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Automatic Transmission Level Check and Extraction Kit w/ Video Instructions

Proper way to check fluid level and easily remove excess if you accidentally overfill.

How many of us have never overfilled our automatic transmissions??? With this syringe and correct diameter and length of tubing, you can easily remove any excess without having to drain it out of the pan!!! Comes with free on-demand video instructions.


CIS Gas Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing Conversion Add-On Kit

You MUST HAVE a version 3 pressure tester ( either diesel or MFI) to make this kit work on most 1977 to 1993 Bosch Mechanical ( NOT ELECTRIC) fuel injectors

We know that many of you own multiple Mercedes, including both gas and diesel models. If you own one of Kent’s fuel injector pressure testers you no doubt will want to test all your applicable mechanical fuel injectors in both types of older engines.


Early MFI Mechanical Gas Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing Conversion Add-On Kit

You MUST HAVE a version 3 pressure tester ( either diesel or CIS) to make this kit work on most 1959 to 1972 Bosch Mechanical ( NOT ELECTRIC) fuel injectors

We know that many of you own multiple Mercedes, including both gas and diesel models. If you own one of Kent’s fuel injector pressure testers you no doubt will want to test all your applicable mechanical fuel injectors in both types of older engines.


Diesel and Gas Fuel Injector Pressure Tester Conversion Kit: Upgrade to Version 3

Converts your old style Version 1 or Version 2 tester to a single bottle flow-through operation with exhaust vent. Will work with our older diesel, CIS and MFI gas fuel injector testers

With this kit, you can convert your older pressure tester to all the benefits of Kent's newest version 3 "pop tester." It contains everything you need and you can do it in less than 10 minutes. 2 videos are included with purchase. One explains how to perform this simple conversion.


Heavy Duty 11 Piece Trim Removal Tool Set w/ Storage Pouch

Made of nylon instead of ABS or plastic. Very tough. Best Assortment Available.

This is one set that will pretty much do it all: door panels, radio, windows, interior trim, exterior trim, engine, fastener plugs, seals, etc. Strong enough to even change a bicycle tire...


E Torx Female Star Socket Set - 11 Pc E4 to E20

Must have sockets for working on 1996 and newer Mercedes Benz.

For newer Mercedes, you will be hard pressed to remove some of the fasteners without this socket set, especially around the engine. This is one of the higher quality sets we have seen.


Turbo Diesel Cylinder Head Bolt Removal Tool - 12M Star Bit

1978 to 1985 5 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engines 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD

If you have worked on 5-cylinder 617 turbo diesel cylinder heads before you already know how important it is to have the correct socket for the star cylinder head bolts. This socket is a must to properly remove and re-torque those bolts.

Currently out of stock.

W123 Original Becker Europa Radio With Casette

Not working. Came in many 123 models from 1980 to 1985.

This was removed from a 1981 240D. It is in good cosmetic condition but does not power up. We do not know what the problem is, but you can send these radios into Becker U.S.A. ( just google) for repair. These are getting harder to find each year. 


1961 to 1976 Power Steering Fluid Flushing Kit without Fluid and Filter

Comes with complete video step-by-step instructions. This kit can be shipped internationally.

Get rid of that old and ineffective transmission fluid in your older power steering system. It is the number one cause of excessive gear wear in your steering box. This is our partial kit that does not include the fluids so it can be shipped by air mail. Please study the pictures here.


1961 to 1976 Power Steering Enhanced Fluid Upgrade Kit w/ Video Instructions

To reduce pump and steering box wear. Fits most models during those years. Read description carefully before ordering

Get rid of that old and ineffective transmission fluid in your older power steering system. It is the number one cause of excessive gear wear in your steering box. This kit will include almost everything you will need to do this yourself, along with complete step-by-step video instructions.


1980 to 1985 Steering Wheel Hex Bolt

Fits 1980 to 1985 W123 and W126

Very good bolt with tight hex. Always use thread locking compound when replacing these bolts. Easy to round out with the wrong tool. See correct tool below:


Low Pressure Power Steering Hose for Older Models - 24 inch long x 15mm I.D.

Only works on models listed below or in other applications using 15mm hose. Measure first.

This is the hose on the left side of your engine that seems to always rot and leak power steering fluid. If you look closely at it you will most likely see small cracks in the hose. This is the larger size hose used on those early models with power steering from the early 1960's through 1976.


1980 to 1983 240D Engine Overhaul Kit

No "complete" kits are available but this includes all major items needed

Major new parts you will need to rebuild your 240D engine. Includes genuine Mahle pistons and rings ( do not be tempted to go with cheap aftermarket pistons ). Full kits parts listed below:


Kent's Milestone 1990 White 300SL Convertible For Sale

First year R129 production. First M104 twin cam engine. First Power Top. First cabin air filter. Project car you finish. NOT RUNNING. Must be picked up with truck and trailer. All parts that come for the engine will NOT fit inside the car for transport.

Please do NOT try to check out online to purchase this Mercedes. If you are interested please email us through the contact us link above. This is one of my cars I have been trying to finish for the past three years and never seem to find the time.


Older Diesel Internal Engine Cleansing Kit

Must be done using separate fuel tank. Cleans injection pump, fuel injectors, pre chambers, combustion chambers and helps reseal piston rings. Will not work on extremely worn out engines.

UPS ground shipping only. Can not be shipped internationally. Rather than try to explain what this kit does and how it does it we are going to ask you to watch the video below if you have not already done so.


1990 to 1992 R129 300SL 500SL New Front Shocks - NOS

I have had these in the shop for past 6 years. No hardware included

This is a great buy. Only one set available at this price. These are comfort Bilstein shocks. One has original stamp MB part number on it. Both are new old stock and ready to install. You will need to use your existing bolts to install. 

Currently out of stock.

W123 Front Seat Rear Bolt Down Nut Plate

These are often rusted out and or broken

Nut plate and bolt as shown for rear seat hold down on all W123 1976 to 1985. May have slight corrosion on the plate but in good usable condition.


Late OM616 OM617 Power Steering Pump Leak Reseal Kit - SMALL SEAL

Fits later W123 4 and 5 cylinder diesels and W126 300SD with aluminum pumps ( watch video before ordering!!!)

For later 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD Models. Most after 1980 BUT YOU MUST LOOK AT YOUR PUMP BEFORE ORDERING! WATCH KENT'S VIDEO BELOW. You have asked for it and we have delivered again.


Early OM616 OM617 Power Steering Pump Leak Reseal Kit - LARGE SEAL

Fits early W123 4 and 5 cylinder non-turbo diesels and W116 300SD with cast iron pumps ( watch video before ordering!!!)

The seal in this kit is out of production. Only small quantity left. For EARLY 240D 300D 300CD 300TD and W116 300SD Models. Usually up to 1980 BUT YOU MUST LOOK AT YOUR PUMP BEFORE ORDERING! WATCH KENT'S VIDEO BELOW. You have asked for it and we have delivered again.


W126 Front Suspension Brake Control Rod Bracket Long Bolts

You may need to replace these if yours are very rusty. They do not come in the joint repair kits.

These are the 4 long bolts that need to be removed when changing your W126 brake rod control joint on your front suspension. There are two on each side. They do not come in the repair kit so if you bolts are very rusty you might want to have these new bolts on hand before you start your repair.


Front Seat Padding Booster Kit

For worn or collapsed padding on W114, W115, W116, W123 and W126 chassis seats with digital instructions ( PDF and Video)

If you have a reasonably good front seat bottom that is just a little HARD to sit on for any length of time then this "booster" kit may help solve your problem.


Silicone Oil D.I.Y. Mixing Kit

Silicone grease if often too thick and won't penetrate - Silicone spray if often too thin and the over-spray gets on everything...

What is the alternative? Have you ever seen silicone oil? It is not all that common but with this "kit" you can make your own and you can vary the thickness (viscosity) yourself. This is not rocket science so no extra instructions are included.


1977 to 1985 Diesel Fuel Filter Removal Tool - USA Made

22mm long wrench with tight fitting head makes removal and install a breeze

When removing the main fuel filter you need a wrench that is usually not included in most tool sets. Ours is high quality made in the USA and will easily remove the filter bolt without rounding off the corners. Works on W116 and W126 300SD and W123 240D, 300D, 300CD, and 300TD. 

Currently out of stock.

1982 240D with 4-Speed Manual Transmission - SOLD

December 2019 Update: This car has been sold to a W123 enthusiast on the East Coast.

I consider the late model W123 240D 4 speed one of the best cars ever made. On what basis, you ask?


Tire-On-Car Brake Caliper Bleeder Wrench - Custom Made in Our Shop

Easily open and close the brake bleed fitting without getting brake fluid on your tires - only for 9 mm bleeder fittings

Tired of having to remove your wheels and tires to bleed your brakes? This tool makes it possible and really saves time. Watch the video below for more details and instructions on how to use it.


W107 W116 Early W126 14 x 6 Alloy Wheel - Show Quality

Original spare wheel - hardly ever out of the trunk for years!

Only one available. Please do not try to order more than one. This is one of the best original wide 14-inch alloy wheels Kent has ever seen. The pictures tell it all.


OM616 and OM617 Diesel Engine Water Pump Bolt Upgrade Kit

Solve the problem of rusty pump mounting bolts once and for all - Go stainless AND seal them from inside water!

Kent finally went to work to solve the problem of rusty water pump mounting bolts. Once the problem was studied carefully the solution became obvious. Watch the video for a full explanation and partial instructions below.

Kit contents:


Early W108 Dash Face Wood Complete - Rare Original Condition

Most 1965 to early 1969 had this design. Note the Ash Tray handle of the early design. Make sure your dash matches this one!


Currently out of stock.

1968 280S Sedan Parts Car for Sale - Body Shell and Interior on Rolling Chassis

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - We still have lots of good W108 W109 parts from this car. EMAIL US!

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN..... Please contact us through the contact link above if you are interested in purchasing PARTS ONLY from this Mercedes. We still have the beautiful complete black interior and the body sheet metal. You can not believe the condition of the original black interior.

Currently out of stock.

Strong Magnetic 1/4 Inch Drive Universal High Quality

Has many unique uses

Works best as a magnet in deep sockets. The tip may stick out too far in some very short sockets. Can also be put on a long extension for a great magnetic pickup too. The magnet is very strong for its size. 

Currently out of stock.

OM61X Pencil Glow Plug 12mm Deep Socket w/ Magnetic Universal

Magnet will hold the glow plug in socket while installing to keep from dropping behind the fuel injection pump

This toolset is super handy for installing the small style pencil glow plugs in the OM616 and OM617 engines from 1978 to 1985 ( not all). It can also be used for many other purposes.


W123 License Plate and Glove Box Stock Bulbs - Set of 3

Short bulbs - will not work in trunk light or dome lights for all W123 1976 to 1985

These are specific for the W123 but will fit other light holds that require the short bulb for the glove box, license lights, and under door lights. Sold in pack of three as shown.

Currently out of stock.

14 Inch Factory Special Aluminum Wheels - FULL SET OF FOUR

SUPER LIGHT. Installed on later W123 240D to reduce weight. For full face hubcaps. Works on W113, W114, W115 and all W123.

The picture shows only 2 wheels with tires, but the tires have been removed from all 4 wheels to reduce shipping costs. You will receive FOUR (4) wheels without tires. All four look the same as the two pictured here.

Currently out of stock.

Grab Bag of Misc. Automotive Wire - Removed from Cars

Consists of 5 different pieces of wire - different sizes, lengths and colors

Ever just need a small piece of good auto wire to make a repair - then run to hardware store to discover they only have lighting cord wire or you have to buy a big roll.  This bag of 5 longer pieces of wire consists of different wire gauge and color. Lengths vary. All wire was removed from cars.

Currently out of stock.

Tire Shop Pain Prevention 17mm Lug Bolt Tool Set

Since tire shops won’t do it, you need to set proper torque on your wheel lug bolts!

This is a MUST HAVE wheel care kit EVEN if you don’t work on your own Mercedes. This is one thing you must learn how to do because you can not trust tire shops anymore. See some videos below and I will explain why I feel so strongly about this.

Currently out of stock.

W116 300SD Instrument Cluster Housing and Instruments

Missing engine gauges as shown

Cosmetically in excellent condition. No dash seal and no engine instrument cluster. No dimmer switch. Speedometer works but the odometer is slipping (181,944 miles). Have not tested clock or tach.  No guarantees. No return. Priced accordingly. 


Kent's Super Multi-Tool Auto Detail and Repair COMBO Kit

So you thought the multi function tool was only for woodworking. Kent has adapted it for automotive use and it rocks!

Want the best, fastest, and easiest way to polish faded anodized aluminum trim, to remove fine scratches from your glass, to loosen rusted and stuck fittings and bolts, and to sand rust out of tight places? - enter the multitool or multi-function tool.


Small Lid Quart Oil Can Fluid Transfer pump with extension

Can work on gallon jugs but you would have to tape the cap on to the top opening

The cap threads are designed for most U.S. Quart engine oil containers. It comes with an extension you can put in bigger bottles buy the threads made not fit. It is easy to tape the top onto these larger containers and it will work fine. Does not need an airtight seal to pump.