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Dragging Brake Dust - On Demand Video

Testing for and Troubleshooting Causes of Dragging / Sticking Brakes - On Demand Video

Could be multiple causes - don't assume it is a bad caliper!

Old cars and brake issues go hand in hand. Especially if the car is not driving very often. Brake problems usually first show up as “dragging” or sticking brakes. If this issue is not dealt with immediately it can lead to serious problem including the car catching on fire. 



Late W113, W108, W109, Early R107, Some W114 and W115 Brake Master Cylinder

Please study application notes below: Some chassis are year specific - others are vin number specific - Free master cylinder bleeder kit and complete 30 minute video instructions.
Comes with Kent's full on-demand video on removal, installation and bench bleeding procedure. Brand new brake master cylinder for most of the later 1960's and early 1970's models.
SaleOn Demand Video
Mercedes Front Rotor Removal - On Demand Video

Removing the Front Brake Rotor from the Bearing Hub - On Demand Video

Kent will show you some tips on how to remove and replace that front rotor on the older model front hubs

Installing new front rotors on older model Mercedes requires that you remove the rotor from the bearing hub and bolt the new rotor back on. Sounds easy right? Sometimes not! The bolts are on very tight and often take a lot of torque to remove. How do you hold the break rotor while doing this?


Complete Pressure Brake Bleeding and Flushing Kit w/ Instructions

For use on most Mercedes from 1968 to 2004(6) See List - UPS Ground Shipping ONLY! - 25 minute Video instructions now included

For use on most Mercedes from 1969 to 2006 (see exceptions below)- UPS Ground Shipping ONLY! Buy the complete kit and save $$. This is almost everything you need to do a fast, clean and efficient brake fluid flush on your older Mercedes Benz passenger car.


Late 126 Chassis Rear Subframe Mount Kit

Fits 420SEL 300SDL 300SE 300SEL 350SD 350SDL 560SEC 560SEL

Brand new rear Subframe mount kit made by Meyle, for 126 Chassis from 1986 to 1991, models listed above. No detailed instructions but here are some installation tips.


126 Chassis Rear Subframe Mount Kit w/ Instructions

Early 126 Chassis Gasoline and Diesel models ONLY - up to 1985 ONLY

New subframe mounts will eliminate rear-end wiggle and sway typical on these older chassis. No specific instructions are included but we do offer these tips for successful installation. A small tube of silicone grease and brush applicator are included at no extra charge.


Late W126 Chassis Sedan and Coupe Front Brake Rotor Set of 2

Now with anti-corrosive coating. Fits126 years 1986 to 1991

Brand New Rotors as shown. You will receive 2 fronts as shown. Fits all 126 Chassis Gasoline and Diesel, from 1986 to 1991. Specifically 300SDL 300SE 300SEL 350SD 350SDL 420SEL 560SEL 560SEC.


Brake Master Cylinder Air Bleeding Kit with FULL Video Instructions

This bleeder kit is primarily for bench bleeding in a vise but can also be used to bleed an air-locked master cylinder on the car.

This procedure is a must do anytime you install a new master cylinder or allow fluid to completely leak out of your master cylinder.

SaleOn Demand Video

Master Cylinder Removal, Bench Bleeding, and Replacement Instructions - On Demand Video

Covers most master cylinders 1968 to 1995. Learn to do it right with minimal loss of fluid and mess.

In this 30 minute instructional video Kent will use a 1972 300SEL 4.5 to show you how to remove the master cylinder with minimal spillage, how to install the tank and bench bleed a new master cylinder, and how to reinstall it with minimal brake fluid spillage while protecting your car's paint. 


Late 1960s to Late 1970s Brake Master Cylinder Fluid Reservoir - NEW OEM ATE

Fits most 1968 to 1979 models. W108, W109, W113, W114, W115, 116 and R107

If you are looking for a way to really beautify your classic Benz engine compartment this could be it. These hardly ever get changed and most are stained and ugly. This is a genuine OEM part with rubber seals included. MAKE CERTAIN yours matches in size and shape before ordering.

Currently out of stock.

C.I.S. Fuel System Pressure Tester for K-jetronic Fuel Injection

Used twice for video shoots. Save $$ Specifically engineered for 1976 to 1985 Fuel injected Mercedes with mechanical fuel injection

This unit is lightly used (as seen in the training video) and is in excellent condition. Only one is available. This is a great CIS fuel injection pressure tester for the D.I.Y. mechanic.


1972 to 1991 Most Models New COATED Rear Brake Brake Caliper Set

Amazing aftermarket quality - why rebuilt when you can buy. new! Complete with PERFORMANCE CERAMIC brake pads and FREE extras. - PDF brake repair manual included FREE of charge.

Fits chassis models W114 W115 W116 R107(except 500SL and 560SL)W123 and W126 ( except 500 series 500SEL, 560SEL, 560SEC) from 1972 to 1991. All those year and Mercedes used the same rear calipers! This is a matching set of left and right rear ATE calipers.


1958 to 1991 Full Tie Rod End Replacement Kit w/ Video Instructions

Fits most model passenger cars. Ponton, Fintail, Coupes, SLs, W108 109, R107, W116, W114, W115,W123 and W126. Does NOT fit the W201 or W124 chassis

Loose steering or wheels shaking at speed. This can often be worn out tie rod ball joints. The joints can be replaced as a DIY project. Watch the video below to see if this is something you want to take on yourself.

This kit includes:


Set of 5 14 inch Alloy Wheel Lug Bolts - USED

NOT for wheels with hubcaps. Used on W111, W108, W109, W116, R107, W114, W115, W123 and early to 1985 W126

Fits all Mercedes models with the 14" Alloy bundt cake style wheels. The measurements are M12x1.5mm by 51mm overall length. This is a set of five USED wheel bolts that are not all rusty. 


W201 W124 R129 Front Strut Holding Tool

Quality U.S. made 3/8 inch drive 7mm ball socket hex wrench

This will hold the top of the strut and keep it from turning when removing and installing the 22mm nut.


W123 Front Brake Pads with BONUS Sensor Wires

Fit all W123 sedans, coupes, wagons 1977 to 1985. High quality semi-metallic pad set for both sides with four new sensor wires.

Special purchace. New semi-metallic pad set as shown with wires. 


R107 Engine Temperature Sending Unit

For 450SL, 450SL, SLC, 380SL, 500SL and 560SL

If your V8 is running hot or temp gauge is moving you may have a bad sending unit. Located at the front of the engine. Easy replace. Drain one gallon of coolant out of the radiator before removing it. 


1977 to 1985 W123 NEW ATE LOADED Front Brake Caliper Set w/ Extras

YES, that is correct. These are BRAND NEW not rebuilt! Only a few sets available

You want the best this is it for your W123 restoration project! New in the box with hardware. Hardware includes clips, pins, and new mounting bolts. Also, we include premium ceramic pads and brake pad grease. The suggested retail is $453 each.


1977 to 1985 W123 Rebuilt LOADED Front Brake Caliper Set w/ Extras


Newly rebuilt driver and passenger side front calipers WITH NEW CERAMIC ( low dust ) brake pads. Fits all W123 chassis 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 280E 280CE 1977 to 1985. Please note there is NO HASSLE CORE CHARGE.


BRAND NEW Ate Loaded Rear Brake Caliper Set Right and Left

Fits 1972 to 1991 with exceptions. Only three sets are available! Chassis models W114 W115 W116 W123 R107 (except 500SL and 560SL) and W126 ( except 500 series 500SEL. 560SEL, 560SEC) from 1972 to 1991 - also will not fit W201 or W124

That is right - these are new ATE!  They are not rebuilt. The calipers come with a new set of ceramic brake pads and a small container of ceramic brake pad grease. These will soon be gone forever... Just remember these will not fit any of the 500 series R126 or R107 no any W201 or W124. 


W108 250S 280S 250SE 280SE Sedan Key Body Parts for Sale - Pristine

Damage-free front fenders, front bumper, rear bumper, hood, and trunk lid from 68,000 mile 280S

These parts all came off a 1968 low mileage 280S that sat in a warm garage since 1978. This happens to the parts on an old car when it never leaves a warm garage for 40 years!

Here is a list of some of the parts included in this special deal.​


Ultimate Car Polish for Almost Any Surface

In 50 plus years Kent has tried Hundred's - This is his all time favorite!

Our kit comes with a free micro fiber cloth! This is an advanced water based polish that is made in Germany. Kent has witnessed first hand some amazing results on his own cars and wants to share this excellent product with you. 

123 126 Front Brake hose set

Late 123 All 126 Chassis Meyle Front Brake hose set


Here is a brand new set of Front brake hoses that fit all 123 chassis from 1981-1985 and 126 chassis from 1981-1991, both gasoline and diesel models.