Tilting Sunroof Part 4: Motor Drive Assembly Removal, Service and Repair - On Demand Video

1986 to 1995 models. Anytime a cable or motor is damaged, the entire assembly must come out and be inspected and cleaned

Kent explains why it is important to to remove and open up the motor assembly anytime you are replacing a damaged cable. On the bench he explains the workings of the motor and transmission and shows close up examples of what each of the different components do. It is much easier to work on it if you understand what it does. He explains why you have to get the cable out and get it disconnect from the cable tubes in order to remove the motor assembly.

Tilting Sunroof Part 4: Motor Drive Assembly Removal, Service and Repair - On Demand Video
On Demand Video
Power Tilting Sunroof Motor Removal, Service and Repair - On Demand Video

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Next, he goes into the trunk and shows you how to struggle to get the motor assembly out of the trunk. It is not easy to get to and some of the work has to be done by "feel." Once out of the car he takes the motor drive transmission apart and discusses inspecting and lubricating the gears and teeth. You will get to see samples of both damaged and good drive gear teeth. He takes considerable time showing the viewer how the clutch mechanism works on the drive gears. 

Emergency cable removal is discussed followed by electrical testing to determine if the motor itself is working properly. Importance of lubrication and the type of lubrication is covered. It is very important that you get the right amount of grease inside the cable drive transmission. He shows how to put the motor assembly back together and install in back into the trunk.

Related Repair Details NOT included: This video does not cover cable removal or replacement or any service or repairs to the sliding roof itselt. It only covers theory of the motor and drive assembly, removing it from the car, inspecting and lubricating it and reinstalling it. No adjustment information is included. See other related videos for additional help. 

Chassis/Models Used in Production: 1986 300SDL

Applies to the Following Chassis/Models: 1986 to 1995 W201, W124, W126 and W140 with the power tilting sunroof installed at the factory

Total Run Time: 32:59 Minutes

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