save you thousands of dollars. If you are having any automatic transmission troubles learn what the issues really are BEFORE you let someone convince you that you need a new transmission !!!

Total run time: 10:47

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