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STC 100 Single Tank Straight Vegetable Oil SVO WVO Conversion Kit

Last One Available - Special - already assembled for you - Lightly used in W123

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer have time to assemble these conversion kits so we are discontinuing them. The cost of the individual components has also gone up drastically. We have ONLY ONE LEFT. It is assembled and has been in a car that has driven less than 1000 miles on a new conversion.


Late W126 Chassis Sedan and Coupe Front Brake Rotor Set of 2

Now with anti-corrosive coating. Fits126 years 1986 to 1991

Brand New Rotors as shown. You will receive 2 fronts as shown. Fits all 126 Chassis Gasoline and Diesel, from 1986 to 1991. Specifically 300SDL 300SE 300SEL 350SD 350SDL 420SEL 560SEL 560SEC.


W116 and W123 Full Set of Seat Adjustment Replacement Handles

Made in the U.S.A. in our shop. Designed by Kent to be stronger and with a more comfortable grip.

You can purchase these individually, but you might want to consider replacing all four at the same time. If one is broken others are not far behind. Watch Kent's video below to see what happened to him and why he decided to manufacture these himself. 


W123 Bosch European Headlights with Correct Orange Turn Signal Lenses

Superb condition. Not aftermarket. Fits all 1977 to 1985 240D, 300D, 300CD, 300TD, 280E, 280CE, 280TE, 230E, 230CE.

These are about as mint as you will find not being new. They are not perfect as they have some dirt on them and a very few fine sand pits in the lenses that you can hardly see. No chips, cracks, or gouges in either the head lights or the turn signal lenses. All mounting tabs are intact.


1958 to 1991 Full Tie Rod End Replacement Kit w/ Video Instructions

Fits most model passenger cars. Ponton, Fintail, Coupes, SLs, W108 109, R107, W116, W114, W115,W123 and W126. Does NOT fit the W201 or W124 chassis

Loose steering or wheels shaking at speed. This can often be worn out tie rod ball joints. The joints can be replaced as a DIY project. Watch the video below to see if this is something you want to take on yourself.

This kit includes:


$25,000 + Parts Collection from 1960s through 1980s Mercedes Benz

25 year accumulation of large and good quality used parts W110, W108, W116, W115, W123, W126 and W201.

Kent would rather see these parts go to someone wanting to start or expand his Mercedes used parts business than go to the scrap yard. He realizes it is time to start thining things out including all these old parts as well as a number of his cars (see related products below(.


1986 USA Models 107 126 201 Introduction to Service. ITS Factory Manual

There was a lot to introduce in 1986 - NEW 6 cylinder Diesel engine - NEW 560 V8 Gas engine - NEW 2.5 liter Diesel engine for the 190D AND the 190E 2.3 16V

1986 was a super milestone year for Mercedes Benz in the U.S. market. As well as the above it was the introduction of the W124!. This is a milestone book for collectors and it is in good ( not perfect ) condition. Very clean inside. 369 pages in length.

Currently out of stock.

107 114 115 116 123 126 14 inch Alloy Wheel Four Center Caps - USED

All models with 14 INCH alloy wheels 1972 to 1985 - Sold here in a set of four

Good ABOVE average original genuine Mercedes center cap set of four. They still have original paint so have not been repainted. No major rash. Some minor scratches as you can see here. They look really good on the car.


Late W116 Plastic Housing Hirschmann Power Antenna Complete - Refurbished

Later replacement with toothed antenna mast - Fits 1977 to 1980 280S 280SE 450SE 450SEL and 300SD

 Very good later version Hirschmann antenna as shown ( factory replacement for the initial all aluminum antenna. Complete with inside braket and fender mounting hardware. Fully cleaned and lubed with new antenna mast installed. Very smooth operation.


1977 to 1979 240D Fuel Injection Pump

Pump only - does not include extras - see picture of actual unit you will receive

Pump was removed from a good running engine with 180,000 miles on it. Note does not include lift pump, check valve, shutoff valve or hoses.


W123 300TD Wagon SLS Leveling Valve for Parts - USED

Fits 123 station wagon estate 1978 to 1985

Not complete. Good for parts. One of the fitting threads in the housing was stripped out and a helicoil inserted but at a different thread pitch. The back of the body plate has heavy corrosion but is till usable. If someone needs parts this could help restore another leveling valve.


W201 W124 R129 Front Strut Holding Tool

Quality U.S. made 3/8 inch drive 7mm ball socket hex wrench

This will hold the top of the strut and keep it from turning when removing and installing the 22mm nut.


R107 Engine Temperature Sending Unit

For 450SL, 450SL, SLC, 380SL, 500SL and 560SL

If your V8 is running hot or temp gauge is moving you may have a bad sending unit. Located at the front of the engine. Easy replace. Drain one gallon of coolant out of the radiator before removing it. 


BRAND NEW Ate RIGHT Rear Brake Caliper with Hardware

SPECIAL PURCHASE only 4 remain. Fits chassis models W114 W115 W116 Most R107 W123 and Most W126 ONLY from 1968 to 1991 (Does NOT FIT the 500SL, 500SEL, 500SEC, 560SL, 560SEL, or 560SEC)

That is right - this is brand new - NOT rebuilt. It fits the passenger side rear wheel ONLY. The caliper comes with new pad mounting hardware and new bolts. These will soon be gone forever... Special price limited to stock on hand. Sorry, we do not have the left side. We only have four left.


1981 to 1985 W123 W126 Passenger Side Motor Mount Metal Shield - USED

Fits right side 1981 to 1985 turbo diesel models only . Cover plate be used on left side but some models will require trimming to check engine shock mount.

The motor mount shield may not be the exact one shown. It may be painted or original. No cracks. Not perfect but very usable. If you leave this off your rubber mount will fail much quicker. 


Factory Body Undercoating and Heavy Rust Removal Tool

Electric Drill 1-Inch by 1/4-Inch High Performance Carbon Knot Wire End Brush, 0.020-Inch Wire

Kent has tried a lot of different tools over the years to remove body undercoating and rust in preparation for Miracle Paint rust repairs. This is his favorite, especially for small rust repairs like he will show you below:


W123 Turbo Diesel Engine Shock and Mount - USED

ONLY ONE AVAILABLE: Fits 1982 to 1985 300D 300CD and 300TD

Excellent used functioning engine shock with an acceptable rubber mount. The rubber mount is very solid and it still stiff and intact. . This fits the right or left side of the engine on the 123 5 cylinder turbo diesel engines only.

Currently out of stock.

Gearwrench 17mm Indexing Combination Ratcheting Box Wrench

Best for adjusting diesel OM616 and OM617 alternator. High quality and great for getting into other tight places

This is a quality long 17 mm combination wrench with a "twist." The ratcheting box end can be adjusting straight or at any combinations of angles to the right or to the left. This will allow you to get onto bolt heads or nuts in very tight places.


126 Sedan 1981 to 1991 Left Rear Window Regulator

126 300SD VIN SPLIT -- FROM 014100

Only two available at this price. Quality new part made by VDO.

126 Sedan 1981 to 1991 Driver Side Rear Door Window Regulator

Fits the following 126 models: after early vin number noted.


1/2 Inch Drive Clicker Torque Wrench 20 - 150 Ft. Lbs.

A must have for any DIYer. Especially diesel fuel injectors and wheel bolts!!!

 If you are going to work on your diesel fuel injectors you are going to need a torque wrench. If you are going to tighten your alloy wheel lug bolts properly you should use a torque wrench. In fact if you do your own work you should have a 1/2 inch clicker torque wrench in your tool box.


123 Chassis Wiper Arm Drive Linkage Assembly - USED

If your wipers are clanking and banging at the stops then the joints in your linkage are worn out!

Fits all W123 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 280E 280CE 1977 to 1985 Used Above average condition. good shafts and good joints for smooth movement of your windshield wiper arms - NO plastic wiper boots included and no mounting hardware ( use from your existing W123).

Currently out of stock.

123 Sedan and Coupe Rear Suspension Coil Spring

All 240D 300D 300CD 280E 280CE 1977 to 1985 - Sold Individually

With age and abuse rear springs can weaken and allow the rear of the vehicle to sag. NOTE: Before replacing springs you should first check the condition of the rubber center rear end mount and possibly replace the rear end subframe mounts. These are also causes of the rear end sagging.


107 114 115 116 123 126 14 inch alloy wheel Two Center Caps - USED

All models with 14 INCH alloy wheels 1972 to 1985 - Sold in a set of two

Good average silver-painted used center caps. Not perfect - may have small scratches, minor surface flaws, but no cracks and backside tabs intact. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU WANT PRISTINE. Price is right.


Early 123 Early 107 Late 116 Genuine OEM Ignition Switch

Fits most 1977 to 1979 W123 240D 300D 300CD 300TD,1977 to 1980 W116. and 1973 to 1980 R107 450SL, 450SLC

Get a spare. These will soon be NLA. NEW OLD STOCK Genuine Mercedes Ignition Switch. Fits early 123 chassis up through 1979, early 107 450SL from 1973-1980 and 1977-1980 116 300SD, 280SE, 450SE, and 450SEL.

Currently out of stock.

123 300TD Wagon Rear Suspension Coil Springs (PAIR OF 2)

TWO SETS LEFT -- INVENTORY SET! Fits all W123 300TD Chassis wagons from 1979 to 1985 -- Factory Height 13.5 inches

These special springs are unique to wagons only. They are designed to only support the weight of the car when it is unloaded. With age and malfunction hydraulic struts these springs can weaken and allow the rear of the vehicle to sag.


126 300SD Trunk Star ( Used )

Fits W126 sedan models all 1981 to 1985

Very good used chrome trunk star. No corrosion or pitting. Fits all 300SD. 380SE, 380SEL, 500SEL 1981 to 1985.


W123 300D Non Turbo Engine Oil Cooler ( Used )

For 1977 to 1980 300D 300CD 300TD US Models Only - Excellent fins and fitting threads

Excellent used leak-free oil cooler as shown. No longer available new. This one has no damage marks and very good threads on both fitting nipples.

123 126 Front Brake hose set

Late 123 All 126 Chassis Meyle Front Brake hose set


Here is a brand new set of Front brake hoses that fit all 123 chassis from 1981-1985 and 126 chassis from 1981-1991, both gasoline and diesel models.


116 123 Front Seat Back Tilt Adjusting Knob  ( Used )

116 123 Front Seat Back Tilt Adjusting Knob ( Used )

Fits W116 and early W123 front seats - these break easily - have a spare on hand - special price.

Good used front seat back tilt adjusting knob with all three tabs still intact. One or more of these three tabs often get broken off when removing making for a sloppy and loose knob. Check to make sure your current knob matches this design.


107 Chassis SL Hood Release Cable

New! Fits R107 450SL 380SL 560SL 450SLC 380SLC

New Hood Release Cable. Fits all 107 chassis SL convertible and SLC coupes from 1972 to 1989. 350SL, 450SL, 450SLC, 380SL and 560SL

123 Inside RH chrome door pull

W123 Sedan and Wagon Right Inside Chrome Door Pull (Used)

Fits 1977 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 280E 280CE

Good used ( good hinge, chrome, and no cracks) passenger side front door inside chrome door pull for all 123 sedans and wagons 1977 to 1985. Common for the handle pin to wear out (floppy handle) or cast frame will break.

617 Turbo Diesel Oil Cooler New
Currently out of stock.

300D 300CD 300TD 300SD Turbo Diesel BEHR Oil Cooler New

No longer made. This is hard to find. Only one available

Fits 123 and 126 model Mercedes 1981-1985 with turbo diesel 5 cylinder engines. Not applicable for euro model. This is a brand new Factory BEHR oil cooler for these cars. Fits both coupes, sedan and wagons.

**This is a special order item and may take a week to ship.