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OM616 OM617 Thermostat Leak Prevention Install Kit

For 4 and 5 cylinder Diesel engines 1977 to 1985 except 190D

When replacing the thermostat in your order diesel you may end up fitting a lot of corrosion. This kit will help you make sure you do not have any leaks when you install the new thermostat and will prevent corrosion of the housing bolts in the future.


Cooling System Leak Detection Radiator Cap Conversion for Brake Bleeder Tank

Custom made in our shop. Allows you to use our brake bleeder tank to also pressure test the cooling system on most models 1973 to 1995 ( see design of metal cap to confirm )

Have you ever had a hard time finally a very small coolant leak? Do you find yourself adding small amounts of coolant but can not see any leak? Is there a funny smell coming from inside your Benz when you run the heater?

On Demand Video

Setting Up Mercedessource Coolant System Pressure Tester Cap - On Demand Video

Video instruction that comes free with the purchase of your custom radiator pressure testing cap and hardware

In this video, Kent will walk you through the steps needed to convert your older Brake Bleeder tank to one that can continue to bleed brake systems as well as pressure test radiators and cooling systems.


W123 Turbo Diesel Engine Shock Rubber Top Mount - USED

Along with new shock this will eliminate excessive engine vibration 300D 300CD from 1982 to 1985 and 300TD from 1981 to 1985

 VERY LIMITED STOCK. This is a genuine used Mercedes engine shock mount bushing still in good working condition. The bushing is as important as the shock in helping dampen out excessive engine shake and vibration.


1985 W123 Turbo Diesel Air Filter Housing Complete - USED

FITS MODELS with trap oxidizer and air filter housing mounted off the engine. Some late or California 1984 models as well.

GOOD USED air filter housing as hoses as shown. It may or may not be 100 percent complete. Study the picture carefully. 


W187 220 Mechanical Parts Lot 1 - USED

For 1950 to 1954 220 Suicide Door Models

This is a selection of used parts removed from A 1952 220 Sedan. Some would also fit the W187 coupes and convertibles. No specific description will be given on each part. There is no guarantee that all the parts will fit the described vehicle (mistakes can happen). Study the picture carefully.


Diesel Engine Valve Adjusting Lower Nut x 2 - Used

For older OM 615 616 and 617 diesel engines with adjustable valves

This price is for TWO nuts as shown. If you find you can not accurately adjust one of your older diesel engine valve clearances it usually means the threads on the lower adjusting nut are stripped. New ones are getting harder to find so we are offering good used as an alternative.


1982 and 1983 W123 240D Diesel Engine Mount Arms - USED

ONLY fits years listed for U.S. models. ONLY ONE SET AVAILABLE

Good used motor mount arms as shown. Good bolt threads. No galling or cross threading. Only one  set is available. Will need some cleaning when you get them.


W116 300SD Diesel Engine Mount Arms - USED

Fits 1978 to 1980 300SD only!

Good used motor mount arms as shown. Very hard to find in this type of condition. This is the actual set you will receive. Good bolt threads. No galling or cross-threading. Only one set is available. 


Turbo Diesel Cylinder Head Bolt Removal Tool - 12M Star Bit

1978 to 1985 5 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engines 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD

If you have worked on 5-cylinder 617 turbo diesel cylinder heads before you already know how important it is to have the correct socket for the star cylinder head bolts. This socket is a must to properly remove and re-torque those bolts.


Low Pressure Power Steering Hose for Older Models - 24 inch long x 15mm I.D.

Only works on models listed below or in other applications using 15mm hose. Measure first.

This is the hose on the left side of your engine that seems to always rot and leak power steering fluid. If you look closely at it you will most likely see small cracks in the hose. This is the larger size hose used on those early models with power steering from the early 1960's through 1976.


W116 300SD Inlet Air Flex Tube - USED

ONLY fits 1978 to 1980 300 SD with smaller 2 and 5/8 inch diameter tube.

ONLY one available. Very good condition turbo intake air flex tube as shown. No cracks or splits.


1980 to 1983 240D Engine Overhaul Kit

No "complete" kits are available but this includes all major items needed

Major new parts you will need to rebuild your 240D engine. Includes genuine Mahle pistons and rings ( do not be tempted to go with cheap aftermarket pistons ). Full kits parts listed below:


Older Diesel Internal Engine Cleansing Kit

Must be done using separate fuel tank. Cleans injection pump, fuel injectors, pre chambers, combustion chambers and helps reseal piston rings. Will not work on extremely worn out engines.

UPS ground shipping only. Can not be shipped internationally. Rather than try to explain what this kit does and how it does it we are going to ask you to watch the video below if you have not already done so.


OM616 OM617 Diesel Water Pump to Cylinder. Head Balance Tube - USED

Fits 4 and 5 cylinder diesels 1974 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD

These might be needed when replacing the engine head or aluminum water pump housing. This includes the water pump bypass tube and the one small banjo bolts for the tube just in case you break one. New copy sealing rings available separately ( see below )


Late OM616 OM617 Power Steering Pump Leak Reseal Kit - SMALL SEAL

Fits later W123 4 and 5 cylinder diesels and W126 300SD with aluminum pumps ( watch video before ordering!!!)

For later 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD Models. Most after 1980 BUT YOU MUST LOOK AT YOUR PUMP BEFORE ORDERING! WATCH KENT'S VIDEO BELOW. You have asked for it and we have delivered again.


Early OM616 OM617 Power Steering Pump Leak Reseal Kit - LARGE SEAL

Fits early W123 4 and 5 cylinder non-turbo diesels and W116 300SD with cast iron pumps ( watch video before ordering!!!)

The seal in this kit is out of production. Only small quantity left. For EARLY 240D 300D 300CD 300TD and W116 300SD Models. Usually up to 1980 BUT YOU MUST LOOK AT YOUR PUMP BEFORE ORDERING! WATCH KENT'S VIDEO BELOW. You have asked for it and we have delivered again.


OM616 and OM617 Late Oil Filter Housing to Block Bolt Set - USED

Fits 1977 to 1985 4 and 5 cylinder with large oil filter housing that has a top lid near firewall

Good used bolt set with good hex heads. 

Here is the location of these five important bolts. Do not use the cheap paper gasket in most gasket kits for the oil filter housing. It will leak!!!!