Troubleshooting Rear Door Power Window Failure

Electrical diagnosis can be done without removing door panel

If your rear door power window is not moving or the motor is not making any noise, it could be a failed motor, rear door switch, front switch or even a wiring problem. Trying to narrow down the problem can be frustrating unless you know the proper troubleshooting sequence.

Troubleshooting Rear Door Power Window Failure

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Rear Power Window Test - On Demand Video

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In this video Kent will walk you through the steps he took to diagnose and then fix a non working rear window in his 1990 190E. Here are some of the specifics covered in this video instruction.

  • Overview of possible causes
  • Overview of ways to approach troubleshooting
  • Quick test of motor and regulator
  • What you need to do the quick test
  • Removing the rear door window switch
  • Access to the door wiring
  • Colors of wires and pins used for testing
  • How to eliminate the motor being the problem
  • How to eliminate the rear door switch being the problem
  • Getting to the front switches to test
  • Removing the wood piece shift cover on a W201
  • Plugging in replacement switch
  • Details on replacing switches on the wood shift cover
  • Discussion of other potential problems
  • Reference to other resources available

Even though this video is filmed using a W201 chassis many of the principles will apply to the W116, W123, W124 and W126 chassis also. The only major difference will be the procedures for removing the shift cover wood piece. (Only the W201 wood switch panel is covered in this video.

WARNING: There may be the possibility that your problem ends up being broken wiring between the door and the door post. This is most common in the W201 and W124 chassis. Kent discusses the possibility of this problem but DOES NOT cover the process of actual broken wiring repair in this video. 

Total Run Time: 14:39

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