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115 116 123 and 126 Diesel Motor Mount Installation Help Kit

Instructions and special ratcheting hex tool included 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SDL

This kit will work on all 115, 116, 123 and 126 chassis diesels from 1969 to 1987. Almost every old Mercedes diesel I see needs to have the motor mounts changed. If you have a mechanic do it for you it will cost an arm and a leg.


123 Chassis 5 Cylinder Non Turbo Diesel Motor Mount Kit

NON TURBO MOTOR MOUNT KIT FITS THE FOLLOWING: 123 chassis 300D 300CD 300TD with 5 cylinder NON Turbo engines, from 1977 to 1981. Have you noticed your Mercedes diesel sedan is recently shaking more at idle. Maybe you are noticing new vibrations that were not there before.


W123 Early W126 Turbo Diesel Motor Mount Kit with Free Instructions

5 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engines Only 1981 to 1985

FITS THE FOLLOWING: 123, 126 Chassis 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD (from 1981 to 1985) with 617 5 cylinder turbo diesel engines. Have you noticed your Mercedes diesel sedan is recently shaking more at idle? Maybe you are noticing new vibrations that were not there before.

Currently out of stock.

123 126 Chassis H.D. Hex Socket for Motor Mount Removal

1/2 inch drive 8 mm long hex socket

Removing the front rubber engine mounts requires getting under the car and going up inside a hole in the subframe to remove the main bolt. And it can be a bear! I don't know who they hired to tighten these at the factory but he must have been a brute.


617 Turbo Diesel Starter Motor Used

Fits 1978 to 1984 300SD and 1981 to 1984 TURBO 300D 300CD and 300TD - only one available

No expedited shipping. Please allow 3 to 5 business days before this part can be shipped. It is not located at our main shipping warehouse and sometimes it will need to be removed from a car before it can be cleaned and packed for shipping.


126 300SD Turbo Diesel Motor Mount Arm Set ( Used )

Fits 1981 to 1985 Turbo 300SD ONLY

Excellent used set of right and left motor mount arms with excellent bolt mount threads. If your threads are damaged or the bolt broke in the threads replacement is the best solution. We have good used engine shocks and new mounts available separately.

Currently out of stock.

Kent's Beautiful White 1979 300SD For Sale

It is named "Casper" the white friendly ghost. This is a low mileage fully serviced driver. It is not a garage queen.

Sorry, this car has been sold to a diesel enthusiast on the East Coast. Stay tuned for a report on his trip in late September. This is Kent’s favorite driving older Mercedes OM617 turbo diesel.


M112 V6 Engine Accessory Drive 100K Service Kit

Applies to most V6 engines from 1998 to 2005 - This is a must do service!

Every M112 V6 I have worked on starts making front engine bearing noise around 100K. Almost like clockwork! This is a service you will want to perform whether you have had your Benz for a long time or just purchased one.


Silicone Oil D.I.Y. Mixing Kit

Silicone grease if often too thick and won't penetrate - Silicone spray if often too thin and the over-spray gets on everything...

What is the alternative? Have you ever seen silicone oil? It is not all that common but with this "kit" you can make your own and you can vary the thickness (viscosity) yourself. This is not rocket science so no extra instructions are included.