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single element bulb

Universal Single Element Light Bulb Set of 6

This bulb is a single element bulb that is used in the brake light, rear turn signal and your rear back up lens.

It's a very universal bulb. Fits mid 60s to 90s Mercedes.

Small clear dash lights

1.2 Watt Clear Dash Light Bulb Set of 6

These dash light bulbs are small in size.

They fit a number of dash light applications behind your instrument cluster and in your center dash console.

dome and trunk lite bulb

Dome and Trunk Light Bulb Set of 6

This bulb is 1 5/8 inch long.

These bulbs dont neccessarily fit all models. Some applications require smaller bulbs, please measure your bulb before ordering this 6 pak.

Currently out of stock.

1990 to 1995 6 Cylinder Diesel Glow Plug Relay

For 126 chassis 350SD 350SDL and 140 Chassis 300SD and S350 ONLY in those years

New German made Glow Plug Relay for models and years listing. No instructions.


Early 124 Late 126 Diesel 6 Cylinder Drive Shaft Flex Disk Kit

Fits 1987 300D, 300TD and 126 300SDL 350SD 350SDL 1986 to 1991

For 603 6 cylinder diesel engine models listed only. Sold individually with new bolts and nuts. Two required per car. These can be change without removing the drive line from the car but special procedures are required to collapse the shaft so you can get the flex disks off both ends.


114 115 107 116 Chassis Rear Stabilizer Sway Bar Link

Common wear ball joint item - creates clunking noise in rear of car

Sold individually. Fits models 1968 to 1980 only. See below. Easy to install bottom stud just screws into the rear hub housing (no nut is used on back side of the lower stud). The top stud on the link connects to stabilizer bar with a locking nut. 



615 616 617 Diesel Healthy Vacuum Exam Kit

For all 4 and 5 cylinder diesel Mercedes 1969 to 1985 ( Except 190D)

Is your diesel suffering from hard brakes, poor or no engine shut off, climate control problems, or even funky transmission shifting??


Some 107 116 ALL 123 and 126 Chassis Front Brake Pads Installation Kit

1979 to 1980 450SEL 300SD 450SL - All 123 chassis 240D 300D 300TD 300CD. Also fits 1975 300D

High Quality aftermarket brake pad set (for both front brakes). We include new brake sensor wires, Genuine Mercedes brake pad paste, and a 9 page install instruction booklet. You will love how these pads seat in and wear. They have a good feedback feel at the pedal.

Early 124 Late 126 Stribel Glow Plug Relay

Early 124 Late 126 Glow Plug Relay

Fits ONLY 1986 to 1987 300SDL and 1987 300D 300TD

Brand new Glow plug relay. Fits only 1986 to 1987 300SDL and 1987 300D 300TD models.


Late 616 617 Diesel High Performance Glow Plug Relay

1981 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD - Faster smoother starts in COLD WEATHER!

Looking for better staring performance? This new pre-glow relay will work on all later 123 Chassis 240D (1981-1983 ONLY), 123 Chassis 300D 300TD 300CD Turbo models(1981 to 1985 ONLY),  and 126 chassis 300SD Turbo(1981 to 1985) that utilize pencil glow plugs. Cover not included.


5 Cyl 617 Diesel Engine Fuel Injector DIY Rebuild Kit


NEW Version 3 - Improved fluid handling design - Watch the video below for reasons behind the changes. If you have been reluctant to overhaul your worn our diesel fuel injectors because the job is too difficult or too costly then think again!

126 right upper control arm

126 Chassis Right (Passenger side) Front Suspension Upper Control Arm

Fits all W126 sedans and coupes 1981 to 1991

This is a common wear item on high mileage 126 chassis. It will start out as a clunking noise when you go over rough ground. When real bad it will be hard to get your car to track right down the road  (it will want to wander) and you will experience uneven and rapid tire wear.

123 Front/Rear Driveline Flex Disc Kit (NON TURBO) new

115 123 220D 240D 300D NON TURBO Driveline Flex Disk Kit

FITS ALL 115 220D 240D 300D and 123 240D 300CD 300D 300TD with NON TURBO engines. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MERCEDESSOURCE MAINTENANCE ALERT! In previous years I have had a number of Mercedes diesels come in to my shop with severe damage due to total drive line flex disk failure.


Early Diesel Vacuum Pump Repair Kit - No Instructions

1969 to 1979 220D 240D 300D 300CD and 300TD Only

Note: Works only on models that have two vacuum lines coming of the pump cover. I am seeing lots of vacuum pump problems with the older diesels. They are reaching that age regardless of mileage where the pumps are failing right and left.

124 Tie Rod Kit
Currently out of stock.

5 and 6 Cylinder 124 Front Steering Tie Rod Replacement Kit

All 260E 300E 300CE 300TE 300D 300TD E320 E300D 1986 to 1995

We are now offering a kit with 2 new tie rods. Note: Plan to have a front end alignment check done after replacement. This can be done at any good tire or front end alignment shop. This is a very common wear item on older 124 chassis sedans coupes and wagons 1986 to 1995.

201 Tie rod kit
Currently out of stock.

201 Chassis Front Steering Tie Rod Replacement Kit- Made by Meyle

All 190E and 190D right and left tie rods with instruction tips - Tools available separately

Kit contains right and left tie rod assemblies as shown. We have found if you discover one or more loose tie rod ball joints, it is always better to replace both rod assemblies at the same time. Entire assemblies are about the same price as two individual ball joints.

107 Tie rod kit

113 108 109 114 115 Early 107 Front Steering Tie Rod Replacement Kit

Fits many models from early 1960s up the late 1970's - see list below

All 280SL 450SL 380SL 1972 to 1985. All 230SL 250SL 280SL. All 108 and 109 Sedan from 1965 to 1973 including 280SE/L 5.4 and 300SEL 3.5 and 4.5. All 114 and 115 sedans and coupes from 1968 to 1976 including 220D 240D and 300D. We are now offering a kit with 2 new tie rods.


1977 to 1980 107 116 123 Chassis Climate Control Servo Bypass Conversion Kit

Auto function is lost but at least you can adjust hot and cold manually without having to spend big $$$$$

FITS THE FOLLOWING: 116, 107 and 123 Chassis up to 1980 ONLY with heater servo, including the 450SL 280SE 300SD 300D 240D. For use to convert 1977 to 1980 automatic climate control servo to a manual system.

123 Glove Box Maintenance and Repair Guide

123 Glove Box Maintenance and Repair Guide - by Kent Bergsma

For all 123 chassis cars sedans, coupes and wagons from 1977 to 1985. Why a glove box manual? Of all the Mercedes glove boxes I have worked with from the early 1950s up to the mid 1990s, the 123 chassis glove box has proven to be the one that needs the most attention AND

116 126 Tie rod kit

116 and 126 Chassis Front Steering Tie Rod Replacement Kit

S Class Sedans and SEC Coupes 1973 to 1991 - Except 6.9

We are now offering a kit for almost all 116 and 126 chassis with 2 new tie rods and instructions (does not work on 6.9). Kit contains right and left tie rod assemblies as shown.

123 Tie Rod Kit

123 Chassis Front Steering Tie Rod Replacement Kit w/ Instructions

For all 240D 280E 280CE 300D 300CD 300TD 1977 to 1985

Kit contains right and left tie rod assemblies as shown. We have found if you discover one or more loose tie rod ball joints, it is always better to replace both rod assemblies at the same time. Entire assemblies are about the same price as two individual ball joints.


Diesel Automatic Transmission VCV Vacuum Controls Testing Kit

All diesel Automatic Transmissions with Vacuum Modulator Fitted 1978 to 1993

This unique kit will allow you to hook up a 30 in HG vacuum gauge between your vacuum control shifting valve (VCV) and your transmission modulator to test the VCV for proper function and to tune it for peak shifting performance.

Late Style Vacuum Pump Main Checkvalve

Late Style Vacuum Pump Main Checkvalve ( Check Valve )

FITS THE FOLLOWING: ALL 123 and 126 chassis 240D, 300D, 300TD, 300CD, and 300SD 1980 to 1985 with later style vacuum pump (only one line coming out of top). In 1980 Mercedes changed the design of their diesel vacuum pumps.


617 Turbo Diesel Air Cleaner Rubber Mount Heat Shields ( Set of 3 )

These can help prolong the lift of the rubber mounts under your air cleaner housing

These steel cupped heat shields go under the rubber mounts to help deflect heat and grease away. In most cases (unless your engine is severely shaking) they will prolong the life of the rubber mounts.

On Demand Video

Troubleshooting Older Diesel Automatic Transmission Shift Problems - On Demand Video

Knowing where each component is located and what it does is the start of solving externally caused shift problems

I don't think there is any owner out there who has owned a 1978 to 1993 diesel automatic for any length of time and who has not had some sort of shift problem with the transmission. Maybe it was just a little jerk or a slipping shift. Maybe the rear end clunked hard when you came to a stop.

On Demand Video
Step-by-Step Diesel Purge Instructions - On Demand Video Instruction

Purging a Diesel Engine Fuel Delivery System Step-by-Step - On Demand Video

How to use the best medicine for sick diesels to perform a proper diesel purge

Rough running diesels abound everywhere. The symptoms include poor acceleration, no power, and excess exhaust smoke. Some times these can be a sign of real problems. Other times it may mean your fuel injection system just needs a good cleaning. And NOTHING cleans better than Diesel Purge.

On Demand Video
Chasing Interior Water Leaks in Older Mercedes Benz - On Demand Video

Part 1: Chasing Interior Water Leaks in Older Mercedes Benz - On Demand Video

Example of diagnosing a severe water leak in a W124 chassis wagon. Principles apply to many models.

Interior water leaks are very common. More so on the older 108, 116, 114, 115. 123, and 126 chassis than on the 201 and 124 chassis. This is largely due to the fact that the older models used rubber seals on the rear glass and on the front windshield (except the 126).


Pressure Brake Bleeder

Will work on all Mercedes from 1968 to 1995 - Also select 1960's models and most later chassis up to 2006 see list below

25-minute video instructions are now included. Our pressure bleeder is modified and put together here in our shop. We take a specialized pump sprayer and add a reliable pressure gauge and a modified cap that will screw on the top of your master cylinder reservoir.


OM 636 Diesel Engine Monark Fast Glow Conversion Kit


One of the best performance upgrades available -- Automotive AND Marine application! Fits 4 cylinder flat head diesel 636 engines built in the 1950's.


126 300SDL and Early 124 6 cylinder 603 Turbo Diesel Monark Glow Plug Installation Kit


If you are planning to install new glow plugs in your early 603 engine, it is essential that you ream the carbon out of the holes to prevent premature failure of your new plugs - especially since it is so hard to get to these plugs!


30 Amp Strip Fuse 2 pak- High Amp Draw Components

Primary use for fans and heating units on late 126 and 107 , 201 and 124 Chassis

Yes, there may be a fuse inside or outside your fuse box that controls your heater blower motor or another high amp draw electrical component. Most of the separate fuse holders require a 30 amp fuse. You may find a funny looking bent fuse inside your fuse box.


50 AMP Glow Plug Circuit Strip Fuse - Sold Individually

For 1977 to 1983 240D

50 amp fuses were used on most 123 240D diesel glow plug systems due to the lower amp draw. 80 amp fuses will also work but some may choose to go with original spec. Check the number on the center of the fuse you are currently using. It should read either 50 or 80.


Late 602 603 Diesel Monark Glow Plug - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

5 needed for 1989 190D 2.5 and 1990 TO 1993 300D. 6 needed 1990 to 1991 350SDL, 1992 to 1993 300SD (140 Chassis) and 1994-1995 S350

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This glow plug works ONLY in those years and models listed above. If you order by mistake they are not returnable. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. If you need five please change your cart total to 5. If you need 6 then change the total to 6.


Early Diesel Pre-glow Chamber Carbon Reamer - Designed by Kent Bergsma

For 1961 to 1979 190D 200D 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD with Series Style Glow Plugs


This custom reamer designed and built by Kent Bergsma in our shop is the only one like it in the World. This is truly another first. Now you will be able to ream out that old crusty carbon build up in your old diesel engine.


190D 2.2 4 Cylinder Cylinder Glow Plug Installation Kit

For 601 diesel engines only from 1984 to 1986 - reamer and instructions included

If you are planning to install new glow plugs in your 601 engine, 190D from 1984-1986, it is essential that you ream the carbon out of the holes to prevent premature failure of your new plugs.


190D 200D 220D Early 240D Fast Glow Plug Upgrade w / Manual Push Button Control

All early 4 cylinder diesels 1961 to 1976 - override factory glow system -- PDF Digital Instructions included!

Tired of having to pull and hold the glow / starter knob on your old 110 or 115 chassis diesel? Hand getting tired? Waiting forever to get the glow plugs hot enough to start the engine? Wish the glow plugs would not burn out so often?


E300D Diesel All Steel Glow Plug Reamer - Long Port Version

1995 to 1999 604 605 606 Engines - Custom made by Mercedessource

Cleaning out the carbon is a MUST anytime you change glow plugs in these engines. If you don't do this your engine will not run as well a startup and it will shorten the life of the new plugs. This is a high quality custom made glow reamer. All steel body. Made by Kent Bergsma.