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On Demand Video

M112 V6 M113 V8 How to Fix Common Valve Cover Oil Leaks - On Demand Video

You SHOULD do this yourself. It is the only way you will know it is done RIGHT!

WHY does Kent stress doing this yourself - because my shops do not take the time to thoroughly clean and prep the covers for the proper sealant, or they do not use the proper sealant or use quality gaskets, or torque the bolts properly.

On Demand Video

1998 to 2006 Engine Mount Replacement - On Demand Video

For M112 and M113 engines. Does not cover the small details on all models. Does not cover the struggle you will face if you have a 4-Matic

In this 13-and-a-half-minute instruction video, Kent will show you the critical steps in removing and replacing the motor mounts in a W211 E500. The key steps will apply to all M112 and M113 engines, although specific details are not covered for every model.


M112 V6 and M113 V8 Mass Airflow Sensor Intake Air Critical Seals

Set of two seals of differing sizes for the intake elbow below the Sensor.

These seals getting totally neglected. I consider the bottom one the "forgotten" seal on these engines. They can be very frustrating to change out if you don't know the right sequence.


M112 V6 and M113 V8 Drive Belt Idler Pulley

Guaranteed to go bad between 70K and 100K miles. Easy to check. Might even be able to hear it failing.

This very common wear part is easy to inspect and easy to replace if you know how to loosen the drive belt. You do not need to take the belt all the way off - just drop the top down.


M112 V6 and M113 V8 Water Pump Metal Pulley

1998 to 2006. You will want to replace this for better belt life if the surface is worn or rough.

This pulley is usually replaced when you replace a worn-out and high-mileage water pump. If your pump is good and you just need to replace the pulley, you can do this very quickly by just loosening and dropping the drive belt. 


M112 V6 and M113 V8 Oil Filler Cap w/ Three Replacement Seals

This will solve your hard to remove cap for years to come. For 1998 to 2006 models

You will not believe the difference a new cap can make in terms of ease of removal. It wont last forever due to age and heat. So when it starts getting hard to remove you can just replace the seal and put a little oil on it!  What a great kit!!!


M112 V6 M113 V8 Belt Tension Release and Drive Belt Install Custom Tool

Extra long length for ease of releasing spring tension on the front drive belt tensioner. Makes this job almost painless.

Designed by Kent and made right here in our shop. Watch the video below for a full explanation of this tool and how it works. Kent will demonstrate how easy it is to remove and replace the front drive (serpentine) belt on most M112 and M113 engines from 1998 to 2006.


M112 V6 and M113 V8 Water Pump - Easy DIY

For almost all 1998 to 2006 V6 and V8 engines - Over 120K just replace it before it fails.

This is a common preventative replacement item as these engines age. No instructions are available at this time but there is plentiful information online to guide you in replacement.

On Demand Video

Installing an M112 V6 M113 V8 Power Steering ADD-ON Magnetic Inline Filter - On Demand Video

Easy DIY job. Great protection for your power steering. Full video Instructions included.

This is a 5-minute instructional video to show you how to attach an inline magnetic filter to your power steering system. Great protection and easy to do. You will lose some fluid unless you pinch off the hoses before cutting out a section to install the filter.


M112 and M113 2 Liters Power Steering Fluid

The correct green hydraulic fluid for your 1998 to 2006 power steering

This is the Febi Bilstein green 06161 power steering fluid for your M112 and M113 engines. You will need about 1.5 liters to do a complete flush. What about Petosin fluid, you may ask. Watch the video, and Kent explains why he uses this fluid as a direct replacement. 



2003 to 2006 SL500 ABC to Coil-Over Conversion Power Steering Reservoir Tank Upgrade Kit

Allows you to remove the original ABC round reservoir tank and install a standard tank if you remove and replace your ABC pump with a standard pump

If you install a standard non-ABC power steering pump in your SL500 when you do an ABC to coil-over conversion, you can also install the factory-style reservoir tank with this complete kit.  If you have a W215 or W220 see our complete upgrade kit below

The kit includes the following:

Currently out of stock.

Mercedes BlueTec AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid - 1/2 Gal. Bottles x 2

Don't use cheap Blue DEF or your pocket book will be sorry. Only use fresh AdBlue - Made in Germany

The reports of BlueTec engine emissions failures are numerous. Failed NOX sensors and emission fluid injectors are often traced back to using old or cheap DEF fluid. I know it is easy to be enticed by the cheap price.


M112 V6 M113 V8 Power Steering Reservoir Tank to Pump Security Clip

Easy to lose and absolutely required. Will fit all V6 and V8 engines from 1998 to 2006 if you have the space (except M119 engine)

This clip is unique to these engines. The picture below will show you where it is attached to the fluid outlet tube on the tank. This is a genuine Mercedes part. 

On Demand Video

Replacing the W123 Turbo Diesel Firewall Mount Throttle Bushing - On Demand Video

This is an easy DIY job. Full video instructions here. You might want to inspect your throttle linkage today

In this 13-minute instructional video, Kent will walk you through the steps of inspecting and replacing the round throttle shaft bushing in your W123 turbo 300D, 300CD, or 300TD. Watch the YouTube video below for an introduction.


2000 to 2006 M112 V6 and M113 V8 Belt Tensioner with Pulley

Easy replacement compared to most belt tensioners. Instructions readily available online.

Quality aftermarket part. If over 80,000 miles, replace this part when you replace your serpentine belt. Kent's custom tensioner tool is available separately below to help make the install of this new tensioner a "snap."


2003 to 2006 AMG V8 Spark Plug Set

Only those AMG models with the M113 engine. S55 CL55 SL55 E55 and CLS55 (2006 only)

FULL SET of correct Bosch spark plugs. These are considerably longer than the stock M113 spark plugs and should only be used in the AMG engines specified above. 16 spark plugs only. No other supplies or instructions are included. 


W123 W126 OM616 OM617 Diesel Motor Mount 8mm Heavy Duty Long Socket

Made in Taiwan. Very hard steel. This is a sharp edge impact socket for maximum strength. For most diesels 1977 to 1985 except W116 300SD (requires 10mm)

Removing the front rubber engine mounts requires getting under the car and going up inside a hole in the subframe to remove the main bolt. And it can be a bear! I don't know who they hired to tighten these at the factory, but he must have been a brute.


560SL 560SEC 560SEL Ignition Tune-Up Kit

O.E. Bosch Cap + Rotor (Bremi or Bosch) + Full set of Bremi Wires + Dielectric Silicon Grease

We know you want the best for your 560 engine. These ARE the best tune-up parts you can buy. To add new spark plugs see related products below:


1978 to 1984 OM617 New Assembled Replacement Turbocharger

All new parts. We assemble and check fit and tolerances. Kent's written instruction manual included. WARNING: Only fits engine with Garrett turbos. Will not work with KKK turbochargers.

New in 2023. This is "almost" ready to install. You will need to install some parts from your existing turbo charger once you remove it from the engine. Watch the video below for a full explanation. 

On Demand Video

1972 to 1980 4.5 450 Engine Thermostat Replacement - On Demand Video

For both D-Jetronic and K-Jetronic engines. You can do this job yourself with these instructions and the special hardware included.

In this 14 minute instructional video Kent will demonstrate how to remove and install a new thermostat in a 450 engine. Here you will see how tight it is to get install in a 300SEL 4.5, but other V8s will have better access.

On Demand Video

1972 to 1980 4.5 450 Engine Fan Clutch Replacement Instructions - On Demand Video

For both D-Jetronic and K-Jetronic V8 engines. This will help you get your new fan clutch installed properly with new upgraded hardware.

In this 12 minute instructional video, Kent will demonstrate how to remove and replace the viscous fan clutch in a 1972 300SEL 4.5. Other topics covered will be cleaning and corrosion prevention. This video is included free with the purchase of our fan clutch install kit ( see below).


1972 to 1980 4.5 450 Engine Fan Clutch Replacement Kit

For both D-Jetronic and K-Jetronic. Comes with new hardware, anti-corrosive gel, and video instructions

Most of the older 450 engine fan clutches are still original on most of the older unrestored V8 models from 1970 to 1980. If you are having problems with your 450 V8 running hot check the friction in your clutch. They are often worn out as they seem to never get changed.


1972 to 1980 4.5 450 Engine Thermostat Replacement Kit

For both D-Jetronic and K-Jetronic.Comes with stainless steel replacement bolts and video instructions

This is seldom replaced. If you engine is taking over 15 minutes to get up to full operating temp then your thermostat is probably worn now. We got you covered with kit. We will get you the extra hardware, supplies and video instructions so you have the confidence to do this job yourself.

On Demand Video

1970 to 1975 D-Jetronic V8 Front Engine Short Hose Replacement - On Demand Video

These are the two short coolant hoses in front that hardly ever get changed. What you find when you pull them will surprise you!

In this 23 minute highly detailed video Kent will show you to reasons why and some of the problems you will run into when you change these hoses on your own D-Jet engine. He will take the new parts and show you how to properly install them using the correct hose clamps, sealants and lubes. 


OM616 OM617 Non-Turbo Diesel Front Crank Seal Replacement Combination Kit

Save $20! For 1968 to 1983 NON-TURBO 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 1968 to 1983 with FREE PDF and VIDEO Instructions + 2 Pullers as shown.

Includes Kent's four detailed videos on every aspect of this job! This is our combination kit for DIY installation of a new front crank seal in an OM 616 four-cylinder and OM617 five-cylinder NON-turbo diesel engine. The price if purchased individually is $174.00.


R107 350SL 450SL 280SL 380SL 500SL 560SL Hood Opening Extender

We call it the 107 "head saver!" For all 107 from 1972 to 1989 - Raise the hood quickly to ease maintenance and prevent head injury! As seen on YouTube.

I have hit my head so many times on the grill edge while working on R107 engines that I finally decided to do something about it while recently changing the fuel injectors on a 380SL.


W111 W113 W108 Fuel Injected 6-Cylinder Engine Fluid Filter Kit

2 oil filters and a fuel filter complete with o-rings and sealing washers. Free on-demand video installation instructions included.

These are high quality German brand filters. Since mose of these cars are not driven regularly Kent recommends an oil change every 5000 miles or 2 years whichever comes first ( using quality oil) and a fuel fitler change every 10,000 miles or 2 years whichever comes

On Demand Video

1961 to 1985 Diesel Engine Pre-chamber Removal - ON DEMAND VIDEO

The correct special tools are required to do this job without damage.

In this 14 minute instructional video, Kent will share with you the tools you will need along with some tips and tricks that will help you successfully remove a prechamber from the cylinder head. This can be done with the head on or off the engine.


OM617 Turbo Diesel Engine Front Crank Seal Replacement COMBINATON Kit

Save $20! Includes the seal install kit plus the two pullers you will need to complete this job successfully. For all 5-cylinder turbo engines 1978 to 1985

Includes Kent's four detailed videos on every aspect of this job! This is our combination kit for DIY installation of a new front crank seal in an OM617 turbo diesel engine. Price if purchased individually is $174.00.


OM617 Turbo Diesel Intake and Exhaust Valve Set w/ Extras - USED

For 1978 to 1985 300SD and 1981 to 1985 TURBO 300D, 300CD and 300TD

Good used set of valves for OM617 turbo cylinder heat. Includes all parts as shown (valves, springs, rotators, and spring caps. 10 THIN adjusting nuts INCLUDED. No valve cap nuts. Only parts shown in the picture are the actual items you will receive.


M116 380 Engine Crossover Fuel Evap Air Hose

Fits 1981 to 1985 380SL 380SE 380SEL and 380SEC

380 engines tend to run hot. As long as it is not too hot it won't hurt the engine but that extra heat is not kind to rubber and plastic parts. 


1981 to 1991 M116 M117 V8 Updated Fuel Injector Sleeve Seals - Full Set

Fits V8 engines 380, 500, 420, 560 with Bosch C.I.S. Fuel Injection with fume vapor holders as shown below

Upgraded top seals for better and longer-lasting sealing properties and well as standard green seals for the bottom of the injector holder. With these seals you can clean and reuse your existing fuel injector holders / sleeves.


1981 to 1985 5 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Pre-chamber - USED

LARGE hole design ( see picture below ) For W123 Turbo 300D, 300CD, 300TD and W126 300SD

Damage to these is becomming more common as they engines age. If your fuel injectors are not firing fuel properly the ends of the prechambers cac burn right off causing all sorts of "weird" engine performance problems. 


380 420 500 560 V8 Fan Clutch Replacement Kit

Watch the engine temp. If it likes to creep up especially at idle it could be a worn out clutch. Watch the video below for more explanation.

This fits all Mercedes V8 engines listed in the title from 1981 to 1991 including the sedans, the SL and SEC models. I compare fan clutches to shock absorbers. They wear out slowly over time and you don't feel or see the difference until you actually replace it with new. 

On Demand Video

380 560 V8 Fan Clutch Replacement Instructions - On Demand Video

For 380SL 380SE 560SL and 560SEL

In this 13 minute instructional video Kent will demonstrate how to remove an old fan clutch and replace it with a new one on a 1983 380SL This is a beginner D.I.Y. job and no special tools are required. This video is included free of charge with the purchase of our Later V8 fan clutch kit.


Modified 22mm Open End Wrench for Oil Cooler Fittings

Helps to prevent damage to valuable oil cooler. See video below. Also multi-purpose uses.

This custom-made thin head wrench by Kent Bergsma can save the day and your pocketbook.  It is very important that you hold the fitting base on the oil cooler when removing the oil cooler hoses. A regular 22mm wrench is almost always too thick and can also cause damage.


All Models Radiator Hose Chafe Protector - Heavy Duty

Don't let a hose rub up against the engine or radiator. Easy install with zip ties included if needed.

This is a great solution to what is sometimes a nagging problem. This heavy duty and flexible and adjustable plastic spacer can be put on the top or bottom radiator to prevent chafing in and area where it might come in contact the the engine or the radiator.


1977 to 1985 Diesel Engine Critical Coolant Service Kit

So often neglected - yet critical to preventing pre-mature or catastrophic engine failure!

Why is this so important? It is primarily due to the age of these cars now and the fact that lurking problems can be hidden from visual inspection. There is not ONE diesel that Kent has looked at in the last five years that does not need this service! Even ones with under 150,000 original miles.


M116 M117 Damaged Cylinder Head Bolt Removal Tool

Can remove 1970 to 1990 V8 R107 W116 and W128 head bolts where the hex hole has been rounded out.

Planning to replace the head gaskets on your older v8 engine. You should have this tool on hand before you start. You don't think so? Watch the video and then decide.


1968 to 1987 4, 5 and 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Prechamber Removal Tool

61x tool: For OM615, OM616, OM617, and early OM 601 and OM603 through 1987 only.

Version 4 update 2/22: New color and style but still does the same job. This is one of the key tools you will need to remove stubborn pre chambers from the cylinder head of your old diesel engine.