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Late OM602 OM603 Diesel Bosch Glow Plug - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

5 needed for 1986 to 1989 190D 2.5 and 1990 TO 1993 300D. 6 needed 1990 to 1991 350SDL, 1992 to 1993 300SD (140 Chassis) and 1994-1995 S350

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This glow plug works ONLY in those years and models listed above. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. If you need five please change your cart total to 5. If you need 6 then change the total to 6. PLEASE NOTE:  NO INSTRUCTIONS and NO WIRE NUTS are included.


Early Diesel Pre-glow Chamber Carbon Reamer - Designed by Kent Bergsma

For 1961 to 1979 190D 200D 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD with Series Style Glow Plugs

This custom reamer designed and built by Kent Bergsma in our shop is the only one like it in the World. This is truly another first. Now you will be able to ream out that old crusty carbon build-up in your old diesel engine. Thread size matches old series-style glow plugs.  18 x 1.5


190D 2.2 4 Cylinder Cylinder Glow Plug Installation Kit

For 601 diesel engines only from 1984 to 1986 - reamer and instructions included

If you are planning to install new glow plugs in your 601 engine, 190D from 1984-1986, it is essential that you ream the carbon out of the holes to prevent premature failure of your new plugs.


E300D Diesel All Steel Glow Plug Reamer - Long Port Version

1995 to 1999 604 605 606 Engines - Custom made by Mercedessource

Cleaning out the carbon is a MUST anytime you change glow plugs in these engines. If you don't do this your engine will not run as well a startup and it will shorten the life of the new plugs. This is a high quality custom made glow reamer. All steel body. Made by Kent Bergsma.

5 Cylinder Diesel Series to Pencil FAST Glow plug Conversion Kit

Early 300D 5 Cylinder Diesel Series to Pencil FAST Glow plug Conversion Kit

Fits 1975 to 1979 5 Cylinder 300D 300CD 300TD - Better starting performance

WARNING: PLEASE confirm you have the original engine in your diesel BEFORE ORDERING this kit. We keep getting owners ordering this kit only to find out a later model engine has been installed. This happens quite often.

4 Cylinder Diesel FAST Pencil Glow plug Conversion Kit

Early 123 240D 4 Cylinder Diesel FAST Pencil Glow plug Conversion Kit

For 240 1977 to 1979 with series glow plugs.

If you own an early 123 4 cylinder diesel then this is a must have diesel engine kit! This glow plug upgrade will do three things that will put a smile on your face: 1. Your engine will start faster and cold idle smoother. 2. Your glow plugs will last longer. 3.


Heavy Duty Carbon Reamer for Pencil Glow Plug Chambers

A must-have to increase glow plug performance and extend life.

PENCIL GLOW PLUGS ONLY!! WILL NOT WORK ON MODELS WITH THE OLD STYLE LARGE THREAD SERIES TYPE. For 1978 to 85 300SD Turbos / 1980 to 93 240D / 300D 300TD 300CD 190D 300SD 300SDL 350SDL. When was the last time your glow plug chambers were reamed out?


Early Diesel Fast Glow Plug

Upgrade to better glow plugs for 1969 to 1979 220D 240D and 300D

New German made fast heat glow plug designed to replace the series loop tip style glow plugs that were installed in all non-turbo diesel engines up to 1979. These have the large thread built in so they will install directly into the older heads.

Diesel Purge Injection System Cleaner H. D.

Diesel Purge Injection System Cleaner kit with Instructions

Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE! (Can only be shipped UPS Ground)

Can only be shipped UPS GROUND. NO INTERNATIONAL. Extra packaging charges may apply. It some cases it may be shipped in its own box depending on the size of your order and the other products included.

On Demand Video

1977 to 1985 Mercedes Diesel Oil Change Procedure the Easy Way - On Demand Video

Do your oil changes yourself to make certain they get done properly with the correct oil!

Doing your own diesel oil changes is not difficult.  Granted you won't save a lot of money, but it will get you to regularly inspect your engine for oil leaks, etc and it will guarantee the job gets done right.

On Demand Video

Waking Up An Old Benz That Has Sat For Years Part 1 - On Demand Video

Kent covers what you may have to do first with the engine and fuel system

When an old Mercedes ( or any other car for that matter ) has sat idle for over a year it can be a challenge to get it safely back on the road again. If it has sat idle for more than 5 years you may find it difficult to even get the engine running. 

On Demand Video

Abnormal Diesel Engine Noise Troubleshooting - On Demand Video

How to determine if the engine noise is external or internal

Diesel engines make noise. Some ticking and rattling is normal and not something you should be concerned about. Certain loud knocking or rattling noises could be a sign that something bad is happening to the engine, especially if the noise comes on suddenly.


W123 Chassis 5-Cylinder Non-Turbo Diesel Motor Mount Kit

For all non-turbo 300D 300CD 300TD models 1977 to 1981 includes transmission mount

Have you noticed your Mercedes diesel sedan is recently shaking more at idle. Maybe you are noticing new vibrations that were not there before. You may have also noticed the engine makes some clunking noise when you shut it off. When was the last time your rubber motor mounts were changed.


617 Diesel Garrett T3 Turbocharger 200K High Performance Overhaul Kit

For 5 cylinder Garrett turbos on 300SD 300D 300CD and 300TD 1978 to 1985

For 5 cylinder Garrett turbos on 300SD 300D 300CD and 300TD 1978 to 1985. Buy the complete kit and save! If your Garrett T3 turbo has over 200K Kent highly recommends you plan on doing the complete overhaul.


123 116 126 Diesel Fuel Tank Screen Removal and Replacement Kit


Fits all 116 diesel 300SD, and 123 240D 300D and 300CD and all 126 chassis diesels 300SD 300SDL 350SD/L. 1977 to 1991 (Does not fit wagons!). Wiill NOT work on 107 chassis. Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE!


1972 to 1973 4.5 V8 Distributor Cap and Cover with FREE Used Wires

Cap was a recent new replacement and has hardly any wear on the points. The black cover has the snaps and is not cracked.

I am throwing in the wires for free, so please, no complaints. They work and are not all the same color, but you could use them if you ever need to replace one wire. The two wire holders for the valve covers are also included from free.


420SEL 560SEL 560SL 560SEC V-Belt and Fan Clutch Replacement Kit

If you are going to replace one of these you probably should replace the other.

Both items you see above with complete video instructions. Click on each product included for more info. There are other parts you may want to replace at the same time such as the water pump, thermostat, short hose, and radiator hoses at the same time. See related products below.


450 380 500 420 560 V8 Air Filter Housing Bottom Seal

Fits all M116 and M117 V8 CIS engines from 1976 to 1991

This can replace that old, hardened, and worn-out seal at the bottom of your V8 air filter housing to prevent dirt and dust from entering your. Check yours soon to see how tight it fits on top of the fuel distributor. 


1978 to 1985 Turbo Diesel Oil Cooler Thermosat

The MOST little known and often overlooked part on the OM617 engine! And when it fails it can affect your engine cooling temp.

Even many old-time Mercedes diesel "experts" are surprised about this part. It is so unknown that it never gets replaced in the oil filter housing, meaning that almost all of them are no longer working today. Watch the video below, and Kent will explain its location and function.


1986 to 1991 420 560 V8 Engine Thermostat 80C

For 420 SEL 560SEL 560SEC and 560SL

If your engine is taking too long to heat up or is constantly running "hot" it is probably time to replace the thermostat. Kent explains in the video below some other parts you should consider replacing at the same time.


1986 to 1991 420 560 V8 Engine Water Pump

High Quality Graf Brand with cast iron impeller for 420 SEL 560SEL 560SEC and 560SL

New water pump and gasket as shown. Plan to change the short hose and thermostat at the same time. Inspect v-belts and change if cracked.


1986 to 1991 420 560 V8 A/C Idler Pulley

OEM part for 420SEL, 560SEL, 560SEC and 560SL.

The bearing in this pulley wears out at 80,000 to 120,000 miles and can cause rumbling sounds while the engine is running. A good time to plan to replace or at least inspect this is when you change the V-belts.


1998 To 2006 M112 V6 Engine Valve Cover Gaskets

Both right and left side included. See other parts you may need in related products below.

Gaskets only here. If you need instructions or other parts related to valve cover removal please see related products below.


6.3 V/8 Injection Pump De-Gunking and Flow Test Kit Lines and Hoses

For a 6.3 that has not run in years this is the best way to determine if the expensive injection pump is ok

Watch the video below to understand what this kit can do. Kent used it on his 6.3, which had sat outside and had not run in 18 years. The 6.3 injection pump is rare, to say the least, and can be very expensive to overhaul. Treat it with great care!


M112 V6 Complete Breather and Valve Cover Oil Leak Repair Kit w/ Video Instructions.

For all 1998 to 2006 M112 6-cylinder engines. These engines are now 20+ years old, making VC oil leaks a very common issue, and most shops don't fix them to last.

Kent and others have seen valve cover leaks return within a few years after resealing. Some feel this may be a design flaw, but I contend the job was never done right in the first place. Let Kent explain why the leaks come back...


M112 V6 M113 V8 Breather Hose Plastic Couplings x 3

These are hard plastic, and they connect your breather hoses together. Most often they can be reused.

They can often be reused if you carefully cut the hardened rubber away from the coupling. If you prefer new here you go. Three are included here and that is the total used on your V6 or V8 engine up through 2006.


M112 V6 M113 V8 Breather Hoses to Manifold Connector

4 breather hoses connect to this rubber must-connector at the rear of the intake manifold. Instructions are included with the 4-hose replacement kit.

Depending on the age and mileage of your V6 or V8 engine, this part may or may not need to be changed when you replace the breather hoses. You can check before ordering. If the part is still soft and rubbery, then it most likely can be reused.


OM 617 Turbo Diesel Original Style Plastic Breather Tube w/ Rubber Hose Fittngs - NEW!

Fits 5-Cylinder turbo Diesel engines 1981-1984 with air filter mounted on the engine / without trap oxidizer. See pictures

This is a complete kit. Aftermarket new plastic breather tube with rubber attachment elbows, one new clamp, and a zip tie. You can see below how it installs on a turbo 300TD wagon. Watch the video for more specific details.

On Demand Video

1977 TO 1985 Diesel Oil Cooler Thermostat Replacement Instructions - On Demand Video

You may not even know that this thermostat exists, and most have failed or are failing!

This will be instructional information that you can not find anywhere else! The focus of the 25-minute video will be on removing and replacing the oil cooler thermostat once the oil filter housing is removed for a 1977 to 1985 engine ( excluding the 190D).

On Demand Video

Oil Cooler Thermostat Removal and Testing - On Demand Video

We would speculate that well over half of these oil cooler thermostats are no longer working on these old 77 to 85 Diesel engines, but it is possible to test them in a carefully controlled environment.

Want to find out if your oil cooler thermostat is working correctly? In this 22-minute video, Kent will take you through a test sequence that you can perform in your garage. Please note that this video DOES NOT include details of removing or replacing the oil filter housing.


1978 TO 1985 TURBO Diesel Oil Cooler Thermostat Kit

More coming Mid-November. For 300D, 300CD, 300TD, and 300SD built in those years. This thermostat has a very limited supply. You might want to purchase while still available. There is NO substitute.

We know it is a surprise to many owners to discover there is a small thermostat inside the oil filter housing. Rather than write about it, watch the video below and Kent will explain the theory of operation and how to get it it.


1978 to 1985 5 Cylinder Diesel 75 C Thermostat for Better Cooling

Your diesel should run between 80-85C. It if runs over 95C, it is not healthy for the engine. This might cool it down 5C unless you have major problems like cylinder head crack or leaking head gasket.

This OEM thermostat from another engine fits perfectly in the OM617 diesel engine. It does require a special rubber seal, which we include here.


1976 to 1980 450SL, 450SLC, 450SEL Ignition Tune Up Kit

Includes distributor cap, new rotor, and complete set of ignition wires, including the coil wire.

This is what you need as the final touch to get your later 450 engine to run smoothly.  New OE Bosch cap, Bosch or Bremi rotor, and new Bremi wires. If you need spark plugs as well please order separately. See related products below


Early M119 V8 Spark Plug Wire Set

For those V8 engines with two distributors. High Quality aftermarket set with performance wires. Made in Canada.

Very nice set with silicone copper core wires. See detailed pictures below. Two coil leads of different lengths included. Check before ordering as this fits these models from the early 1990s with dual distributors in the front of the engine. 400E. 400SE.


M119 V8 Bosch Spark Plug Set (8)

These are the correct copper core spark plugs for M119 V8 engines from 1991 to 1998

These are the best and only spark plugs you should put in your M119 engine. Hard to find. F 8DC4 


M112 V6 Engine Ignition Lead Set

Very high quality. Should be changed around 80K for peak fuel economy. Install tips included.

Fits all V6 engines from 1998 to 2005. Kent feels these are the best. Outstanding quality.


M113 V8 Complete Breather and Valve Cover Oil Leak Repair Kit w/ Video Instructions.

For all 1998 to 2006 M113 engines. These engines are now 20+ years old, making VC oil leaks a very common issue, and most shops don't fix them to last.

Kent, as well as others, have seen valve cover leaks return within a few years after resealing. Some feel this may be a design flaw, but I contend the job was never done right in the first place. Let Kent explain why the leaks come back...