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Mercedes W140 Blower Motor - On Demand Video

W140 Heater Blower Motor Location, Troubleshooting and Repair - On Demand Video

How you could save up to $1000 by fixing it yourself!

Would you like to watch an inexpensive on demand video that might help you save $1000's? You could spend three or four hours hunting around the internet on different forums and marginal youtube videos and may get the right info - maybe!

On Demand Video
Mercedes Check Strap

Mercedes Door Check Strap Diagnosis and Replacement - On Demand Video

Common repair that you can do yourself with minimal tools and mechanical experience

Groaning, snaping and jammed door check straps are a common problem on the older models (up through 1995). This is primarily due to age and lack of lubrication. Newer models will soon start having similar problems. Rain water getting inside the doors is the big killer.

On Demand Video

Manually Operated Sunroof Removal and Service - On Demand Video Manual

Applies directly to all W123 wagons and some 123 sedans and indirectly to other early 111, 108, 114, 115 and 116 models

Manual sunroofs can have problems too. Just like their electrically operated counterparts, most often they will fail due to lack of lubrication. The number one failure point is a broken T handle. Number two is failure of the roof to close properly due to damaged felt feet and plastic slides.