1961 to 1976 Power Steering Enhanced Fluid Upgrade Kit w/ Video Instructions

To reduce pump and steering box wear. Fits most models during those years. Read description carefully before ordering

Get rid of that old and ineffective transmission fluid in your older power steering system. It is the number one cause of excessive gear wear in your steering box. This kit will include almost everything you will need to do this yourself, along with complete step-by-step video instructions. Study the pictures here. This will only work with those models up to 1976 that have the separate black steel fluid reservoir that you see below: Keep in mind on different models it may be located in slightly different locations. NOTE: Due to the liguids included this can only be shipped UPS ground to lower 48 states. We do offer the kit without the fluid for our international customers. See related products below:

1961 to 1976 Power Steering Enhanced Fluid Upgrade Kit w/ Video Instructions
Free Add-Ons Included:

1961 to 1976 Model Power Steering Fluid Full System Flush Procedures - On Demand Video

Product Details

Kent will explain why the filter is not automatically included in this kit

Kit contains the following:

  • 3 liters of enhanced power steering fluid to reduce gear wear
  • 1 special lint-free cloth to wipe out the reservoir
  • Clean hose and connectors to set up the flushing procedure
  • 30-inch small clear hose to help bleed air out of the steering box if necessary
  • 28-minute long video instructions

Replacement filters are in very limited supply so they are not included in this kit. If you need a filter then you will need to order separately below. ( See related products)

Be sure to inspect your low-pressure return hose before ordering this kit. It is not included. If you find your hose has small cracks in it or is wet from leaking you will need to replace it. Order one or more hose lengths separately below:

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