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W116 300SD Nice 14 inch Alloy Wheel Set ( All Four) with Center Caps

Wheels are as shown below - excellent condition - without tires or lug bolts

EXCEPTIONALLY nice original alloy wheel set of 4 to be removed from a 1980 300SD. Curb damage is non existant with only a few very small scratches in the outer rims. Complete with center caps. No lug bolts included. Old tires will be removed from wheels to save shipping costs.


SVO WVO Auxiliary Fuel Tank - Trunk Mount for W123 Chassis

Designed for 1977 to 1985 123 240D, 300D or 300CD

This fuel tank was installed in a W123 240D and used to hold waste cooking oil for fuel.  It was used approximately 5 years before removal. It has a built in coolant based heater that can warm to vegetalbe oil from engine coolant.


Gearwrench 17mm Indexing Combination Wrench

High quality and great for getting into tight places

This is a quality long 17mm combination wrench with a "twist." The ratcheting box end can be adjusting straight or at any combinations of angles to the right or to the left. This will allow you to get onto bolt heads or nuts in very tight places.


13mm Long Combination High Quality Wrenches - Set of Two

Buy one and get the second for half price - you always need extra 13mm wrenches when working on a Benz!

These are very high quality finish 13mm combination wrenches that are 8 inches long. How many times have you needed that extra reach or that extra torque! One of the most common sizes you will use on older Mercedes Benz.


W123 Non Turbo Diesel Coolant Reservoir Tank Installation Kit

For 1977 to 1981 240D and non turbo 300D, 300CD and 300TD

This easy to install add-on "tank" does two things. It will capture any coolant you lose through leaks in the radiator cap when the engine gets really hot and it allows you to keep an eye on your coolant level.


Miracle Paint Preparation Kit for Rust Pitted Surfaces

This is the best tool and attachments to use for cleaning small hard-to-get-to rusted metal surfaces

Over the years I have used lots of different methods to clean off rust before applying Miracle Paint. This is the best and quickest method I have found. This is a great tool that can be used for many other things like cleaning off brake hubs and rotors.


Aluminum Coolant Housing Hose Nipple Restoration Kit

If your Benz is over 25 years old expect corrosion when you remove a hose to the thermostat or water pump housing

This is such a common problem, I decided to come up with an inexpensive kit that will help you clean off any corrosion you find on your parts and seal them so they will not continue to corrode in the future.

Currently out of stock.

1981 W123 240D 4 Spd Manual For Sale

SOLD AS OF AUGUST 29th 2016!!!

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT try to purchase this car by checking out with it in your shopping cart.


1963 to 1973 Short Bosch MFI Electrical Fuel Pump Complete Resealing Kit w/ Extras

Now covers both upper and lower pump sections. Read description for full details.

These early “short style” electric fuel pumps are very prone to leaking fuel because the rubber case o-ring seals harden with age. New pumps are no longer available and rebuilt are over $1000!  If you risk buying a used one it will probably end up leaking or seeping fuel too.


Hood Pad Glue Application Kit

The VERY BEST glue for hood pads when properly applied as detailed in Kent's video instructions

This is a special contact cement ideally suited for bonding foam hood pads to steel or aluminum hoods.  You will receive one pint can of glue full to the brim. This is enough glue for one hood pad IF APPLIED PROPERLY!


High Quality USA Made 5/8 Inch Spark Plug Socket and 3 Inch Extension

Superb socket gripping action and precise notches allow good lock in of the extension

I have used a ton of 5/8 inch spark plug sockets over the years but this one is the best. Primarily for two reasons: 1. The rubber holder inside the socket is twice as long and twice as strong as what is in most of the other spark plug sockets out there.  2.


Late W108 W111 Early W116 R107 Vented Steel Wheels

Wheel size 6 x 14 inches Part number 1084001402

These are the style of wheels that started showing up in the very late 1960's and early 1970's. Please note size and part no. They will fit on almost any Mercedes from the early sixties up through the W123 but please make sure you want the 6" wide wheel.


OM616 OM617 Injection Pump Check Valve Overhaul Kit

Specific for 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD and 300SD 1972 to 1985

This is something many owner's and mechanics miss. That little check valve on the side of the injection pump can cause a lot of starting problems on the older diesels.

Currently out of stock.

1976 W115 240D Diesel Sedan For Sale


Kent's personal little diesel and one of his favorites. Watch the video to see why!


Universal Spark Plug Installation Service Kit

When you prepare and install your plugs and ignition wires correctly you will get better performance and ease of removal in the future.

This kit contains things you should have on hand when installing a new set of spark plugs in your engine. Using the right compounds and cleaning the threads in the cylinder head with assure easy removal of the plugs in the future. 

The kit includes the following:


M130 M180 Special Valve Adjustment 17mm Socket Wrench

Adjusts valves on Early 4 and 6 Cylinder Gas Overhead Single Camshaft Engines - Check the nut size of your adjusters BEFORE ORDERING - 17mm

We have been looking for a long time to find a super strong and well made tool to adjust those tough 17 mm ball adjuster sockets on the early 4 and 6 clyinder gas engines.


1992 W201 190E 2.6 Engine For Sale

Superior clean engine with high compression - see video

This is one of the best 2.6 engines we have seen. Have no idea what the mileage is but watch the video and you can see it is not very much. Just too clean inside. Missing only distributor cap, cap cover and starter motor. This will fit all 1988 to 1993 190E with the 6 cylinder engine.


1982 W123 240D Four Cylinder Diesel Engine

Mostly complete - came out of good running 240D - see video below

Good runing 240D engine that was mated to an automatic transmission. Will fit later 1981 to 1983 W123. Watch video below to see and hear how this engine ran before we removed it from the car. 

Does NOT include the following items:


1980 300SD Turbo Diesel Engine for Sale - 130,000 Miles

This is one sweet turbo diesel. Just watch and listen to the short 35 second video

Super running diesel engine in a damaged car with only 130,000 original miles. The engine will be sold completely except for starter motor. Air filter housing will be included. This engine will fit all W116 300SD from 1978 to 1980 without modification.


1972 280SE 4.5 V8 Engine for Sale

Excellent running engine removed from a rusty W108 with 140,000 miles. Good power and very smooth

Engine is mostly complete and includes fuel injection nozzles, hoses, regulators, etc. Transmission torque converter is included. The exhaust manifolds are missing as well as the trigger points inside the distributor. No starter motor.


Engine and Vacuum System Troubleshooting Gauge

Small and inexpensive gauge to have in your tool box. Reads 0-30 inches of vacuum. 12 inch vacuum hose attached

This is the same guage that we include in two other kits. See related products below. We realize some may just want a simple vacuum gauge to have in their tool box for troubleshooting purposes. A gauge like this is a "must have" if you are having vacuum related problems on your older Mercedes.


Ultimate 13/16 Inch Spark Plug Socket w/ Ball Swivel Extension and Magnetic Head

For all those older 6 cylinder and V/8 engines with hard to reach spark plugs - that you don't want to drop into black holes in the engine bay!

If you have ever fought spark plugs before you will REALLY appreciate this special KD socket. This is the absolute BEST 13/16 inch spark plug socket that Kent has ever used. This one will not let you down and it is not so long that you can not get into tight places.


Electrical Plug and Relay Small Lifting / Prying Tool - Strong Steel

This is a super handy tool for many other uses as well

This is a super little prying and lifting tool that you should have in your tool box. You can not believe all the things you will end up using this tool for. Pry and lift electrical plugs apart with ease. But remember it is small and for finesse work... :-)

Currently out of stock.

Superlight Tripod Stand Add-On Revolving Storage Trays

SET OF 2 (Two trays and hardware) - adds versatility to your long LED light stand - holds parts and small tools

Adding these trays to your tripod work light stand will put a real smile on your face. You can not believe how handy it is to have small parts, hardware, and tools light along side where you are working AND at waste height!

Currently out of stock.

Kent’s 1986 300SDL Silver Big Diesel Sedan For Sale

Sorry as of 6/10/16 this Mercedes has been sold - going to new home in California!

This is the next car in his collection that Kent is selling. In the past three months 5 cars have gone to new enthusiast owners.

Currently out of stock.

W126 Sedan Left Front Turn Signal Lens - New Original O.E.

Fits all 126 sedans 1981 to 1991

Brand new. Does not include bulb or bulb holder. A short section of the rubber gasket got a little twisted in storage and it will need to be twisted back in place during fitment to the front fender. 


1997 to 2003 Automatic Transmission Shift Lever New Replacement Bushing

Not for all models. Fits W210, W202, W208, Late R129, Late W140 and 1998 to 2003 ML320

If your shift lever feels loose or is rattling, that is an almost sure sign that the bushing on the transmission shifting lever has disintegrated and fallen out. This new replacement bushing is cheap, but we need to warn you about installing it.


W126 380SEC 500SEC 560SEC Hood Pad Installation Kit

Genuine Mercedes for discriminating owner: Detailed video install instructions included

Don't live with that brittle and flaking foam hood pad any longer. This is something you can replace yourself. Kent has done a lengthy detailed video instruction on how to get the old pad off without damaging your pad and get the new pad on STRAIGHT and without it falling off in the future.


1997 to 2003 Automatic Transmission Shift Lever New Bushing Install Kit

Not for all models. Fits W210, W202, W208, Late R129, Late W140 and 1998 to 2003 ML320

If your shift lever feels loose or is rattling, that is an almost sure sign that the bushing on the transmission shifting lever has disintegrated and fallen out. A new replacement bushing is cheap, but just try to get one installed in the hole in the lever up along side the transmission tunnel.

Currently out of stock.

Garrett T3 Turbocharger Wastegate Cover Plate Metal Gasket

Fits 5 and 6 cylinder T-3 turbo chargers 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD and SDL 1978 to 1987

This only fits the Garrett T3 Turbo on the OM617 and early OM603 diesel engines. Will not fit the KKK turbos. Look at the picture closely to confirm what you are purchasing.


61x Diesel Engine Combination Pencil Glow Plug Super Tool

A new twist to an old problem: One wrench to get both the wiring nuts off and the pencil glow plug out

After years of fighting pencil glow plug removal on the 1980 to 1985 OM616 and OM617 diesel engines, I finally set out to find a tool that would make is easier to remove one or more of the glow plugs with the metal fuel injector lines in place.


M163 ML 320 430 500 Easy Hood Strut Adjustment Tool Set w/ Video Instructions

Easy way to get your ML hood in the upright position for engine maintenance

This simple tool set will save you much frustration and possible damage to yourself or to your ML hood. These tools allow you to remove the hood struts easily without damaging the spring clip or ball socket. Also works on many other hood and tail gate struts (like the Suburban).


Early Diesel OM61x Fuel Injector Hard Line Special Wrench

17mm wrench custom modified by Kent to remove pain and frustration when removing your injector hard lines

Here is a wrench I should have made 15+ years ago. I can not believe how much time and frustration I would have saved over the years working on all those 100's of Mercedes diesel engines if I would have done it!


Fuel Injector Testing Fuel Containment and Fume Exhaust Bottle

Works on diesel and gas mechanical fuel injectors from the 50's to the early 90's - SAVE YOUR HEALTH!

This clear 16 oz. bottle and hose is the safest way to test of clean your older gas and diesel injectors by not having to breathe the harmful fumes produced by the fine mist spray. NOTE: This only works for mechanical fuel injectors. It is not intended for electrically operated fuel injectors.


OM616 and OM617 Diesel Engine FLOW Pressure Injection Pump Timing Kit

Comes with 2 videos that cover both the high pressure and flow pressure methods used by Kent

The FLOW or low pressure method of checking and adjusting injection pump timing does not require a separate pressure tank. With this method you use the hand primer pump to pump up pressure in the injection pump to get fuel to flow out of the half round drip tube included in this kit.

Currently out of stock.

W123 License Plate Light Assembly - New O.E.

Fits all 123 sedans and coupes from 1977 to 1985

Complete new assembly with standard bulb installed. If you need 2 just change the quantity in your shopping cart


R129 SL Convertible Hood Pad Installation Kit w/ Video Instructions

Fits all R129 from 1990 to 2002 300SL 500SL 600SL SL320 SL500 and SL600

Our 129 hood pad kit includes a quality thick foam pad with sound deadening qualities, a pint of the ONLY glue that will really keep it in place, gloves, brush and complete step-by-step video instructions with many important tips to help you do the job right the first time - that means getting it


W210 E320 Wagon SLS Fluid Flush Kit w/ Video Instructions

This wagon requires a VERY special synthetic fluid - DO NOT USE any other type of fluid!

PLEASE NOTE: UPS Ground shipping only to the lower 48 states. Sorry no international. Even though this is a synthetic fluid it should be changed on high mileage wagons. I think some owners figure it will last forever.


M112 V6 M113 V8 Fleece Engine Oil Filter Replacement Kit

For 1998 to 2005 C320 E320 E430 E500 CL500 CLK320 CLK500 S430 S500 ML320 ML500

Oil filter changes are important, but I believe on these high interval oil change schedules that changing the oil fitler can be just as important! Use the wrong filter and the engine can suffer serious damage.


M112 V6 Engine Accessory Drive 100K Service Kit

Applies to most V6 engines from 1998 to 2005 - This is a must do service!

Every M112 V6 I have worked on starts making front engine bearing noise around 100K. Almost like clockwork! This is a service you will want to perform whether you have had your Benz for a long time or just purchased one.


1977 to 1985 Diesel Fuel Shutoff Inspection and Switch Protection Filter

This small clear filter will let you see if oil is working it ways up through the vacuum line to the ignition switch

Place this small filter in the hard vacuum line running out of the back of the injection pump and going to your ignition switch under the dash. The filter will do two things. 1. Help to trap oil coming out of a leaking shutoff valve before it gets to your ignition switch. 2.


3 Combination Wrenches with Box Ends Modified to Straight

In the most common sizes for Mercedes Benz 10mm, 13mm and 17mm - modified by Kent

Do you ever wish the box end on your wrench was straight and not bent at an angle?   That is the frustration I often have working on cars in my shop. So I made my own. They work so great I decided you should have them too!

In the three most common sizes even....


Ultimate Rubber Hose and Plastic Tubing Cutter

Best cutting action using standard box knife razor blades

Of all the “chop cutters” I have used over the years this one is the BEST. This is must have tool for the DIY mechanic.


High Volume Fast Fluid Extractor with Custom Attachments

Use it to extract OR fill transmission, engine, power steering, brake reservoir, SLS tank and rear end fluid

Of all the extractors I have used over the years, I like this one the best and I had to modify it to make is work everywhere. It is super tough, fast, and adapts to all types of automotive fluids.