Fluid Maintenance - Radiator and Fuel Hose HD Pinch off Pliers

A must when changing rear mount fuel filters and pumps. Best tool for secure clamp-off in tight locations. Works on fuel hose, coolant hose and even big radiator hose.

I have used a lot of different clamping tools over the years to prevent fluids from leaking out when removing coolant, fuel, or brake fluid hoses. Most work ok. Some are hard to use in tight places.  Many do not stop every last drip from coming out of the hose. Imagine my excitement a couple years ago when I saw a clamping tool combined with a vise grip like mechanism.  I immediately thought - now that is a tool and a half!  

Fluid Maintenance - Radiator and Fuel Hose HD Pinch off Pliers

Product Details

Watch the tool in action in this video

Drain fuel out of the tank with no spills or mess using this tool

Watch how Kent uses this tool to rapidly change a radiator coolant expansion tank without having to drain any coolant out of the radiator. After using it for the past 4 years it it has proven to be the best hose clamp off tool I have ever used.  And yes, it will stop every drip.... it is super easy to get into tight places and easily clamp and unclamp. The clamp bars swivel are are big enough to work on radiator hoses and strong enough to work on smaller heater and fuel hoses. This is a must-have pinch-off tool... Kent Bergsma

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