124 Chassis Heater and A/C Motor Repair Manual - By Kent Bergsma - Download

It may only need a new pair of brushes in the motor!

For all Mercedes 124 chassis cars from 1986 up to 1993 ONLY. This includes the 260E, 300E, 300D, 300CE, 300TE, and 400E. This is the repair manual you 124 owners have been waiting for. If your blower motor has been intermittent or some days it will not come on until you drive for a while, your motor brushes are most likely at the end of their life.

124 Chassis Heater and A/C Motor Repair Manual - By Kent Bergsma - Download

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Try this simple test. The next time your heater motor will not come on try slamming the door. If it comes on you will know what you have to do to fix it. 15 or more year old heater motor brushes are very prone to failing at any time. If it has not failed yet it most likely will sometime soon. You will need a soldering iron and a few common hand tools to complete the job. If your car has a over 150,000 miles on it or you know the heater motor has been run a lot, the best time to do this job is now! Do not wait for it to quit on you on a cold winter morning. Includes wiper motor removal instructions!

This manual is also available in a printed and bound format and is included in the complete repair kit with custom made heater motor brushes. IMPORTANT: If you are planning to replace your heater motor brushes, we highly recommend you have a high output soldering pencil on hand. If you don't, then I recommend you purchase the one we sell on our website. It is a powerful 60 watt unit and works great!

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