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4 Cylinder 220D 240D Physical Exam Kit - Check Engine Health

You can save Thousands$$ by doing this yourself and catching problems early.

If you are going to buy or have just purchased an older 4 cylinder Mercedes Diesel the first thing you need to do is a good physical exam of the engine. It is even better to do this BEFORE you purchase the car to prevent surprises and pain in your wallet.


615 616 617 Diesel Valve Adjusting Wrench Kit - Designed by Kent Bergsma - Made in the U.S.A.

For adjustable valve clearances on 190D 200D 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 1961 to 1985

These wrenches are fantastic labor savers. If you have been thinking about adjusting your diesels valves on your own - this kit will save you time, frustration, and high shop labor costs. Now is the time to get your own pair. NOW WITH RUBBERIZED GRIP HANDLES. 100 percent made in the U.S.


4 Cyl 220D 240D 190D DIY Fuel Injector Rebuild Kit

This kit has the right stuff you will need to rebuild your diesel fuel injectors yourself in your own garage!

5/25/22 update: The precision nozzles are now  made for us by Wolfswerke-sachsen ( same company and same nozzle that was formerly branded as Monark). Yes!

Currently out of stock.

617 Turbo Diesel Air Cleaner Rubber Mount Heat Shields ( Set of 3 )

These can help prolong the lift of the rubber mounts under your air cleaner housing

These steel cupped heat shields go under the rubber mounts to help deflect heat and grease away. In most cases (unless your engine is severely shaking) they will prolong the life of the rubber mounts.

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Step-by-Step Diesel Purge Instructions - On Demand Video Instruction

Purging a Diesel Engine Fuel Delivery System Step-by-Step - On Demand Video

How to use the best medicine for sick diesels to perform a proper diesel purge

Rough running diesels abound everywhere. The symptoms include poor acceleration, no power, and excess exhaust smoke. Some times these can be a sign of real problems. Other times it may mean your fuel injection system just needs a good cleaning. And NOTHING cleans better than Diesel Purge.


Late 602 603 Diesel Monark Glow Plug - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

5 needed for 1989 190D 2.5 and 1990 TO 1993 300D. 6 needed 1990 to 1991 350SDL, 1992 to 1993 300SD (140 Chassis) and 1994-1995 S350

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This glow plug works ONLY in those years and models listed above. If you order by mistake they are not returnable. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. If you need five please change your cart total to 5. If you need 6 then change the total to 6.


Early Diesel Pre-glow Chamber Carbon Reamer - Designed by Kent Bergsma

For 1961 to 1979 190D 200D 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD with Series Style Glow Plugs


This custom reamer designed and built by Kent Bergsma in our shop is the only one like it in the World. This is truly another first. Now you will be able to ream out that old crusty carbon build up in your old diesel engine.


190D 2.2 4 Cylinder Cylinder Glow Plug Installation Kit

For 601 diesel engines only from 1984 to 1986 - reamer and instructions included

If you are planning to install new glow plugs in your 601 engine, 190D from 1984-1986, it is essential that you ream the carbon out of the holes to prevent premature failure of your new plugs.


E300D Diesel All Steel Glow Plug Reamer - Long Port Version

1995 to 1999 604 605 606 Engines - Custom made by Mercedessource

Cleaning out the carbon is a MUST anytime you change glow plugs in these engines. If you don't do this your engine will not run as well a startup and it will shorten the life of the new plugs. This is a high quality custom made glow reamer. All steel body. Made by Kent Bergsma.

5 Cylinder Diesel Series to Pencil FAST Glow plug Conversion Kit

Early 300D 5 Cylinder Diesel Series to Pencil FAST Glow plug Conversion Kit

Fits 1975 to 1979 5 Cylinder 300D 300CD 300TD - Better starting performance

WARNING: PLEASE confirm you have the original engine in your diesel BEFORE ORDERING this kit. We keep getting owners ordering this kit only to find out a later model engine has been installed. This happens quite often.

4 Cylinder Diesel FAST Pencil Glow plug Conversion Kit

Early 123 240D 4 Cylinder Diesel FAST Pencil Glow plug Conversion Kit

For 240 1977 to 1979 with series glow plugs.

If you own an early 123 4 cylinder diesel then this is a must have diesel engine kit! This glow plug upgrade will do three things that will put a smile on your face: 1. Your engine will start faster and cold idle smoother. 2. Your glow plugs will last longer. 3.


Heavy Duty Carbon Reamer for Pencil Glow Plug Chambers

A must have to increase glow plug performance and extend life

PENCIL GLOW PLUGS ONLY!! WILL NOT WORK ON MODELS WITH THE OLD STYLE LARGE THREAD SERIES TYPE. For 1978 to 85 300SD Turbos / 1980 to 93 240D / 300D 300TD 300CD 190D 300SD 300SDL 350SDL. When was the last time your glow plug chambers were reamed out?


Early Diesel Fast Glow Plug

Upgrade to better glow plugs for 1969 to 1979 220D 240D and 300D

New German made fast heat glow plug designed to replace the series loop tip style glow plugs that were installed in all non-turbo diesel engines up to 1979. These have the large thread built in so they will install directly into the older heads.

Diesel Purge Injection System Cleaner H. D.

Diesel Purge Injection System Cleaner kit with Instructions

Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE! (Can only be shipped UPS Ground)

Can only be shipped UPS GROUND. NO INTERNATIONAL. Extra packaging charges may apply. It some cases it may be shipped in its own box depending on the size of your order and the other products included.

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1977 to 1985 Mercedes Diesel Oil Change Procedure the Easy Way - On Demand Video

Do your oil changes yourself to make certain they get done properly with the correct oil!

Doing your own diesel oil changes is not difficult.  Granted you won't save a lot of money, but it will get you to regularly inspect your engine for oil leaks, etc and it will guarantee the job gets done right.

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Waking Up An Old Benz That Has Sat For Years Part 1 - On Demand Video

Kent covers what you may have to do first with the engine and fuel system

When an old Mercedes ( or any other car for that matter ) has sat idle for over a year it can be a challenge to get it safely back on the road again. If it has sat idle for more than 5 years you may find it difficult to even get the engine running. 

On Demand Video

Abnormal Diesel Engine Noise Troubleshooting - On Demand Video

How to determine if the engine noise is external or internal

Diesel engines make noise. Some ticking and rattling is normal and not something you should be concerned about. Certain loud knocking or rattling noises could be a sign that something bad is happening to the engine, especially if the noise comes on suddenly.

Currently out of stock.

123 Chassis 5 Cylinder Non Turbo Diesel Motor Mount Kit

NON TURBO MOTOR MOUNT KIT FITS THE FOLLOWING: 123 chassis 300D 300CD 300TD with 5 cylinder NON Turbo engines, from 1977 to 1981. Have you noticed your Mercedes diesel sedan is recently shaking more at idle. Maybe you are noticing new vibrations that were not there before.


617 Diesel Garrett T3 Turbocharger 200K High Performance Overhaul Kit

For 5 cylinder Garrett turbos on 300SD 300D 300CD and 300TD 1978 to 1985

For 5 cylinder Garrett turbos on 300SD 300D 300CD and 300TD 1978 to 1985. Buy the complete kit and save! If your Garrett T3 turbo has over 200K Kent highly recommends you plan on doing the complete overhaul.


123 116 126 Diesel Fuel Tank Screen Removal and Replacement Kit


Fits all 116 diesel 300SD, and 123 240D 300D and 300CD and all 126 chassis diesels 300SD 300SDL 350SD/L. 1977 to 1991 (Does not fit wagons!). Wiill NOT work on 107 chassis. Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE!


250SE Coupe Convertible and Sedan 6 Cylinder Fuel Injected Engine - USED

M 129.980 for 1965 to 1968 250SE - Engine is 98 percent complete - must be picked up in Bellingham, Wa.

Almost complete engine as shown. I removed this from a 1967 250SE rusted out coupe 20 years ago. Was mated to a four speed manual transmission. It ran well when removed. I do not recall actual mileage. You can tell by looking inside the valve cover that it is not a high mileage engine.


1980 to 1983 W123 240D Exhaust Manifold - USED

For engine with an EGR valve (note flex pipe coming out the side)

Very good used exhaust manifol as shown. Can be used on engines without an EGR but you would have to plug the extra hole.


380 420 500 560 V8 Fan Clutch Replacement Kit

Watch the engine temp. If it likes to creep up especially at idle it could be a worn out clutch. Watch the video below for more explanation.

This fits all Mercedes V8 engines listed in the title from 1981 to 1991 including the sedans, the SL and SEC models. I compare fan clutches to shock absorbers. They wear out slowly over time and you don't feel or see the difference until you actually replace it with new. 

On Demand Video

380 560 V8 Fan Clutch Replacement Instructions - On Demand Video

For 380SL 380SE 560SL and 560SEL

In this 13 minute instructional video Kent will demonstrate how to remove an old fan clutch and replace it with a new one on a 1983 380SL This is a beginner D.I.Y. job and no special tools are required. This video is included free of charge with the purchase of our Later V8 fan clutch kit.


450 V8 New Replacement Fan Clutch

Fits all 4.5 V8 engines from 1972 to 1980. 280SE 4.5, 280SEL 4.5, 300SEL 4.5, 450SL, 450SE and 450SEL

Almost all these fan clutches are bad on these old Mercedes and no one ever seems to change them. If you engine is running slightly hot check to see how much your fan clutch is slipping. 


Modified 22mm Open End Wrench for Oil Cooler Fittings

Helps to prevent damage to valuable oil cooler. See video below. Also multi-purpose uses.

This custom-made thin head wrench by Kent Bergsma can save the day and your pocketbook.  It is very important that you hold the fitting base on the oil cooler when removing the oil cooler hoses. A regular 22mm wrench is almost always too thick and can also cause damage.


All Models Radiator Hose Chafe Protector - Heavy Duty

Don't let a hose rub up against the engine or radiator. Easy install with zip ties included if needed.

This is a great solution to what is sometimes a nagging problem. This heavy duty and flexible and adjustable plastic spacer can be put on the top or bottom radiator to prevent chafing in and area where it might come in contact the the engine or the radiator.


1977 to 1985 Diesel Engine Critical Coolant Service Kit

So often neglected - yet critical to preventing pre-mature or catastrophic engine failure!

Why is this so important? It is primarily due to the age of these cars now and the fact that lurking problems can be hidden from visual inspection. There is not ONE diesel that Kent has looked at in the last five years that does not need this service! Even ones with under 150,000 original miles.


M100 6.9 N.O.S. Engine Water Pump and Water Pump Housing

This is a very rare find. Some rebuilt pumps are available and very expensive but there are no new ones out there!

When I say New Old Stock the emphasis is on old. This has been sitting in a garage for about 20 years. It has not been on a car but it was put together with the housing and then taken apart.  The gasket is damaged but will be included. No bolts included.


M116 M117 Damaged Cylinder Head Bolt Removal Tool

Can remove 1970 to 1990 V8 R107 W116 and W128 head bolts where the hex hole has been rounded out.

Planning to replace the head gaskets on your older v8 engine. You should have this tool on hand before you start. You don't think so? Watch the video and then decide.


1986 USA Models 107 126 201 Introduction to Service. ITS Factory Manual

There was a lot to introduce in 1986 - NEW 6 cylinder Diesel engine - NEW 560 V8 Gas engine - NEW 2.5 liter Diesel engine for the 190D AND the 190E 2.3 16V

1986 was a super milestone year for Mercedes Benz in the U.S. market. As well as the above it was the introduction of the W124!. This is a milestone book for collectors and it is in good ( not perfect ) condition. Very clean inside. 369 pages in length.


1990 1991 W124 W126 Turbodiesels Introduction to Service ITS Factory Manual

Covers USA Models 124.1 and 126.1 with the OM 602 and OM 603 turbo diesel engines

This is an “introduction to service” manual that was supplied to dealer service departments to help familiarize them with new models or changes to existing models. This one focuses on the turbo diesel engines coming to the U.S. market. Mostly technical data and diagrahams. 

Currently out of stock.

1984 W201 190E 190D Introduction to Service. ITS Factory Manual

One inch think - More like a service manual on the newly released W201 USA models

There was a lot to announce to the dealers in 1984 with the release of the W201. This manual has obviously been used for service - not just pretty pictures to look at.


1981 to 1984 300TD Wagon Turbo Diesel Engine - Recently Rebuilt

Must be picked up in Bellingham, Wa. Will not ship. Watch the video below for a detailed walk-a-round and look inside.

This is a hard-to-find 123 station wagon engine with the drive gear on the head to run the hydraulic pump. This engine can be installed in a sedan or coupe but you would only need to put a flat cover plate over the drive gear. Please do not try to check out online to purchase.


Late M189 Engine Water Pump Housing

Super clean. No heavy corrosion. Part number. 189 201 07 01

Very good used 189 engine part for 1965 300SE coupe - condition as shown. To see other M189 parts just type "189 engine" in the search box.


M189 Engine NOS Water Pump for 300 SE and SEL (Wasserpumpe)

Very are indeed. Been in collector's heated storage for 40 years. Genuine Mercedes Part 189 201 02 10

Brand new - never been mounted. Comes with a new rubber seal for water pump housing. Good used housing from 300SE is also available. I have other 189 engine parts. Please email. 


Early 3.5 and 4.5 Complete Valve Clearance Adjustment Kit

For 1970 to 1975 350 and 450 Models with D-Jetronic Fuel Injection. Includes tools, and instructions. FREE valve cover gaskets included. This is a NEGECTED maintenance item!

Why do you need to do this?  Valve clearances are supposed to be adjusted on these early V8s every 10,000 miles. You can imagine why this does not get done! Add to the fact owners can not find the right information or tools and it makes neglect even worse Why not on later model years?

On Demand Video

Diesel Harmonic Balancer Installation Tips and Tricks - On Demand Video

Did you forget to mark it before removal? Can't see down there to align it properly? Not sure about the bolt and washers? This video will HELP!

This video ONLY covers some of Kent's "tips and tricks" on installing a harmonic balancer back onto the front of the crankshaft on an old Mercedes engine. The specific procedure was filmed while doing a front crank seal replacement on a 1983 240D.


38 Piece Silicone End Cap and Plug Set - Amazing Uses!

Push them over a hose and they act like a sealing end cap. Turn them around and push into a hole to act as a plug. Cut in half - use one piece for a splice between hoses.

We starting using some of these to plug brake lines while changing out calipers. Then we started using them on fuel and oil hoses. Now we are using them all over the place and keep finding new uses for them on a monthly basis. These are a MUST HAVE! Watch the video below to become a believer!


1978 to 1980 W116 300SD Motor and Transmission Mount Set

Old tired rubber mounts are one of the biggest causes of excessive engine vibration and shake AND noise if they are totally collapsed

On the average W116 300SD nine out of ten times we find these mounts rotten, soft, or collapsed. It is often just due to the age of the rubber.  Have you noticed your engine is shaking more at idle? Maybe you are noticing new vibrations that were not there before.


Kent's Custom Gas Engine Front Crank Seal Race Removal Tool

For most 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and V8 engines from 1963 to 1985. Made to remove the race on the end of the crankshaft when replacing the front crank seal.

Kent modified this puller and developed a procedure to remove the front crank seal race so the job could be affordable from the DIY mechanic. This costs less than half the cost of the factory tool.