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126 300SD Expansion Tank Hose

Fits all 300SD 1981 to 1985

Brand new aftermarket molded expansion tank to radiator Hose. Fits all 126 300SD models.


616 617 Diesel Anti Torque / Vibration Rubber Engine Mount

Used on some 1977 to 1981 240D 300D 300CD 300TD Non Turbo Engines

This rubber mount is often torn up, oil soaked or just plain missing. It sits right behind the center of the oil pan on a number of models listed above. I have often see the entire assembly removed. Check first to see if your engine has one before ordering.


Pencil Glow Plug Wire End Nuts - Set of 10

All 240D 300D CD TD 190D 300SD 300SDL 350SDL with pencil glow plugs

Here are the correct size metric nuts with built in shoulder washer. If you drop these in behind the injection pump you may never find them. When doing glow plug service it is always a good idea to have some spare nuts on hand. New Bosch glow plugs do not come with new nuts.


617 Turbo Diesel Rack Damper Bolt (Idle Stabilizer) O-ring Seal

For 1981 to 1985 Turbo Diesel - common oil leak area

This o-ring has to be tough enough to handle the high heat at the injection pump. If you see oil leaks around the area of the rack damper (located on bottom at rear of injection pump) then replace this o-ring.


Late 617 Turbo Diesel Nylon Multi Blade Fan

Fits some later model 123 300D 300TD 300CD and 126 300SD

New nylon fan replacement. Only install on a fan clutch that originally had a nylon fan ( not an aluminum one). Shows up primarily on 1984 and 1985 models.


Valve Adjustment Locking Nut - NEW

Will need to replace this if you can not adjust one of more of your diesel valve clearance or clearances.

Brand new Valve adjusting nut. Sold Individually. They fit all 114 115 123 116 126 Chassis Diesels from 1968 to 1985.

Currently out of stock.

617 Turbo Diesel Rack Damper Bolt (Idle Stabilizer) Used

Fits 1981 to 1985 Turbo Models only 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD

Good used rack damper bolt, cap nut and USED rubber seal as shown. Has good healthy spring action.

Instructions will be included



Early Gasoline 107 116 Fuel Tank Outlet Hose

For above chassis only 450 8 cylinder gas engine 1972 to 1980

This is a very common failure item on the older gas models. The braided outlet fuel hose will rot and and begin by weeping fuel through the hose. When it finally fails it can be dangerous and leave you stranded on the road. Large amounts of fuel will come pouring out of the tank.


107 116 Early 126 V8 Main Fuel Pump Check Valve

450 380 and 500 V8 Engines Including 6.9 1977 to 1985 ONLY

This check valve is mounted on the end of the electric fuel pump and prevents pressure from bleeding off after the engine has shut down.  If you engine is slow to start after it has sat overnight that could be a sign the check valve needs replacement. 



108 109 107 116 126 V8 Fuel Pump Rubber Mount Set of 4

For 350 450 380 420 560 V8 Engines including 6.9 1972 to 1991

Set of 4 new rubber mounts for fuel pump and filter mounting frame located under rear of vehicle. Mounts do not come with nuts.

These mounts will typically break loose as shown in the picture below:


123 126 617 Turbo Charger Outlet Flex and Down Pipe Connection Flange ( Used )

All 5 cylinder turbo diesel 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 1978 to 1984

This is a common failure part at the outlet to the turbo charger exhaust system. Either the flex pipe breaks, loses its seal, the nuts round off and seize, or the studs break off where the flex down pipe bolts up to it. Trying to replace those studs can be a big wrench dance in futility.


615 616 617 Diesel Valve Cover Wave Washers x 8

All 200D 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 1964 to 1985

These washers are installed right under the four nuts that hold the valve cover securely to the cylinder head. They help to prevent the over tightening of the valve cover as well as prevent the nut from loosening up. They also keep the nut from gouging the metal out of the valve cover.


126 300SD Oil Pressure Sending Unit Plate Gasket

Fits 1981 to 1985 300SD Only

This is a common oil leak area on the 300SD. The gasket fits between the oil filter housing and the plate that mounts the oil pressure sending unit. This is a genuine OE gasket.

Currently out of stock.

Late 123 Diesel Heater Hose Feed Pipe to Monovalve Top Nipple

1981 to 1985 300D 300TD 300CD with Monovalve Heater Control Only

IMPORTANT: Special order item. Do not order expedited. Expect a few days delay in shipping.

This is the correct coolant heater house that connects to the top nipple on the monovalve housing and to the center lower feed pipe on the firewall.


Late 123 Diesel Heater Hose Feed Pipe to Heater Core Center Right

1981 to 1985 300D 300TD 300CD with Monovalve Heater Control Only



This is the correct coolant heater house that connects to the right center pipe of the heater core and the center feed pipe on the firewall.

This is hose #6 in the picture below:


Lubro Moly Motor Oil Saver - For Diesel and Gasoline engines


Another High Quality product from Lubro Moly. This is a 300ml can of Motor Oil Saver. It Rejuvenates rubber and plastic engine seals and reduces oil consumption via the piston rings and valve guides; counteracts the loss in viscosity of motor oils.


Late 616 and 617 Diesel Engine Vacuum Pump Cover Plate (USED)

Fits 1981 to 1984 240D 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD

Make certain your pump only has one main line coming into it. Very good cover plate as shown. No cracks or wear. No other parts included. To be used if your cover plate gets damaged. Sorry no complete used pumps available.


Currently out of stock.

107 126 Chassis 380 V8 Engine thermostat

Brand new Behr thermostat, rated at 84 degrees celcius. Fits all 126 Chassis 380 engines from 1981 to 1985 both in 107 chassis and 126 Chassis.


Power Steering Fluid - Per Liter

All Models with power steering from 1958 to 1985

This item can only be shipped UPS Ground because it is a liquid. One Liter of correct Power steering fluid. Fully compatible with Dexron II systems but has enhanced aditives to reduce steering box gear wear.


190E 300E 300SE 300SEL Fuel Pressure Accumulator w/ Manual

Special Order item - Please allow one week before shipment

The fuel accumulator maintains the pressure in the fuel system for a certain time after the engine has been switched off. When the engine is running it serves to deaden the noise of the electric fuel pump.


103 Engine Bosch Distributor Rotor

All 6 Cylinder Gasoline Models from 1986 to 1992

Fits 124, 126 and 201 chassis - 124 Chassis 300E 2.6, 260E, 300E, 1986-1992, 1988-1989 300CE,  126 Chassis 300SE, 300SEL, 1988-1991, 201 Chassis 190E 2.6, 1987-1993.

Brand new Bosch Distributor rotor for above models.


102 103 104 and V8 Gas Engine Fuel Pump Check Valve

Fits most gas models from mid to late 1980s up through mid 1990s (exceptions noted)

Each fuel pump has a critical check valve mounted at the pump outlet. The purpose of this check valve is to prevent fuel from leaking back through the pump after the engine has been shut down. Constant fuel pressure must be held in the fuel system for the engine to restart quickly.

1977-1979 300D Intake Tube Assembly USED
Currently out of stock.

123 1977-1979 300D Intake Tube Assembly USED

This is real early type and has a hard to find very good rubber hood seal on the front scoop. This quality used part will fit 123 models from 1977 to 1979. Does not fit later models

Currently out of stock.

OM616 OM617 Diesel 2 lbs. Bag of Bolts No. 601

Only 1 available! - engine and transmission related bolt assortment bag-of-bolts

Misc assortment of bolts for 240D, 300D, 300CD, 300TD, and 300SD 1977 to 1985. Please review picture. What you see is what you get. No guarantee that all the bolts in this bag will fit one of the specific models listed above.

Currently out of stock.

190E 300E 300SE 300SEL Fuel Pressure Accumulator

Instructions available separately - see text

The fuel accumulator maintains the pressure in the fuel system for a certain time after the engine has been switched off. When the engine is running it serves to deaden the noise of the electric fuel pump.


Banjo Bolt (Short) Diesel ALDA and Water Pump Bypass Pipe - New

Requires Two Metal Washers Sold Separately - ALSO fits the Oil pressure feed line to 61X Injection pump

Brand New short banjo bolt. Fits on top of injection pump on 617 Turbo Diesel ALDA and on 4 and 5 cylinder diesel water pump bypass pipes (often broken or rusty). This includes 220D 240D 300D 300TD 300CD and 300SD.


617 Turbo Diesel ALDA Banjo Fittings Aluminum Washer Set of (2)

New aluminum washers (2) for long banjo bolt at rear of intake manifold and also for short banjo bolt at connection to ALDA on top of injection pump. These banjo bolts MUST not leak. These aluminum washers are often missing or damaged. Two washers required for each banjo bolt.


Diesel injector end plug

Plugs the rear most fuel injector on all diesel passenger cars from 1968 to 1995!

Brand new factory type braided cloth injector end plug for all diesels 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 300SDL E300D, from 1968 to 1995. Sold individually. Check yours for cracks or leaking! Very important that the end plug be in good condition or fuel leaks will occur.

New 617 Turbo Diesel Engine Pre-Chamber

New 617 Turbo Diesel Engine Prechamber New

For 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD Major Engine Repair / Overhaul

NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! LIMITED QUANTITY. For 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD new prechamber as shown, from 1981 to 1985. Turbo Models only! / Overhaul


240D 300D 300SD Bosch Starter Solenoid

For all 616 617 Diesel Engines 1974 to 1984

Please note: If you have a late 1984 or 85 model please check your starter first before ordering. If the solenoid is located on the BOTTOM of the starter this solenoid WILL NOT WORK! If you have been having problems with your starter it may be that you don't need to replace the entire unit.


1987 124 300D 300TD New Nissens Radiator


Fits only the 87 124 diesels. I prefer the Nissens radiator over the Behr due to the problems Behr has had with hose outlet neck failure. This is a quality radiator with reinforced plastic. Lists for $450.00